Modern Warfare: So Close Yet So Far (The Final Review)

2020-ж., 9-ноя.
171 753 Көрүүлөр

It is that time of the year again the time where one Call of Duty Ends and another Begins. In this video we look at the whole year in review of Call of Duty Modern Warfare. This Video Only Talks about MW Multiplayer, Campaign and Spec Ops. Hope you enjoy.


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  • I hate this game with every fiber of my being

    Juan LemusJuan Lemus6 күн мурун
  • Am I the only person that actually likes spec ops now (not when it came out but after it was fixed)

    CrypturdCrypturd6 күн мурун
  • H

    Holden PetersonHolden Peterson7 күн мурун
  • In my opinion I would give mw multiplayer 9 out of 10

    Rebel876 _Rebel876 _12 күн мурун
  • Ok im going to say it this game was the first cod multiplayer game i ever played and it felt amazing to me because i have only played other things in cod games so the multiplayer felt special

    Gurkaran BasraGurkaran Basra28 күн мурун
  • Hardcore is where this game shines

    Perpetrator PicklePerpetrator Pickle29 күн мурун
  • MW was easily the best cod since Black Ops 2, it basically revived a dead franchise that hadnt released a single good game in the PS4 gen, and it was the refresh that cod needed, meanwhile Cold War was a huge step back from what MW did

    EminemisTrashEminemisTrashАй мурун
  • I honestly thought that MW2019 was just a prequel to COD4:MV

    Tristano_ 227Tristano_ 227Ай мурун
  • I was a new player too. Great game for introduction into the series, really made me fall in love with COD.

    Luka StLuka StАй мурун
  • I love modern warfare I love the multiplayer, and warzone but I hate the story it’s antiRussian in its presentation and all out lies about the events that took place. (Ik it’s a fake country but it’s obvious it’s based off of real places)

    Lil DippaLil DippaАй мурун
  • there will no more call of duty like 2007-2012 never

    Naihan NoorNaihan NoorАй мурун
  • Ik bro mw2 was great I went back played because my brother told me to and I beat all mw so plz heart it took me a long time so plz

    DuarraksCBRDuarraksCBRАй мурун
  • its alot of casuals in this comment section

    bran.capalotbran.capalotАй мурун
  • I think the multiple antagonists lead to the realism - in that in geopolitical warfare there are many threats - many evils- good/bad

    Greg PollokGreg PollokАй мурун
  • Before me 19 I had a friend who didn't like cod coz of the long time to kill,he was a siege player and he likes the realism is games, the guns were op better gameplay

    Bilal KadriBilal KadriАй мурун
  • I know it’s your opinion but I really enjoyed this game but it’s your opinion so I can’t argue with that. Although I think the killstreaks were really really good.

    Max PupilloMax PupilloАй мурун
  • This game the best cod of all time. Gunfight, search and warzone with the boys from 10 pm till 5 much fun ❤️

    SmOoveSmOoveАй мурун
  • Remember people get so mad that survival spec ops only available on PS4. Now it's act like it doesn't even exist.

    Ksya 47Ksya 47Ай мурун
  • I agree 100 percent with everything you said I wouldn’t have worded anything different new sub

    PoptartGamingPoptartGamingАй мурун
  • So they gonna call the next mw game mw2 or????

    danidaniАй мурун
  • best campaign? I mean gameplay is good, but I just don't feel it. IF they stuck to the same universe and plot it wouldve been better.

    Christian MulipolaChristian MulipolaАй мурун
  • its basically mw4

    elijah !elijah !Ай мурун
  • Mw 2019 was the first cod I ever grinded camos in and the first mutyplayer I ever got into

    fauxmecury 7565fauxmecury 7565Ай мурун
  • I actually liked the mounting, but for sole reason that it's a real thing in the military. The realism was sick! I think the skill based match making is fun, to give me a challenge to get better, but jesus sometimes, yes, they need that antiperspirant. Overall, good review bro

    Daniel ValdezDaniel ValdezАй мурун
  • People complaining about doors and mounting calling camping, what do you think people would do in a real situation. I know it's not real life but damn, the dev's try to innovate and everyone bitches. Crybabies calling players defending a position campers are using the insult wrong. Campers don't move and stay in the same spot. To mount or use doors you have to move around ALOT

