Conor McGregor vs Dustin Poirier, here’s what happened….

2021-ж., 24-янв.
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Chael Sonnen recaps Conor McGregor vs Justin Gaethje on this episode of Beyond the Fight.
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  • Thanks to SHEATH for sponsoring today's video. Grab yourself a pair right here for 20% off.

    Chael SonnenChael SonnenАй мурун

      PowWowChickenPowWowChickenАй мурун
    • @Johan Mentally he waant the best. I saw the press b4 the fight and he, when asked about his predictions ,seemed scared. He even responds idk with an insecure face. Against Khabib u could tell he was nervous, here it was different. His stance and figthing style also changed P.s no excuse tho

      Zanguau VaiTomaCuZanguau VaiTomaCuАй мурун
    • What about Conor vs Chandler winner faces Dustin for belt?

      Zachary MeyerZachary MeyerАй мурун
    • @Ntokozo Shange wasn't it mainly the leg though? Same thing happened to Chandler in Bellator.

      Jay RJay RАй мурун
    • Dustin used ATT signature leg kick. Just as Izzy did to Costa, Dustin knew Conor would be too eager to come forward and it cost him, dearly. Dustins ring IQ was better on the night. I can see Conor coming back strong tho...

      libbadlibbadАй мурун
  • FINALLY someone else said it, Conor looked scrawny and not as strong as he used to look. In fact his body looked shitty compared to how he used to look even when he fought at 145

    Disney ChaseDisney Chase3 саат мурун
  • “Special protection for your bois” coin that shit.

    Alexander PérezAlexander Pérez10 күн мурун
  • I totally disagree that he seemed out of shape, I think he was in the best shape I’ve seen in a while, I just think he hasn’t been doing any competitive simulations in his training camp

    Samuel KingSamuel King20 күн мурун
  • The thing is that we saw what happened this shit is unnecessary.

    NoorNoor21 күн мурун
  • It's like watching a Trump supporter trying to say he's a nice guy still. He lost because he was beaten. He was beaten legally and fairly. Poirer won convincingly, therefor he was better end of.

    phrayzarphrayzar25 күн мурун
  • "Nobody expected this takedown" - Enter Khabib

    Doug LarsenDoug Larsen25 күн мурун
  • I think conor looked great. Its just that porier's inprovement and strategy was too much. And BTW conor was puzzled mid fight as soon as the takedown and leg kicks begun

    Siciid AliSiciid Ali26 күн мурун
  • I think the problem for Connor was him thinking that Dustin was the same guy he beat 6 years ago. Big mistake!!!

    Crazy CajunCrazy Cajun26 күн мурун
  • He's been finished in 3 of his last 6. Can we stop overrating him based on a fluke from 5 years ago?

    El Bigotes De La TiendaEl Bigotes De La Tienda27 күн мурун
  • Sheet underwear I ain't putting my piece in that little hole all day

    dcoog anmldcoog anml28 күн мурун
  • Couldn't agree with you more... You're a scientist when it comes to breaking down fights man 🙏

    Jmag88Jmag8828 күн мурун
  • Conor hasn't won a fight at 155 since 2016, and he is still ranked top 5, and talked about fighting for the belt. that is the real scam.

    Eric GriegoEric Griego28 күн мурун
    • highlight...

      dcoog anmldcoog anml28 күн мурун
  • horse shit you guys look foolish and sound worse.

    sehhi vootysehhi vooty28 күн мурун
  • conor and his team before the fight were saying this is the best conor we have ever seen and now after the fight i hear all kinds of excuses

    RG RGRG RG28 күн мурун
  • LOL @ the song at the end, "Uncle Chael" .. fucking classic 😁👍

    Andres RodriguezAndres Rodriguez29 күн мурун
    • Here's what happened: THE HYPE WAS EXPOSED!!!

      sehhi vootysehhi vooty28 күн мурун
  • "You didn't tell anybody anything. You just spoke." - Ok, great.

    asioe kiouasioe kiouАй мурун
    • just isnt the fighter he once was. He will never contend for a title at 155 again. All of the top 5 fighters at 155 beat Connor right now.

      asioe kiouasioe kiouАй мурун
  • Conor may be 3-3 in his last 6, but he's 1-2 in ALL of his 155 UFC fights EVER. Conor deserves to be in a title fight as much as Chael deserves to be in a spelling contest.

