Black Ops Cold War: 21 Big Changes in Update Update 1.07

2020-ж., 8-дек.
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Today update 1.07 was added to Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War. This Update adds Weapon changes, Scorestreak Changes, and a ton of bug fixes. Here are all the details.


Patch Notes:

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  • yoo wanna give me that xm4 loadout lmao that thing looks fire

    TylerthegoatTylerthegoat25 күн мурун
  • What about a.i bots on some maps offline? It's still not working?

    Poobz gPoobz gАй мурун
  • 0:50 thats actually a good news to get for Cold War

    GamingSpider 115GamingSpider 115Ай мурун
  • I still have nuketown 24/7

    Owen EmmettOwen EmmettАй мурун
  • Does the helicopter skin effect a score streak look?

    DamianSlayinDamianSlayinАй мурун
  • Wont take SBMM out thoe 😅 and wont put in Map Selection 🤣

    Rasheed wrayRasheed wrayАй мурун
  • Is the ps5 bricking still a problem?

  • They said: Season 1 is Starting on December 10 What the Trailer Said: It's Starting Dec 16 Me: *Seriously*

    Soviet Union country ball and german countryballSoviet Union country ball and german countryballАй мурун
  • I wish they would fix the bug where my weapon rank would go down, or reset to its last level which i last played cuz its sooo frustrating. Oh an also nerf snipers, way too op, i check the killcam, and the guy’s is scoping like several inches away from me yet still kills me somehow. Makes absolutely no sense.

    savejvongsavejvongАй мурун
  • They also added green dot indicators so you can see what new attachments you unlocked. THANK GOSH for that!!

    Kevin MaloneKevin MaloneАй мурун
  • I think those classified tabs in progression are rewards that you can use your prestige keys on.

    Kevin MaloneKevin MaloneАй мурун
  • Dark matter looked better black ops 4 :(

    C.O.D.E GamingC.O.D.E GamingАй мурун
  • Keep in mind I usually prefer the treyarch games but going into mw cod took 5 steps forward but from mw to cold war it took 15 steps back

    Negative KelvinNegative KelvinАй мурун
  • I destroyed the trophy system with the trophy system

    Jayden WhitwamJayden WhitwamАй мурун
  • Remove sbmm!!!

    Marui ManMarui ManАй мурун
  • H

    Your friendYour friendАй мурун
  • What if I did a trophy system and a sentry? Too much of a twat?

    GhostGhostАй мурун
  • Love how Treyarch doesn’t mention that they removed map voting

    Jad11gamesJad11gamesАй мурун
  • They didn't nerd the Aug, m16 or the mp5? Great. Any other weak of being killed by skillless dickhead with op guns.

    Capitalist57Capitalist57Ай мурун
  • The calling cards for the new assault rifle, shotgun, and smg are all in the game. You can just look at them in the weapon mastery area of the calling cards.

    stalebread84stalebread84Ай мурун
  • Dang I thought they would have disabled skilled matchmaking

    TravengamerTravengamerАй мурун
  • Hi just got the new black ops i have been playing nuketown on multiplayer when they did the big update can't find the nuketown have they removed it

    david byrnedavid byrneАй мурун
  • Man I really thought in the beginning of the video you were going to say ‘reduced/removed SBMM’

    DGSkateRatDGSkateRatАй мурун
  • No what they fucking need to fix is the god damn crashing issues going on on the xbox one/Xbox Series X/S

    John GokuJohn GokuАй мурун
    • I uninstalled the game from my xbox one because of the fucking crashing issues

      John GokuJohn GokuАй мурун
  • The calling cards for the new assault rifle, shotgun, and smg are all in the game. You can just look at them in the weapon mastery area of the calling cards.

    stalebread84stalebread84Ай мурун
  • Um when I got on yesterday it reset my operators to default

    Da BossDa BossАй мурун
  • 0:50 in I don’t know what he’s talking about.

    Kirihiko AzumaKirihiko AzumaАй мурун
  • 0:30 HUH!? What.

    Kirihiko AzumaKirihiko AzumaАй мурун
  • They either need to buff launchers or nerf flak jacket. You can shoot someone head on with a rocket and theyll still have like a quarter of health left

    Skyler SlackSkyler SlackАй мурун
  • What is a weapon charm

    Keithan ShulerKeithan ShulerАй мурун
  • That map was garrison

    sins oreosins oreoАй мурун
  • Who plays zombies? Comment if you want to play together, if I'm good enough🙈

    GameKill_StormGameKill_StormАй мурун
  • Already an update. I haven't even played yet

    Renegade 80Renegade 80Ай мурун
  • We just want split screen for zombies. Dam you COD.

