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  • 1v1 me

    CookieCookie14 күн мурун
  • Pubg

    Benjamin JorgeBenjamin Jorge15 күн мурун
  • are u kidding me NOAH??? 😁😁😁

    mohammad mahdianmohammad mahdianАй мурун
  • I'm better than you

    BubbaRay MexicanoBubbaRay MexicanoАй мурун
  • Wait until noah finds out that 90 players a match are bots

    MyNamesRezMyNamesRezАй мурун
  • so mobile gaming on pc isn't an unfair advantage? There should be some type of way to authenticate your playing on a phone. Dont get me wrong I've done it befor but I feel like a grimeball pawing the obvious whos on there phone with no controller attached

    bawlout 93bawlout 93Ай мурун
  • title : I AM THE BEST PLAYER me : are you sure because i am letarally 11 years old kid and i am conqueror and i have not seen you doing great at this game and also YOU CAN JUST SAY YOUR THE BEST PLAYER and my max kills in this game aka PUBG is 31 in classic livik and erengel

    Ezriel jhun TorresEzriel jhun TorresАй мурун
  • bout time

    Brothers GameBrothers GameАй мурун
  • bruh you gamers need a dam lint roller

    Stellar LaneStellar LaneАй мурун
  • Other than that your great

    Macready P.Macready P.Ай мурун
  • I hate all your alabama jokes cause I happen to be from there

    Macready P.Macready P.Ай мурун
  • Does anyone know how I can get the zombies perks posters?? Or link to it

    Yxng_Will -_-Yxng_Will -_-Ай мурун
  • Heey noahj456 whare can I find your hitman stream of yesterday

    bjorn stolkbjorn stolkАй мурун
  • no you arent queefer

    vulcanmagmavulcanmagmaАй мурун
  • Powers :) lol

    RyftyRyftyАй мурун
  • I just did the ee on die maschine using you guide

    darth mauldarth maulАй мурун
  • What happened to cranked?

    Sinister SurferSinister SurferАй мурун
  • I tried to do the die maschine easter egg using your guide and i was on the step where you have to get all of the D.I.E ugdrades and it was round 31 and i was like "i can't do this" and tried to exfil and i got on the helicopter and the helicopter exploded i was like "DO THE ZOMBIES HAVE LIKE A ROCKET LAUNCHER OR SOMETHING" i was so mad.

    Nugenman GamingNugenman GamingАй мурун
  • Stream minecraft

    Garrett CarleGarrett CarleАй мурун
  • Breh I been playing this game for years pls lol I missed this one do it again

  • he should do a 1 by 1 zombies map

    Delisa SmithDelisa SmithАй мурун
  • Can you do a speed of iw

    Kenyeta EdwardsKenyeta EdwardsАй мурун
  • You should try getting the sword it’s so good

    It’s HunterIt’s HunterАй мурун
  • Hey Noah can ask for a Hazbin Hotel custom map

    The Toilet DemonThe Toilet DemonАй мурун
  • noah if u do this again please just spectate players dude its not really the funniest to just make new lobbies everytime u die cause bro u gon be one the first to die no matter what lol

    B. C. VincentB. C. VincentАй мурун
  • noah.....theyre killing bots brother lol my first 5 games i had like continuous 20 bombs then got matched against real players

    B. C. VincentB. C. VincentАй мурун
  • Hmm so many bots in pubg now

    Wild WolfWild WolfАй мурун
  • Is this a round 100 on PUBG mobile?

    BigJewShnozzleBigJewShnozzleАй мурун
  • Yo

    WoopWoopАй мурун
  • Bruh why don’t he just buy the pubg game on pc but got it on apple for free 🥲✋🏽

    Xgangsterx32Xgangsterx32Ай мурун
  • Anybody else watch this video and then come back to it the next day and it’s a completely different game 😂

    YMC DahlYMC DahlАй мурун
    • LITERALLY I thought I was just tweaking 😭😭😭

      DaCameron McAfeeDaCameron McAfeeАй мурун
  • If Kevin the cube and the avatar mix with pub g

    oglost boioglost boiАй мурун
  • Hello Noah today I got black ops 3 and I am excited to play it

    Kiril CovalchiKiril CovalchiАй мурун
  • Bruh pls do this again

  • stream the minecraft i saw you on the purge server

    Anything708Anything708Ай мурун
  • I just found your channel again, I remember you playing destiny back in 2015

    BiiigッBiiigッАй мурун
  • Hay Noah I first started playing cod black ops when first came out I was 3

  • You are a noob 1v1 me

    taniora ttctaniora ttcАй мурун
  • Noah j ur the best bru I’ve been watching I since day one my guy luv u

    F1R3 MAN ZF1R3 MAN ZАй мурун
  • Can u make merch where a monkey has a ray gun and shooting zombies

    cameron petersoncameron petersonАй мурун
  • This was a zombies stream

    Nut BagNut BagАй мурун
  • 0:00 He meant get your pogs ready for that donation

    RamsesJRamsesJАй мурун
  • Wait was I high last night when I seen this video was 3 hours long and now it’s a hour long, and not even the same stream ?Or am I just stupid??

