Getting 3 Stars in Every MW2 Spec Ops Mission

2019-ж., 7-сен.
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Special Ops may be what I'm most excited for in Modern Warfare 2019, so to prove it while we await the late reveal trailer, I've gone back to the classic beloved CoD MW2 to earn 3 stars in every single veteran spec ops mission. It starts out easy, but soon proved to be no simple task.
Mission timestamps:
0:00 - Intro
0:56 - The Pit
3:07 - Sniper Fi
7:03 - O Cristo Redentor
10:16 - Evasion
14:36 - Suspension
17:38 - Overwatch
20:04 - Body Count
23:36 - Bomb Squad
27:36 - Race
29:46 - Big Brother
33:58 - Hidden
42:58 - Breach & Clear
46:58 - Time Trial
48:25 - Homeland Security
59:24 - Snatch & Grab
1:04:41 - Wardriving
1:18:26 - Wreckage
1:21:13 - Acceptable Losses
1:23:46 - Terminal
1:28:16 - Estate Takedown
1:32:18 - Wetwork
1:43:28 - High Explosive
1:57:53 - Armor Piercing
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