    Rodger PRodger PАй мурун
  • So GSP should have been smoked by Bisping because GSP didn't fight at all (MMA or Boxing) for 4 years? Ok.

    Jeremy BikmanJeremy BikmanАй мурун
  • years and improving every time.

    Ask to seduce MissAsk to seduce MissАй мурун
  • Why cant the guy with an 8 fight win streak ever fight for a title.

    Jonathan GarciaJonathan GarciaАй мурун
    • That fair, but put to put his win streak in perspective, he has one top 10 win at 55 at that is against the shell of what used to be Tony Ferguson.

      lonny walkerlonny walker27 күн мурун
  • Connor cant fight for the beltch

    Jonathan GarciaJonathan GarciaАй мурун
    • whiskey, Conor did not learn from the Floyd fight he made too much money, if it was a boxing match Conor would have won, Khabib is boring, Khabib jumping out of the cage

      Ask to seduce MissAsk to seduce MissАй мурун

    GATO 666GATO 666Ай мурун
  • years and improving every time.

    fouoii gyhhfouoii gyhhАй мурун
  • Has anybody ever thought Henry Cejudo for Khabib? Like yeah Khabib is bigger but Henry is quicker....also its an olympic wrestler vs a dagastan wrestler. i just think its an interesting matchup

    Trent BallardTrent BallardАй мурун
  • Speaking of drug addicts... I love how nobody talks about the fact quirky could barely like that joint but when he did, he had cocaine on his finger... Just like nobody talks about him raping that girl and then retiring to keep the media from talking about it... You're not a journalist, you're a hype man, you sell fights...

    Guy WilliamsGuy WilliamsАй мурун
    • THAT made sense...

      Guy WilliamsGuy WilliamsАй мурун
    • Make some NOISE and DRAMA!"

      fouoii gyhhfouoii gyhhАй мурун
  • How many videos have you made saying that there's no such thing as ring rust??? I could swear I've seen quite a few of those ... must be that Irish Cream talking again

    Guy WilliamsGuy WilliamsАй мурун
  • Again, even your dumbass was talking about how this was going to be the best Corky McGregor anybody had ever seen, prior to the fight... Everybody was talking about how strong he is, how many hours he's been putting in the gym, how ready he was and that there would be no excuses... It's crazy to hear you making these excuses! But then again, your breath doesn't smell like Irish Cream consistently, so I shouldn't be that surprised...

    Guy WilliamsGuy WilliamsАй мурун
  • Again, he wasn't a gentleman... He was trying to steal the moment with his excuses and it backfired on him, he's a punk and I'm so glad that there's a meme now ... Mr highlight...

    Guy WilliamsGuy WilliamsАй мурун
  • And somebody that's been calling out the Corky hype-train since the beginning, I was so happy to see him lose on a personal level... But if somebody that collects cards and has been really pushing for MMA cards to take off, Corky losing hurt the entire Hobby... We really would have seen a jump in MMA card values if Corky would have won that...

    Guy WilliamsGuy WilliamsАй мурун
  • Here's what happened: THE HYPE WAS EXPOSED!!!

    Guy WilliamsGuy WilliamsАй мурун
  • Screw Michael Chandler. It has to be Dustin and Do Bronx for the belt. If not Do Bronx, then Gaethje.

    Eduardo ViegasEduardo ViegasАй мурун
  • How would you guys feel about Connor going back down to 145? I know he hasn't since 2015 and maybe he can't even cut that much weight anymore but he just isn't going to contend for a title at 155 anymore. He isn't the same fighter who beat up Eddie Alvarez.

    Kyle DrankiewiczKyle DrankiewiczАй мурун
  • Poirier is by far a much better fighter than he was 6 years ago. At the end of the day Connor is no longer the fighter he once was. Leading up to the fight the story was how Connor is back and better than ever. There is no way anyone who knows anything about the sport can truly say they believed that. You can blame it on ring rust but the truth is he just isnt the fighter he once was. He will never contend for a title at 155 again. All of the top 5 fighters at 155 beat Connor right now.

    Kyle DrankiewiczKyle DrankiewiczАй мурун
  • 11:47 I need that on a tshirt

    TheAnnouncerTheAnnouncerАй мурун
  • my answer: conor was the same , inactive dustin got ten times f**+**g better

    JoannaJoannaАй мурун
    • I liked it very much i am very thankfull?

