BABYSITTING TAYTUM and OAKLEY TWINS for 24 HOURS!! (Fish Fam Parents Got Mad)

2020-ж., 19-ноя.
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Today Stephen Sharer traveled to the Fish Family house to start a new job babysitting for Kyler Fisher and Madison Bontempo. The FishFam has 4 awesome kids Taytum and Oakley, Halston Blake, and Oliver. But will Steven be able to babysit without the parents getting mad?! In order to keep everyone happy and quiet, Stephen and the twins played on the backyard trampoline and Stephen Sharer pretended to be the pond monster then they played the quiet game, and taytum and Oakley played floor is lava and then Taytum escaped and played hide and seek while Stephen and Oakley were playing the freeze tag pause challenge. Then the Fish Family came home and they got mad! Where should Stephen Sharer work next for his new job?
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  • Have you ever babysat?!

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    • I have it Was HORRIBLE one broke a cup and plate

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    • Ye at a wedding

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    • Yessssss it was sooooo fun!

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  • why are the twins in every video that is going to baby sat

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