    Nicholas SkylarNicholas SkylarАй мурун
  • The map is garson from cold war

    toxic boi 71toxic boi 71Ай мурун
  • ا🌹❤️💜🔥

    SWAT—27SWAT—27Ай мурун
  • What gun is he using in this video?

    Aaron SmithAaron SmithАй мурун
  • Please put ur hat in straight. It’s making me die inside

    BenRMackBenRMackАй мурун
  • my game doesn’t even give Me an after action report. i can’t even see how much xp i’m gaining in multiplayer. this game is so broken

    Stefanie MonbrodStefanie MonbrodАй мурун
  • Isn’t the map in the background of the vehicle skins just garrison?

    SebastianSebastianАй мурун
  • Pretty sure that tower is from Garison which is also a map that I HATE.

    Litmited CorruptionLitmited CorruptionАй мурун
  • You’re a tool down vote

    Lee KruegerLee KruegerАй мурун
  • The worst spawns are shoot house and shipment. Best maps but spawns are annoying.

    Kaikai PinedaKaikai PinedaАй мурун
  • Of course they got rid of 24/7 nuke town. Only decent map in this game

    Der PanzerDer PanzerАй мурун
  • A 40gig update.... And i you uninstall warzone it uninstall everything for cold war...

    Speeding with SteetoSpeeding with SteetoАй мурун
  • Did they fix the crashing for Cold War?

    Emmanuel MoseleyEmmanuel MoseleyАй мурун
  • So did the bricking stop like is it okay for me to download the game now cause I didn’t even take that thing out the plastic yet 😂

    X QGlizzy XX QGlizzy XАй мурун
  • I got all my ARs Diamond before this update and even after the update it’s still not fixed it’s saying 3/5 gold ARs when I got all of them? Help?

    Average GamerAverage GamerАй мурун
  • um my snipers are still fucking glitched

    MRPMRPАй мурун
    • it wont count my gold

      MRPMRPАй мурун
  • And this was a 13 giga update... Ok

    Enemy SpottedEnemy SpottedАй мурун
  • when. will. treyarch. fix. split screen.

    tom71tom71Ай мурун
  • I have still buged camos ... all smgs on gold but in diamond it shows me 2/5

    ManiaCManiaCАй мурун
  • Lol I have my xm4 and Ak47 gold but only the xm4 counts towards diamond even after patch lol rip jev

    Armando von MohrenschildtArmando von MohrenschildtАй мурун
  • My campaign progression is gone cuz this update

    Daniel DupontDaniel DupontАй мурун
  • i still don't have my diamond skin

    James StewartJames StewartАй мурун
  • For some reason I can’t go in games

    King PanchoKing PanchoАй мурун
  • The MP map in the image behind the helicopter is Garrison isn't it?

    Cam MackayCam MackayАй мурун
  • I haven’t been on Cold War for a while. But during launch and the update in thanksgiving week. Custom games was very bugged with the settings

    ifJamifJamАй мурун
  • That’s garrison

    Mellow /Mellow /Ай мурун
  • for some reason im level 101 in cold war. DinkyHQ on psn.

    DinkyHQDinkyHQАй мурун
  • Do I really need to download this update if I just play multiplayer and is there a way I can cancel the update

    Allen wAllen wАй мурун
  • This dude takes things waaaay out of context every damn thats the map from Garrison

    Victor Pereira MarquesVictor Pereira MarquesАй мурун
  • Dm highiqplay if u have cod war zone next gen

    A MA MАй мурун
  • why would i want to see garbage modern warfare in my cold war game menu why???, also why is this game a way better modern warfare lmao except you don't die in 1 bullet and there is not as dildo sitters in corners lmao

    DrewDrewАй мурун
  • Playlists like Shipment 24/7, Shoot House 24/7 and Nuketown 24/7 should have been permanent from the beginning

    Si_Vis_Pacem Para_BellumSi_Vis_Pacem Para_BellumАй мурун
  • Did they fix split screen?

    Dan AbbottDan AbbottАй мурун
  • Time to kill worse now too fast

    John RudgeJohn RudgeАй мурун
  • Doggshit game only pre aim on every corner u dont even need skill anymore i saw a bot go 76 18 with a aug on nuketown

    AM HaZeAM HaZeАй мурун
  • The finishing move in cw is slow as hell and wish it was a bit faster

    YT- xXRED_BEAR_92XxYT- xXRED_BEAR_92XxАй мурун
  • I thought modern warfare was bad but 92GB just to counter trophy systems

    the joseph swanson _the joseph swanson _Ай мурун
  • I love nuke town as much as the next guy but it says a lot when they have to recycle the same map from all the way back from black ops 1.