      JoannaJoannaАй мурун
  • Dustin has been in the trenches, fighting the top 155lbs guys, Conor has been sparring little boys on yachts. Chael is wrong btw way about foot strikes. Conor never had leg kicks like that before that he checked.

    29jn29jnАй мурун
  • *THE DEFINITIVE MCTAPPER FAN EXCUSE COMPILATION* *BEFORE POIRIER FIGHT:* _Put your feet up and watch the masterpiece I will paint on Poirier, I run MMA, I am levels above greatness, Conor finally looks focused and a focused Conor is dangerous, Conor has never looked this serious and focused in his life, this is the old Conor we love and miss, mark my words Poirier is in trouble, Conor already destroyed Poirier, the Irish are back, ou can tell Conor is serious now Conor is in a great place mentally and has matured as a man and as a fighter, Poirier has nothing that can worry Conor, Poirier is scared and remembers the last fight against Conor, Conor is in such good shape, Poirier is gonna get smoked, the King is back, Conor is sober now a sober Conor is unbeatable, Conor has a deadly left hand , easy 1st round KO. Mark my words, the king of MMA has returned. All you Conor haters will be silent after the fight mark my words. Conor being rich only makes him better and focused._ *AFTER POIRIER FIGHT:* _Conor was not focused on MMA, Conor is too rich now, he has lost his dangerous streak, Conor has never been in good shape and always gasses out, if it was a 1 round Taekwondo match Conor would have won, Conor is a father now the only UFC fighter with kids and a family this distracted him, Conor had the wrong hairstyle, Conors stance was not wide as usual, Conor did not use his kicks more if he did he woud have won, Conor is not in his prime, at least Conor made money,Conor does not have the same intensity that helped him build his momentum, Conor is not light on his feet, of the fight was at 145, if Conor had a sword and baseball bat, if it was a street fight, if it was 2017 Conor "would have won", Poirer is the greatest MMA fighter to ever live atleat conor lasted 2 rounds._ *BEFORE NATE DIAZ 1:* _Diaz is a sloppy, 11th ranked fighter, he is too slow, he cuts easily and has a skinny fat body, everybody lands on Diaz and Conor's left hand is deadly. Diaz can't box, Diaz is not as muscular as Conor, Conor will sleep him easily, this is just a warm up fight, Diaz smokes weed he is just here for a payday, Diaz is not even a top 50 MMA fighter._ *AFTER NATE DIAZ 1:* _Diaz is naturally a 6 foot 5 , 345 lbs linebacker/bodybuilder/pro boxer, Conor was "inefficient" with his energy, at least Conor cut Diaz a bit, no one cuts Diaz. Diaz used to be a boxer, Diaz would probably beat Mike Tyson, Diaz has better ground game than Royce Gracie, Diaz is one of the greatest MMA fighters to ever live._ *BEFORE FLOYD MAYWEATHER:* _49-1 Mark my words, Floyd is not even top 50 in boxing he just runs and has no power, Floyd just pays ref's. Floyd is too old, too small and has brittle hands, Conors amazing left hand will break Floyds defence, Conor has been boxing his entire career, Conor started off as a boxer he has a lot of Boxing experience, Conor will not gas out he is in the greatest shape of his life, Conor is winning the mental game in press conferences 3rd round KO easily 49-1, 12 oz gloves Conor's power will show he has a freight train lef hand._ *AFTER FLOYD MAYWEATHER:* _Floyd is in his prime at 40, Floyd is the greatest boxer to ever live, at least Conor "lasted" 10 rounds with the p4p king, at least Conor made money, Conor has never boxed in his life, if it was a street fight Floyd would have died, if Conor had a baseball bat he would have won, if Floyd came to the octagon, if Floyd had one arm and two left feet , Conor was not in shape, Conors power doesn't show in 12oz gloves. Atleast Conor hit him._ *BEFORE KHABIB FIGHT:* _Conor learned so much from facing Mayweather, Khabib has a glass jaw and is afraid of a smack Conor told him in the press conference, Khabib has no stand up, has no chance of dropping Conor on the feet, Conor is not afraid of Khabib's grappling his Jiu Jitsu is underrated, Conor looks confident and focused, Khabib is quiet cause he is scared, Khabib has no gas tank, Khabib has never faced a fighter like Conor, Conor learned from his loss to Nate, he is stronger now. Conor smashing the bus and injuring other fighters was amazing pure entertainment this is why we love Conor._ *AFTER KHABIB FIGHT:* _Khabib is naturally a 400lb WWE wrestler he is the same size as Cormier, Khabib is on steroids he is Russian, Conor was not in good shape, Conor was focused on his whiskey, Conor did not learn from the Floyd fight he made too much money, if it was a boxing match Conor would have won, Khabib is boring, Khabib jumping out of the cage is not entertainment it was criminal he should be locked up this is why we hate Khabib, Conor should have been given the W becasue Khabib jumped the cage after the fight. At least Conor won a round._