    NightmareDennNightmareDennАй мурун
    • I dont even know what happened either.I came to finish watching the cranked stream and its a whole different stream

      BigmikeKO ‘BigmikeKO ‘Ай мурун
  • haha Noooo mate youre not! I am!

    onlinehunterronlinehunterrАй мурун
  • Rest in pieces, down for the count. No revival, you're bleedin' out. Your epitaph says you died a wealthy man, But you can have it all come back and Seal the master plan with Tombstone! It's Tombstone! It's Tombstone! It's Tombstone! Health is drainin', you're on the ropes. Death is waitin', don't lose your hopes. Your will and testament ain't making that much sense, You're listed as the only heir to whom you may bequest. It's Tombstone! It's Tombstone! It's Tombstone! It's Tombstone! *Tombstone* noahs favourite jingle

    aiden gravesaiden gravesАй мурун
    • T O M B S T O N E

      THE_C.I.A_DOGETHE_C.I.A_DOGEАй мурун
  • you will lose if you 1v1 me

    J&C GamingJ&C GamingАй мурун
  • It’s changed from cranked to pubg?

    Nathan OakesNathan OakesАй мурун
  • noah why did you shorten the live stream i was looking forward to watching cranked

    theshadowking 27theshadowking 27Ай мурун
  • I feel scammed

    TheSuicideSquidTheSuicideSquidАй мурун
  • whats wrong with the video

    Bryce FranklinBryce FranklinАй мурун
  • why is this video pubg now and not cranked?

    D DD DАй мурун
  • Wow I played pubg while the stream was going

    Keaton KenisonKeaton KenisonАй мурун
  • Tombstoners! 🤔

    darren wardleydarren wardleyАй мурун
  • What happened to the cranked video?

    SonsteinSonsteinАй мурун
  • An hour I ago I was watching him play cranked, pause the video and come back to pubg... wtf?!

    CynstheticCynstheticАй мурун
    • Me too bro I thought i was the only one

      Nathan OakesNathan OakesАй мурун
  • The big rocks at the beginning remind me of glitch on titanfall 2

    Randy BRandy BАй мурун
  • Wait till llstevell sees it and finds you pathetic lol.

    I Swallowed A BrickI Swallowed A BrickАй мурун
  • I was watching this video before I went to sleep I swear I was watching cranked zombies I wake up mans is playing pubg what is going on

    collin westcollin westАй мурун
    • same... i opened my laptop and saw a frame of zombies before the page refreshed itself and there was no zombies for the entire vid

      e MDe MDАй мурун
    • He got sponsored at the last stream hour after he got killed in round 40-50 cranked.

      ShiftShiftАй мурун
  • Why's the thumbnail pub g mobile?!?

    craigyeahboi2016craigyeahboi2016Ай мурун
  • I had to pause it, wait....what?! 🤣 thanks Noah ((:

    Roy&Shaunti JensenRoy&Shaunti JensenАй мурун

    Big NebulaBig NebulaАй мурун
  • 13:19 lol

    Ken KirishimaKen KirishimaАй мурун
  • more Reklame please

    andre sandre sАй мурун
  • i love how he calls the game garbage when his glitch didnt work

    mack anchesemack ancheseАй мурун
  • I hit round 100 today on cranked, think it’s fair to say I have never clenched for such a long period of time in my life 😂

    MuzzMuzzАй мурун
  • make video where you play cranked

    Joshua LopezJoshua LopezАй мурун
  • what happend to rust

    Doting castle713Doting castle713Ай мурун
  • Tip don't kill zombies when you have time freeze.

    UltraNoob YTUltraNoob YTАй мурун
  • Me struggling to get to levle 30 and him soloing to 100 😔

    Connor PenneyConnor PenneyАй мурун
  • Noahj u probably wont see this but shodows of evil was beat again

    mega_flash33mega_flash33Ай мурун
  • Hi

    mega_flash33mega_flash33Ай мурун
  • For the end of dog rounds it takes approximately a year for a zombie to spawn in. Source of 90% of my deaths on cranked

    Tristun ParrTristun ParrАй мурун
  • You should stream the new destiny Raid from the beyond light expanse it's super fun and good story

    gerardo Garciagerardo GarciaАй мурун
  • I REALLY HATE MY COUNTRY FOR BANNING THIS GAME RIGHT NOW. No way India gets crowned so hard all the time.

