I Survived 500 Days in HARDCORE Minecraft...

2021-ж., 22-янв.
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Surviving Hardcore Minecraft from 100 days all the way up to 400 days was a difficult challenge! But now its time to try and survive 500 days in the hardest difficulty in Minecraft, hardcore mode. I survived 500 days in Minecraft Hardcore and this is what happened!
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  • Fru instead of holding food in your left hand hold a totem of undying cause if you where holding food and you died then you won't respawn

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  • I thought it was your little house for you did the online game and Minecraft it was my favorite one did you build a better base I thought it was little bit in the inside was big it was so magic I forgot my KGworld channel is lagging real loud cuz I cannot speak with the powers so I want to another question of fool who who are for I don't know what else yeah actually spells fruit for my favorite question is how do you learn Minecraft and how do you get a lot of pictures and a lot of amazing it was so funny but for I play Minecraft I actually dies always in my world I changed another world and another world I'm scared if I may call combo that's really good with this I need a lot of world so I can survive in playing Minecraft please I want actually to learn me how to play really well in Minecraft and the OG normal player I want extra video you never be you are the best player in the world I kind of want it you do that so you can love me your trucks and a good player

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