    Ethxn TEthxn TАй мурун
  • Man looks tired af in this vid lol.

    dakota sampsondakota sampsonАй мурун
  • Honestly, I’ve been doing some thinking lately about Cold War. I like it and think it has potential but something just doesn’t feel right. So I thought maybe for the next treyarch cod they should just take it easy for a year and maybe instead of a brand new cod they can remaster the black ops series or maybe just a couple of them and make it into a bundle for like $40 or something and just take some time to regroup and relieve some pressure and introduce a new series for their next cod cycle. This probably sounds stupid.

    XelaXelaАй мурун
  • i hope they fixed the Vietnam helicopter bug that whole level is #@$@#$

    Robert FeldmannRobert FeldmannАй мурун
  • anyone else having problems with headphones sounding muffled on the game

    purejays909purejays909Ай мурун
  • if u got cod mw and this one and if i buy season pass on one of those will that applie to another aswell?as progression is shared?

    Wild StorkWild StorkАй мурун
  • Big changes? I already sold the crap game. Who cares about their changes? It sucked, will suck more and will never be a good game.

    Chris RamseyChris RamseyАй мурун
  • the game is terrible except the campaign

    Bo Adam EidanBo Adam EidanАй мурун
  • All these things but they still didn’t fix dark aether

    SkinnyboySkinnyboyАй мурун
  • Yoo does anyone have a fix for the diamond Camo glitch? I got my tac rifles gold, all of them but it still shows that I have done 3 outta four even tho I have double checked those guns. 😭😭😭😭😭

    Shahzada SohailShahzada SohailАй мурун
  • I am the totinos baker in cold war

    Vex ProtogenVex ProtogenАй мурун

    Daniel_A_ SanchezDaniel_A_ SanchezАй мурун
  • Hey can someone help me so I got all my lmg gold but it say 2/3 an I still don’t have my diamond Camo

    John JohnJohn JohnАй мурун
  • So whar happens when your at 100 already and you have double xp ?? Are we going to jump from 100 to what ever level

    PeteTheTatManPeteTheTatManАй мурун
  • Im done with this game they wasting my mf gigs dawg im pissed fr

    Giovanni GonzalezGiovanni GonzalezАй мурун
  • i recommend buying cold war next year cus its gunna be fixed or better or might be even better than mw2019 in a year later

    M- Mijares, Cedric A.M- Mijares, Cedric A.Ай мурун
  • Gamers: Wahhhhhhhhhhhh, wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! No trophy system!!! Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! Bloody hell. This is embarrassing for me to be around such people.

    Dark XaderDark XaderАй мурун
  • Check out my latest cold war gameplay

    Kinggy PlaysKinggy PlaysАй мурун
  • Nothing odd about this update this game is bricking consoles left and right specially next gen

    Johnny AviñaJohnny AviñaАй мурун
  • So since the update on solo exfil on zombies a bunch of megatons are now spawning in preventing me from extracting anyone else having this problem?

    Vincent WeinschenkVincent WeinschenkАй мурун
  • This game is only going to get better as the year goes on💯

    JTorres 17JTorres 17Ай мурун
  • When they said the canos were fixed. I dont even have diamond for my shotguns and assult rifles when I have gold for all guns in that category

    Yesong XiongYesong XiongАй мурун
  • Who else ain’t getting there camos? 🥴

    MizzyMir 3MizzyMir 3Ай мурун
  • What barrel is he using on his M4 at the start? None of the barrels I have look like that and I have all of them unlocked...?

    Nick ShNick ShАй мурун
  • They need to update the gun loading issue, when you aim at someone and have no ammo usually it’s supposed to automatically reload your ammo but it doesn’t it just continues aiming at the enemy and doesn’t reload.

    EntrstngNerdEntrstngNerdАй мурун
  • Anyone else's camps still shrewd up?

    MrSnowman360MrSnowman360Ай мурун
  • Why isn’t nuketown a mode

    Hxated GameZHxated GameZАй мурун
  • MW is such a better game. Not even close.

    Tobias FünkeTobias FünkeАй мурун
  • They did not fix the mastery camo glitch its still broken for me this game is broken as fuck

    ClubspyClubspyАй мурун
  • Yo I lost all my shit in my load out? Did this happen to anyone?

    KB NKB NАй мурун