13 Big Changes in Today’s Update (Black Ops Cold War & Modern Warfare)

2020-ж., 1-дек.
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Today we get our usual tuesday update. In this video we talk about Modern Warfare’s Playlist Update, and the Fastest Way to get weapon Xp in Black Ops Cold War. Hope you enjoy!
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  • Outro music?

    Mr PickleV3Mr PickleV3Ай мурун
  • How are Your gameplay so smoth. When i play cold war it feels laggy

    Martin VestliMartin VestliАй мурун
  • Definitely do time stamps

    Ayinde BranchAyinde BranchАй мурун
  • Cant even find a dirty bomb match. Stupid internet lol

    JessiePVlogsJessiePVlogsАй мурун
  • I like all 3

    Jorge SanchezJorge SanchezАй мурун
  • I love Tacos wirh BBQ Chicken with BBQ Saucs and cheese and lettace trust me it tastes like heaven it tastes soooo good 😋

    WolfBoy_The_Gacha _WolfWolfBoy_The_Gacha _WolfАй мурун
  • Why the hell are there dislikes? 😂😂 My man is just trying to help give out this information

    Nathan IsaacsNathan IsaacsАй мурун
  • Damn..I watch ur videos all the time and didn’t realise I wasn’t subscribed! Done!

    Waikiki LWaikiki LАй мурун
  • Can we talk about the next gen console crashing when playing black ops cold war

    Keanan DannanKeanan DannanАй мурун
  • I would prefer if it was just information about Black ops coldwar as I don't really play war zone or zombies so if I'm looking for a video with some quick information I'd be more likely to click on the one exclusively for the game mode that I'm looking for. Mind you this is just one dude's opinion. Keep up the great work!

    Robert BRobert BАй мурун
  • while the information is good, the reverse boosted gameplay really gets on my nerves.... i get that youtubers need content... but then be honest about it at least...

    Jacques BichlerJacques BichlerАй мурун
  • Need timestamps, keep 3 of them separate.

    Mehul AroraMehul AroraАй мурун

    chaad Kemmachechaad KemmacheАй мурун
  • I think they made it slower so when younger kids get Cold War for Christmas they can be about even with us.

    Sam JordanSam JordanАй мурун
  • What game should I get Cold War or modern warfare?

    I'm a trollI'm a trollАй мурун
  • Treyarch is 100% the worst current cod developers

    Blackholes DimensionBlackholes DimensionАй мурун
  • Do all 3 pls

    the one to live gamingthe one to live gamingАй мурун
  • Instead of focusing on kills, focus on score as i feel that kills don't effect it that much as you get a kill, without really killing the enemy if your teammate kills them, "eliminations".

    Kevin RuizKevin RuizАй мурун
  • Leave modern warfare last or in the middle but Cold War news first and warzone after

    CrusiffixCrusiffixАй мурун
  • They should lower the HP to 100 for Cold War

    Ruining the Sleep of OthersRuining the Sleep of OthersАй мурун
  • I need the Cold War update that will stop my series X from crashing.

    EJ REJ RАй мурун
  • I just want shipment 24/7

    THSTHSАй мурун
  • Love the combo of updates.

    Jonathan H. LemasterJonathan H. LemasterАй мурун
  • It makes sence that they would make it so you get less levels on nuke town to me because since it’s a smaller map you’re more likely to get way more kills, so to try and prevent people from only playing nuke town they nerfed the leveling

    cossey harrisoncossey harrisonАй мурун
  • Imagine pinning this comment lmao

    Scout GamingScout GamingАй мурун
  • Oh lol I had that yesterday, the store bug.

    Jack ZipsieJack ZipsieАй мурун
  • How does it not make sense to you? You saw what happened with Shipment, it turned into a spawn killing dumpster fire just for people to rank up weapons. Then every time shipment went off the 24/7 playlist all the crybabies complained. I never understood playing that map non-stop, what is the point? Now nuke town is a little different more shoot house than shipment but still im sure they dont want people just playing the same shit over and over.

    Derek BloomDerek BloomАй мурун
  • Why can’t they just keep the realism mode for warzone

    TheSausage14TheSausage14Ай мурун
  • All three with time stamps

    Dorian ClintonDorian ClintonАй мурун
  • The solo zombies leveling is bit inaccurate because on my hauer which was level 12, after an hour of playing I leveled by about 10 even after exfil, and 10 levels isn’t equal to what I would have gotten in an hour according to your weapon leveling earn rates

    Wolf LinkWolf LinkАй мурун
  • Did they fix the split screen for zombies

    Del ReyesDel ReyesАй мурун
  • Just curious did you play obj more in non NukeTown maps. I’m thinking the game emphasizes playing Obj more than just getting kills and in NukeTown most of your kills are away from Obj.