    Krish EdwardsKrish EdwardsАй мурун
  • I don't like the way that chael talks and enunciates like every damn thing he says is important. He comes off as a blowhard whos trying to fake charisma. What a dork.

    Kosh FreyKosh FreyАй мурун
  • i put 6 bucks on dustin, got 20 bucks in return.

    walliesherewallieshereАй мурун
  • -_"Oliveiras of the world, if they ever are gonna speak up, need to do it now."_ ... _Gaethje has been relatively quiet..._ TRANSLATION: "Guys, our main hype-train-driver is running low! Make some NOISE and DRAMA!"

    lo0k3rlo0k3rАй мурун
  • -_"He is not a guy who refused to shake hands, refused to give a post-fight speech, or refused to go to the press-conference._ _Those are procedural issues that you do, whether you win or whether you lose."_ Is that a dig at Dan Hooker?

    lo0k3rlo0k3rАй мурун
    • I wonder if Conor even knows who Chael is

      dueeh nyyudueeh nyyuАй мурун
  • -_"When Conor got up from that exchange, he was no different. Not meaningfully,... but he was different, it changed him._ _It also... offered a threat. The threat of a takedown is just as effective as a takedown._ _..._ _That's where the fight has started to change. Not only Conor got up a little bit more tired, but now he has a threat of a takedown."_ Nope. This takedown only showed that Poirier is able to do it. But it had no impact on the result. Moreover, I would argue it was more beneficial for McGregor than for Poirier. Yes, it went through, but Poirier has not realized its potential. He did nothing. Beyond that, McGregor has overpowered Poirier with ease and got up quite quickly. That really surprised me (and he talked about that at the press-conference). To me, after that scramble POIRIER LOOKED VISIBLY MORE TIRED, while MCGREGOR DID NOT. After they split, Poirier immediately ate several significant strikes which rocked him, and missed his own shots, respectively. Poirier lost the first round, he was outstriked and outgrappled. Thus, I think the opposite, it showed both of them that takedown from Poirier perhaps is not that dangerous for McGregor. So McGregor neither was tired nor much threatened by a takedown. And what are you talking about? Successful takedown created a threat? The threat of a takedown is ever-present in this match-up, regardless of previous attempts, if any. What has really changed the fight, and it is clear as day, is those calf kicks. Sure, Poirier had started to lay the foundation in the first round, but where you can see it started to go downhill for McGregor - is around 04:45 of the 2nd round. After two more crippling calf kicks the damage began to settle. The leg was just incapacitated. McGregor started to lose movement speed drastically, and soon his punches did, too. After few more faltering steps, Poirier just fell on him with an avalanche of blows, because McGregor couldn't move away, and Poirier was ready to eat a few more counterpunches in the process. To conclude, I see it as a strategic victory/loss. McGregor looked promising and generally had outplayed Poirier on many levels in the beginning, but he allowed to lose a leg. And having only one leg and no ground game plan, you are almost guaranteed to lose in a stand-up fight.

    lo0k3rlo0k3rАй мурун
    • mins that definitely played a part in the loss. Fair play to Dustin tho he got his revenge

      dueeh nyyudueeh nyyuАй мурун
  • anyone: tells mom that they love them uncle chael: you didn't tell anyone anything, you didn't part with your money

    foopyu noouifoopyu noouiАй мурун
    • "You didn't tell anybody anything. You just spoke." - Ok, great.

      foopyu noouifoopyu noouiАй мурун
  • Again uncle chael idk what fights you've seen lol..look at all of conors previous fights..the opponent would throw a leg.kick conor would shake his head and they would Never threw one again....he took more leg kicks in one round than his entire career.

