10 Things Not To Do in AMONG US 2 (Impostor IQ 9,999,999%)

2020-ж., 28-ноя.
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Today, I, Guava Juice, will show you 10 things not to do in Among Us IN REAL LIFE. I will teach you how to bring your IMPOSTOR IQ from 0 to 900 to 999 to 9,999,999%! You will be the best Crewmate to instantly win without any hassle. There are extreme challenges to face for some of these like the card swipe or the security cameras, but after watching this video, you will be ready for the holidays! And like always, thank you so much for watching my family friendly, funny, entertainment, comedy videos in 2020!
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  • The lowest speed is 0.50x speed why you say 0.25x speed?

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  • Roy: *screaming* Subtitles: *M U S I C*

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  • 1:38 that’s not blue that’s cyan or white

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  • 3.00

    Mukhtar A-RMukhtar A-R4 күн мурун
  • When blue said idk how to vent it sounded sus

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    • Under the work work out today and I’m going to get a hold of my

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  • White was blue?!

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  • Oh

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  • It’s green he sauce

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  • Fgteev is running around and not doing anything to be voted for him to be voted for him to be voted for

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  • I do also be afk to many times but imposter vent in front of me but they think I am going to the bathroom and I call a meeting I vote down and ask my stragi

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  • All who say don't leave multiple games in a row well if you do that then done enough you are temporarily banned form joining

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    • White, Purple And White, Black

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