    A W25A W25Ай мурун
  • I like how you talk about both

    Rory MatherRory MatherАй мурун
  • I mean every game you play in multiplayer you get different xp values so this is expected

    Jordan CostaJordan CostaАй мурун
  • I can sort of understand why they'd lower the weapon xp gain on nuketown, imagine how busted it'd be if it was on par with normal multiplayer when people are getting 50+ kills a game, the rest of normal multiplayer would be dead on arrival

    Joe AndersonJoe AndersonАй мурун
  • I hate it when inkslasher changes his outro music

    TheOnlyLaithhTheOnlyLaithhАй мурун
  • Dang my boy Inkslasher slashing the game with his 71 kill count like it’s nothing

    RTRTАй мурун
    • kgworld.info/wiki/video/psxkf9GCpWuttYc

      virall tiktok videosvirall tiktok videosАй мурун
  • I wish they would give us shipment and double xp on MW. I really dislike cold war.

    Michael DeRoseMichael DeRoseАй мурун
    • kgworld.info/wiki/video/psxkf9GCpWuttYc

      virall tiktok videosvirall tiktok videosАй мурун
  • Love the vids keep doing you

    Alex MadrigalAlex MadrigalАй мурун
    • kgworld.info/wiki/video/psxkf9GCpWuttYc

      virall tiktok videosvirall tiktok videosАй мурун
  • I like all 3 together, thank you for all the great vids

    Chad DChad DАй мурун
  • Anyone having a audio bug in Cold War during cross play?

    Matt FolkinsMatt FolkinsАй мурун
  • Never been in a nuketown lobby that calm

    Ant CordAnt CordАй мурун
  • What if your doing well in FFA matches?

    NeoilluitomNeoilluitomАй мурун
  • man i'm subbing..i knew there was something up with nuketown xp

    JGJGАй мурун
  • I play hardcore Dom until I get attachments, then I’ll play core, I drop on average 50+ kills a game and my weapons level up crazy fast, definitely recommend trying :)

    Andrew DaviesAndrew DaviesАй мурун
  • No hates, I love cod but I feel like cod Cold War is a downgrade from Modern warfare like the graphics and physics engine.

    Content for FunContent for FunАй мурун
  • I think all of them should be in one because Modern Warfare is not dead yet people are still playing that game even though after Cold War was released

    FuzzyWolf09FuzzyWolf09Ай мурун
  • Are you sure it’s not you getting lower streaks on nuke town? Maybe streaks also level up ur weapons faster?

    ZyrvlexZyrvlexАй мурун
  • Hey bro I just subscribed. I absolutely love your content especially the story behind each cod game. I’m very happy to join

    Chase NicholasChase NicholasАй мурун
  • Is anyone else’s modern warfare not working on pc?

    Zyan JojolaZyan JojolaАй мурун
  • IW should add a feature where u could change the lobby music or background. Like srsly Halloween is already over might as well add this feature since its the final season.

    NoSanitiiNoSanitiiАй мурун
  • Am I the only one who can't put on operator skins on my cold war operator's specifically Baker, the one I have variations for?

    Joe da 1Joe da 1Ай мурун
  • Ok that kinda just destroys the whole point of nuketown 24/7

    Chk8nMcNugg3tChk8nMcNugg3tАй мурун
  • 2 games haha warzone is still. A gamemode mw

    Hans van JaarsveldHans van JaarsveldАй мурун
  • I was REALLY wishing for a weapon reveal in mw when I saw this in my suggestions

    Bates MotelBates MotelАй мурун
  • They fixed the store

    Bryan RubioBryan RubioАй мурун
  • i like just cold war... i say you stay updated on the most recent game and become a cold war youtuber lol

    Brady FoxBrady FoxАй мурун
  • What is your activision ID

    Jimmy AdairJimmy AdairАй мурун
  • Tbh I don’t like the idea but that’s me personally cuz I only care about coldwar atm

    Clutch GodClutch GodАй мурун
  • How many streak kills did u get on nuketown though

    Wyatt WaldenWyatt WaldenАй мурун
  • The weapon level gain on nuketown being slower than other maps could be down to it being a much smaller map. That is the only reason I can personally think of.

    SteedSteedАй мурун
  • I’ve got permanently banned for no reason someone please help

    Sw33pZSw33pZАй мурун
  • I keep editing my load out when I log back in go goes back.