    TreDayTreDayАй мурун
  • Dustin was more surprised at the takedown than ANYONE? lol Conor does have good takedown defense but no one ever tried except khabib really

    TreDayTreDayАй мурун
  • I tried very hard to believe you, but you are unfairly and grossly biased towards conor mcgregor.

    Umar KhanUmar KhanАй мурун
  • _- "What in Dustin's past shows you that he has the skill and the ability to go wrestle him?"_ Is being bjj black belt and one of the few fighters who was able to offer at least some ressistance to Khabib's grappling not good enough for you? Stop dusting casuals' eyes with these contrived and farfetched excuses/explanations. Wrestling and staggering was always one of preferred strategies for Poirier. But hey, just beause the striking turned out to be more effective, you can't shit like that on Poirier's grappling. McGregor may have a stronger takedown defence than Poirier, but once it's through, Poirier is definitely better on the ground than McGregor.

    lo0k3rlo0k3rАй мурун
  • why??? throwing the glove should be rewarded and viewed as a mark of dignity or something? in that interpretation of the quitting gesture, that is pure infantile expression of frustration. Russians have it in classic literature - to throw the glove at someone means declaring war - an invitation to a duel

    Ga PGa PАй мурун
  • Goddamnit, I love Chael Sonnen !

    Marko Horton IIMarko Horton IIАй мурун
  • I'm with Justin, if Conor's next fight is for the belt.. I'm never fighting in the UFC again.

    John JordanJohn JordanАй мурун
  • The symbol on those underwears That you are endorsing Is the symbol For pedophilia Men who like little boys I would never wear them Look it up And don't endorse them. It's on the fbi website. I don't know if you knew this, but I will share this with you. Love your videos and your channel. Around the waist is what I am talking about.

    Miguel&Richie Kar Service ColonMiguel&Richie Kar Service ColonАй мурун
  • Its sad no one is giving much props to Dustin

    João LuizJoão LuizАй мурун
  • ... and Conor says a lot of things, but if he'd have won, he'd be off boxing Manny. He ain't fighting 4 times in a year!

    John JordanJohn JordanАй мурун
  • Who am I to disagree with the undefeated Chael P., but did every other fighter really throw leg kicks? Did Conor really look scrawny and the worst ever?? I say no, no, and no.

    John JordanJohn JordanАй мурун
  • I was surprised by Conor's stance. He didn't use the "karate" stance that he normally uses. He had a weird boxing stance.

    bilisha colibilisha coliАй мурун
    • Its almost as if it wasn't connor

      Black MambaBlack MambaАй мурун
  • Can you put Connor in a title fight when he's got one win in the division and just got KO'd? Don't even bother answering, this question is offensive.

    Mike STUDIO 1106Mike STUDIO 1106Ай мурун
  • Conor was in good physical shape. But fighting isn’t all about fitness and strength. The fact that since 2018 Conor only had 40 seconds of cage time unlike Dustin who had 80 mins that definitely played a part in the loss. Fair play to Dustin tho he got his revenge

    Sorry SorrySorry SorryАй мурун
    • Oliviera vs Poirier for belt thats it, enough talk! Chandler needs to fight 2 more before a belt fight! Needs to earn it in UFC!

      bilisha colibilisha coliАй мурун
  • I wonder if Conor even knows who Chael is

    ObObАй мурун
  • my answer: conor was the same , inactive dustin got ten times f**+**g better

    tyler ptyler pАй мурун
  • "You didn't tell anybody anything. You just spoke." - Ok, great.

    lo0k3rlo0k3rАй мурун
  • when chael makes the explore page 👌🏻

    Hashtag ScooterSwag Yolo SwagyHashtag ScooterSwag Yolo SwagyАй мурун
  • Yeah, i get that people pretend kabib didnt retire 9 weeks ago but i feel people also assume diaz still fights. Hes done fuuuck all for years now i dont know why hes always in the mix

    Bucky MacCluskyBucky MacCluskyАй мурун
  • Look at chael reading his script at the beginning

    Truth SeekerTruth SeekerАй мурун
  • Max halloway vs porior

  • Conor must fight MC

    John FortuinJohn FortuinАй мурун
  • The guy that cheated him whole career the bad guy ... bum

    Riders PrivilegeRiders PrivilegeАй мурун
    • dueeh nyyu is your page full of paid followers lol 😂.