    Vatsal JoshiVatsal JoshiАй мурун
    • @SodaInACan no no, the second game. Pubg mobile. Banned it because of privacy policies and stuff

      Vatsal JoshiVatsal JoshiАй мурун
    • They banned cod cw?

      SodaInACanSodaInACanАй мурун
  • I’m sorry but 52+45=97 u never complicated round 46 there for you did not reach round 100

    Anthony DurhamAnthony DurhamАй мурун
  • Does anyone want to grind dark Esther with me

    Mason BertelsmeierMason BertelsmeierАй мурун
  • Idea for merch: firebow tutorial

    x Dreamzx DreamzАй мурун
  • Will there be a restock of self revive club hoodie I want one so baf

    MoshipswordMoshipswordАй мурун
  • Perfect timing: Perka Cola thong😂

    Tristan WyattTristan WyattАй мурун
  • I've seen sponge bob speed run its great

    Jimmy LuffninJimmy LuffninАй мурун
  • Also I miss your haunted house with lazar muselk and hireota

    Jimmy LuffninJimmy LuffninАй мурун
  • Turn off text to speech b4 u play it stresses me out i dunno how you deal

    Jimmy LuffninJimmy LuffninАй мурун
  • Noah: most stressful thing ever and I love it 😂😂

    Muffin ManMuffin ManАй мурун
  • They need to update it... i got hit by an invisible zombie i was like tf was that lmao

    Southern InkedSouthern InkedАй мурун
  • “So glad your mum didn’t swallow you” And now I have heard everything thank you donation voice

    Campbell BradleyCampbell BradleyАй мурун
    • @Azuka Nwamanna sorry can’t stream got shortened to pubg parts only

      Campbell BradleyCampbell BradleyАй мурун
    • 13:18

      Camacho 15Camacho 15Ай мурун
    • pls time stamp this😂

      Azuka NwamannaAzuka NwamannaАй мурун
  • Not your first game if you spent all day watching others play

    Jimmy LuffninJimmy LuffninАй мурун
    • Kinda cheated you clearly know your way around

      Jimmy LuffninJimmy LuffninАй мурун
  • Why is ain assist on?

    Jimmy LuffninJimmy LuffninАй мурун
    • @Jimmy Luffnin not for me my aim good with it and without

      VcbezVcbezАй мурун
    • Aim assist makes it harder to headship also makes you lazy

      Jimmy LuffninJimmy LuffninАй мурун
  • They put a stupid amount of bots in the beginner ranks. You wont see a lot of actual players until you get to high gold. Most of the bronze lobbies are bots. I won a game with nothing but a 1911 in a bronze lobby 😂

    The HuntThe HuntАй мурун
    • So what’s the point of calling it an online game?

      SodaInACanSodaInACanАй мурун
    • thats facts, you'll start facing hella sweats the higher you get

      Doctor PUBGMDoctor PUBGMАй мурун
  • What if you left the slow zombies alone and killed the fast ones? You could have 20 slow zombies in a pile at all times while running in the spawn room to make sure you always have another kill available, and you would have less stress because you only have like 5 fast zombies spawning all the time to keep the rounds going.... idk I'm gonna try it as a strat.

  • Hello, Humans. "When you ain't got no money, you gotta get an attitude."-Richard Pryor TERRANCE OUT

    T-Virus TerranceT-Virus TerranceАй мурун
  • Cranked is pretty decent

    kushy smokekushy smokeАй мурун
  • You go Noah from Evil-Trollz

    Scott CooperScott CooperАй мурун
  • Can someone tell me his streaming schedules bc I always want to watch his streaks but never get a notification

    Kawi_rca7Kawi_rca7Ай мурун
    • Whenever

      Nut BagNut BagАй мурун
  • is the hauer better than the gallo now?

    CraftyCraftyАй мурун
    • It always has been, more damage but kinda slower fire rate.

      Frank WoodsFrank WoodsАй мурун
  • I genuinely don't remember subbing to you but this is a good reminder to do that. Glad this was in my notifications

    CowtasticCowtasticАй мурун
  • Is there anyway to get the full speed I pay for? I'm paying as much as someone with fiber for slow ass 40MB internet and only getting half of that speed hardwired.

    Rx LegendRx LegendАй мурун
  • Maybe they should have the zombies never stop spawning like in octagonal Ascension and other custom maps

    Rx LegendRx LegendАй мурун
  • Got the ray gun for the first time today on level 21. Opened the mystery box twice!!!

    Cody LutesCody LutesАй мурун
  • How about some early zombies content? I wanna know if there is hope for the zombie community in the forthcoming months.

    Rx LegendRx LegendАй мурун
    • He's played it. There's no hope left for zombies Treynot with another fail, its over.

      Braeden JohnsonBraeden JohnsonАй мурун
  • I just got the win with 22 kills

    Yvonne GobinYvonne GobinАй мурун