  • how big is the update

    Ian RichardsonIan RichardsonАй мурун
  • are they gonna fix game chat

    Paulstoleyoclout -Paulstoleyoclout -Ай мурун
  • you had me in the first 5 minutes ily and subbed my guy

    Fat_Kid_FCFat_Kid_FCАй мурун
  • I mean reduced xp in nuke town kinda makes sense but then I’m like shipment didn’t have anything like that. I’m ok with them doing it because of everyone abusing nuke town

  • I know who ghost is ghost is kyle garrick, gaz They both work for the SAS there both in coalition they were never seen in the same place at the same time there both British and are both good friends to captain price

    Enoch ObikoyaEnoch ObikoyaАй мурун
  • i subed because i want to know the newest updates i heard the battle pass for cold war comes out december 10th

    Josiah MancilJosiah MancilАй мурун
  • i think this is a great idea but i think u should put time stamps of cold war, mw, warzone

    AviDSuaveAviDSuaveАй мурун
  • Season 1 is soon and the cold war is still close to beta state. Change my mind

    Coca ColaCoca ColaАй мурун
  • Make cold war separate, that way you have more viewable monetizable content. ❤️

    Nikki DunhamNikki DunhamАй мурун
  • In cold war campaign there might be a hint that nikita dragovich is still alive, did anyone else pick up on it?

    JNKY CthulhuJNKY CthulhuАй мурун
  • Ya i'm with you ink... Dirty bomb is ass

    mountaindewmofomountaindewmofoАй мурун
  • What console do you play on.?

    Iron Bite TysonIron Bite TysonАй мурун
  • Spasibo

    Kirihiko AzumaKirihiko AzumaАй мурун
  • youre trying to drag these videos out so hard lmfao pathetic

    AlecAlecАй мурун
  • Way too many updates.. that's why I uninstalled the last cod..

    MRWHITE3535MRWHITE3535Ай мурун
  • The xp balance changes Treyarch made are evil

    Doctor CheeseDoctor CheeseАй мурун
  • I'm just waiting for better exactions

    Brandon BakerBrandon BakerАй мурун
  • The weapon xp earn rate is gonna be one of the things that will kill this game for me. It takes way too fucking long to level up a gun.

    Vincent ScioliVincent ScioliАй мурун
    • they buffed it.

      hanger341hanger341Ай мурун
  • Do you get more exp for playing hardcore ?

    Darren HernandezDarren HernandezАй мурун
  • i like this way doing all the games

    Dominic McknightDominic McknightАй мурун
  • Yeah I like the idea of all three games in one

    Caleb LittleCaleb LittleАй мурун
  • i quit mw never playing it ever again i got scammed for 50 dollars when trying to buy cod points and i tried contacting devs and they never responded cause of covid shitty game and shitty managmentt oh and that was back in august and i still never got my cp yet

    DiscDiscАй мурун
  • Hey guys I made a video on how to get tactical rifle diamond a lot easier can y’all check it out?

    Szekka GGSzekka GGАй мурун
  • Just bring back shipment 24/7 and let us who are waiting finish up obsidian.

    Scatter_ #63Scatter_ #63Ай мурун
  • I like the idea about all three

    LunatikLunatikАй мурун
  • Yooo i only been on nuketown n my guns r like lvl ten im lvl 40

    run to nikorun to nikoАй мурун
  • It's a very good idea everything condensed too one video try to put some time stamps as well

    Andrew DimasAndrew DimasАй мурун
  • So who all is debating a refund on Cold War? 😂

    Bradley ScarbroBradley ScarbroАй мурун
  • I was able to get in the store I just restarted the game

    Bruh NoodleBruh NoodleАй мурун
  • Bitch move by treyarch

    isidore kalisidore kalАй мурун
  • Honestly if you dont have the best internet around no point in playing multiplayer they ruined it it looks all nice and fast and good for him because they have special lobbys to play in to promote the game on top of there 10ms ping games trash cod is no more and back to apex for me

    rideinn_spacerideinn_spaceАй мурун
  • Intel completing the connection between MW and CW in rebirth?

    Marcus VanickMarcus VanickАй мурун
  • The store thing happened to me at session 5

    BaconMaster69BaconMaster69Ай мурун
  • Dont include Cold War bc it sucks and is a cash grab

    Bobby giardiniBobby giardiniАй мурун
  • Another possibility for the nuketown glitch is it existed before they buffed the earn rate and since they didn't delete it and reintroduce it it could be stuck on the old earn rate

    Connor ThompsonConnor ThompsonАй мурун
  • Im wondering if you where to test this without scorestrakes that can kill

    daniel Jonesdaniel JonesАй мурун
  • I know I’m not the only one who likes dirty bomb

    BubberrBubberrАй мурун