      Riders PrivilegeRiders PrivilegeАй мурун
    • Connor is trash . He said he had the most best camp ever he felt he was one in the sun so if that was home at 100% and We all wanna dusting to win nobody cares about Connor anymore besides his brain washed fans . Cherry picker . Now he stuck in a position where he’s not going to get a big fight next he has to work his way back . It doesn’t matter brings in 200 million people . The true fighters of the division right now is Leon Edwards Dustin Poirier Justin , KHABIB obv . No we have Charles Oliveira you can’t just skip out of these guys and get a title shot . Nobody will care for it and eveyone already said it he has to work his way back he needs atleast 2 wins or a big knockout to put his name back in the conversation

      Riders PrivilegeRiders PrivilegeАй мурун
    • dueeh nyyu they alredy did u fool

      Riders PrivilegeRiders PrivilegeАй мурун
    • so hard to believe that the best lightweights in the world (Khabib, Poirier etc) could beat Conor at his best?

      dueeh nyyudueeh nyyuАй мурун
  • anyone: tells mom that they love them uncle chael: you didn't tell anyone anything, you didn't part with your money

    yaliso gioouyyaliso gioouyАй мурун
    • Basically anytime Conor loses it's never because the other guy is better. There's always some excuse =)) The guy is 3-3 since leaving the Featherweight division. I think peop

      dueeh nyyudueeh nyyuАй мурун
  • The Conor McGregor 6 years ago @ the Conor McGregor now are two different people even his style is different

    Eddie JonesEddie JonesАй мурун
  • I agree with Chael ring rust is real ! Rematch Connor wins

    HP L1706HP L1706Ай мурун
  • everyone has an uncle Chael in the family....

    Jimmy ZoomJimmy ZoomАй мурун
  • Oliviera vs Poirier for belt thats it, enough talk! Chandler needs to fight 2 more before a belt fight! Needs to earn it in UFC!

    SuperDynamite666SuperDynamite666Ай мурун
  • McGregor is all but finished. Legacy's end. Hes had his time

    bilij pdanbilij pdanАй мурун
  • Scrawny and weak?? I submit to you: Unpowerful

    socratese5socratese5Ай мурун
  • Connor McGregor’s reign is over, just jump on another band wagon already. I’m sick of all this unnecessary drama and bullshit.

    Jenn AnkoJenn AnkoАй мурун
  • expert analysis from uncle chael. kinda easy when theres actually stuff to break down xD

    DeliciousIcE132DeliciousIcE132Ай мурун
  • Ummm..check my taplology I picked Poirier and Chandler by ko.....

    wannabe Uncle jonny Smithwannabe Uncle jonny SmithАй мурун
  • Agree on him not checking leg kicks. Was very strange from Connor. But to say his mini take down changed the match is ridiculous. Conor dominated the first round & Dustin looked way too slow for him. Even with a rusty connor I will still say that the better fighter did not win. Dustin is awesome & knew it would be close, but apart from the leg kicks Connor was clearly better skilled. What concerns me more is that connors chin was so soft. He’s been hit like that many times & not gone down. Very worrying going forward.

    Nathan AndersonNathan AndersonАй мурун
  • Has to be poirier v oliveria for the belt.. the chandler gaethe hooker etc all fight it out for No1 contender slot... McGregor Diaz just for shits and gigs

    DM 82DM 82Ай мурун
  • Connor lost and Chael is just another person giving excuses for him I bring that to you

    foopyu noouifoopyu noouiАй мурун
    • I like both fighters, but damn chael could you have sounded any more biased. What do you have against DP?

      foopyu noouifoopyu noouiАй мурун
  • I like u man,but you became an conor a** kisser. Do not take merit from a way better fighter to justify a great trash talker whose luck ran out.

    Alejandro RendonAlejandro RendonАй мурун
  • Basically anytime Conor loses it's never because the other guy is better. There's always some excuse =)) The guy is 3-3 since leaving the Featherweight division. I think people forget Nate Diaz isn't even a top contender. He's a fan-favorite gatekeeper. And yet he dusted Conor the first time and lost a razor thin decision to him the second time. Is it really so hard to believe that the best lightweights in the world (Khabib, Poirier etc) could beat Conor at his best?

    Jose BermudezJose BermudezАй мурун
  • Hes just not hungry for it anymore. Hes already made it. The dog climbing the hill is hungrier than the dog on the top of the hill.

