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Today Carter Sharer built a trampoline island in his backyard swimming pool. Carter first build a bunch of trampolines with Bailey Payne and the rest of Team RAR then started to stack them one by one to make a trampoline tower. Once the tower was built they threw the trampoline tower in the pool. Lizzy Capri was so jealous and wanted to bounce but the girls were not allowed. Bailey did a backflip on the trampoline and also a frontflip. He is really good at trampoline tricks. The best part is its also an underwater trampoline too. Comment #Trampoline #TeamRAR
LAST TO LEAVE TRAMPOLINE TOWER WINS $10,000 kgworld.info/wiki/video/udOMp6x7i6GdlIs
LAST TO FALL OFF TRAMPOLINES WINS!! kgworld.info/wiki/video/ys-cpc2ZmIGi024
LAST TO LEAVE TRAMPOLINES WINS $10,000 kgworld.info/wiki/video/lp2slciebWWolK0
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  • Only OG's remember when carter left Virginia to start a new chapter in Life with a team now carter is living in a 2 acres house in California he accomplished his goals with a car collection

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    • @Carter Sharer your welcome and I'm a new sub

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  • Its the team rar house not just ur house so what liz made a hang out its not a big deal

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  • Lizzy is so STUBBORN you never enter her longe she enter yours

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  • You guys are amazing

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  • Hey carter I am a big fan it would mean the world to me If you like my comment or replyed :)

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  • Hakuna Matata Hakuna Matata it means no worries for the rest of the days it's a problem free Fila City kuna matata Carter share do you like those Lion King I'm watching it right now I love it it's like my favorite movie in the whole entire world Elsa fluke is my favorite movie in the world so bye see you tomorrow I'll just be watching your video

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  • Tell Liz to break the girls lounge it is your house and you can kick her out

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  • How do I know you have some new stuff even the money gun like the plushy’s the team or plushy but is there money inside when you order or is it just the money gun it song

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  • Probably do what Dangie Bros did with 10 storey trampoline park and they were lived in LA

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  • I loved the last but it was a challenge and I liked it because Liz made a Lizzie loung

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  • Carter your fat

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  • I am your biggest fan still!!!!!!!!!! LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!! REACH 8 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS I KNOW YOU CAN

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  • I really like your content and your an amazing KGworldd but just because someone likes pink doesn’t mean they are a girl. I just wanted to let you know, my favourite colour is purple! Just don’t be mean about it okay? 👍🏼 your still my favourite KGworldr and I watch every video! I have subscribed and liked loads! Keep it up

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  • Lizzy don’t even try to get on to the trampoline island the boys are gunna get you off

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  • Happy new year eve guys

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  • Sorry carter!

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  • Don’t click this link - kgworld.info/head/4KWtoA6r40qlX72cbnjIxA.html

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  • And liz is a baby hahahahaha liz

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  • “Yeah Ryan gets all the girls” Carter’s laughs sarcastically

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  • Two ideas 💡 1.Wrapping the Limo 2. Last to leave the limo

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  • Last to leave the trampoline $10,000

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