    KcroodKcroodАй мурун
  • If Conor wants a rematch he's gonna have to kick Dustin's lead leg right off the bat or implement stance switching to prevent poirier from throwing leg kicks! Could use his front hook kick to prevent it as well but dang dustin got good accuracy

    Notorious UfcNotorious UfcАй мурун
  • He was out of shape?! Really Chael. The whole build up was how this was the best shape he ever been in and all that stuff. Now all the sudden he wasn't? Fuck outta here. He just got out skilled plain and simple. Difference is Dustin got people giving him that work everyday like gamebred and them killers at ATT, making him better and more durable. Conor has human punching bags and yes men who make sure he wins every spar and training session. He got exposed that's all. If he can't knock someone out early, he has no other threats to beat anyone with.

    Manuel AndinoManuel AndinoАй мурун
  • He got pieced up! That's what happened Chael...

    Carl StokesCarl StokesАй мурун
  • Chael is correct on the matter its no excuses conor is the most intelligent man his brain works like no one else his name is bigger than most athletes. Do not forget no one cared about dustin even me. Conor is a observer and a man who calculates his opponent's and times his knockdowns. This conor did not he was Planning to please manny paccio and max Holloway, conor forgot the world was watching only him and famous people. Conor was thinking about passing max Holloway and his performance but forgot about dustin and his moves and plan to take his leg off. Conor should have known a game plan not a boxing match

    Women Empowerment sports fanWomen Empowerment sports fanАй мурун
  • Chael starting to sound awful salty and bitter in his videos. Hope he's doing okay.

    bssni touirbssni touirАй мурун
  • “Apples aren’t apples here”

    Mike SlowinskiMike SlowinskiАй мурун
  • To be fair, everyone mentioning the boxing stance, we saw that briefly against Cerrone but nobody mentioned anything, obviously Dustin and Cerrone aren’t comparable but I feel like we knew coming into this one his stance would be different

    iggy030iggy030Ай мурун
    • @chael Conor has separated from his longtime girlfriend and mother of his boy. I do believe that he has lost a little piece of support that has got him where he is now

      bssni touirbssni touirАй мурун
  • The ultimate salesman😂👍🏾

    Jesus HoyaJesus HoyaАй мурун
  • Fights to make in this division: Porier vs Oliveira Chandler vs Gaethej Hooker vs Mc Gregor That's how things should go. Chandler just arrived. He needs to fight one more time at least to prove his ready for the titleshot.

    Flavio GoncalvesFlavio GoncalvesАй мурун
  • Dustin is a MMA artist, that's why Conor got whooped.

    SSainiSSainiАй мурун
    • PeriodT

      Jenn AnkoJenn AnkoАй мурун
  • CONFIRMED Chael is in the Mcgregor camp all i heard was excuses excuses excuses

    R PR PАй мурун
  • The hell with that ring rust!!!! Dustin skill level was too much for Conor! Dustin's boxing has gotten more crisp and his ability to take a punch and stick the game plan came with experience as he's endured alot more wars.

    5.0PRIM.05.0PRIM.0Ай мурун
    • @Soinas Doyi how it should be.

      5.0PRIM.05.0PRIM.0Ай мурун
    • I have respect for both fighters.

      Soinas DoyiSoinas DoyiАй мурун
  • I don't think Chael likes Dustin very much.

    Zbona RazvanZbona RazvanАй мурун
    • fighting Eddie for the light weight belt within the same year. Fighting that much, sharpened Conor's skill. This time tho, Dustin put in the time and was more active then Conor

      Soinas DoyiSoinas DoyiАй мурун
  • Connor did not look like his self. He has lived a fast life...this might not be just rust, I think his prime could be being cut short because of hus life style!

    David easterwoodDavid easterwoodАй мурун
  • I like both fighters, but damn chael could you have sounded any more biased. What do you have against DP?

    JC GJC GАй мурун
  • Poirier vs oliveira Chandler vs gaethje Conor vs tony

    zorgacod2zorgacod2Ай мурун
  • Chael, what do you think of Poirier Vs Oliveria for the vacant lightweight title, Chandler Vs Ferguson, Gaethje Vs Nate Diaz and like you said Connor Vs Hooker? We already saw Poirier vs Hooker and Poirier Vs Gaethje, what are your thoughts???

    Abraham ArguelloAbraham ArguelloАй мурун