    The Xero LinkThe Xero LinkАй мурун
  • This is the best game ever made

    Abraham almanzaAbraham almanzaАй мурун
  • Devs were 100% right about the mini map I constantly used it to tell when spawns were flipped

    Lewis McDonaldLewis McDonaldАй мурун
    • Yeah or maybe they should have made a game mode where the is no mini map at least

      lonwabo tshabanelonwabo tshabaneАй мурун
  • I still dont care what no one opinion is i love MW2019 it one of my favourites

    Never give UpNever give UpАй мурун
  • Piccadilly best search map on mw

    Matt OMatt OАй мурун
  • My first Cod was Call of Duty 1 my Favorite is World at War. Also your going to ignore the plot whole that farah killed her dad as a Kid? I mean the door was Locked by her dad yet the Russian Soldier opened the door the other way it as if wasn't locked and shut it, after killing the Russian Solder (her Father) They had to Unlock the door in witch she much of been hallucinating the whole. As for multiplayer it seems like you're not as good as you think you are then. High level players kick my as with out anything you have been talking about. Just man up and fight the grain only a purist would hate majority of opinions, the only thing I agree on is mounting is op they should make it remove a good bit of virtual recoil as the code of improving the code of Horizontal recoil.

    Steven 1773Steven 1773Ай мурун
  • Hope we get a COD Ghosts game in 2021

    Roderick ClerkRoderick ClerkАй мурун
  • I feel like a lot of what he's saying is true but only to core.

    Oda TamashīOda TamashīАй мурун
  • Dude that gameplay in the background was amazing... I wish I was that good😔

    FangoFangoАй мурун
  • It makes sense how it’s not MW4 considering the world kinda got destroyed by the end of MW3

    FangoFangoАй мурун
  • Multiplayer player rewards camping and it’s super annoying! Anytime I stayed in one spot, for the majority of the game, I always had a higher k/d ratio. But, I really hate that kind of play style.

    Chris WalterChris WalterАй мурун
  • Agreed with everything except the campaign. The campaign was so trash. Cold War was half finished and yet the campaign was way better

    Rolando LedesmaRolando LedesmaАй мурун
  • Just remember guys after Cold War is MW2 and I’m still ready

    Sgt boxSgt boxАй мурун
  • This game is gonna has a huge cult following.

    NigwardNigwardАй мурун
  • A lot of people don't like cold war because there are more campers

    ramiro Rramiro RАй мурун
  • My opinion is this. I can see why so many people loved it, but me personally, it just, it missed the mark, badly. I tried to stick with it to see if it would get better but, nope. Deleted bc I didn't play it enough to justify having take up as much space as 3 or 4 smaller but more enjoyable games.

    Jay _Jay _Ай мурун
  • Good: Maps Gunsmith Post launch Content feed Gunfight Sounds Graphics Engine/movement Bad: SBMM SBMM SBMM SBMM Gun meta/ balance Radar Sound balance

    Brap BrapBrap BrapАй мурун
  • It had the best multiplayer since bo2 and they had war zone which was free to play and all the non full game owners could hop on and play cross platform with you.

    Bryce VernBryce VernАй мурун
  • Jesus......look I love modern warfare franchise but im so sick of this modern warfare 2 bandwagon effect....everyone keeps saying modern warfare 2 is the's good but lets be real....its shepards betrayal of ghost and roach that makes it memorable thats it...ask anyone whats the best or most emotional part...they'll say that one mission where roach and ghost are betrayed and also bet that a percentage the "fans" of MW2 havent even played the full campaign...just watched that one mission on youtube ....I swear to God if you slap the amazing gunplay and graphics of modern warfare 2019 on modern warfare 2 people will say its the greatest game of all time....In my opinion Modern warfare 2019 Campaign was much more enteraining and immersive to play...seeing how real operations are handled in mission like clean house and Wolf's Den from missions of true fear of been outumbered like the embassy mission....all the previous games like modern warfare 2 I felt like some ridicolous super soldier that could take 100's of soldiers without making any tactical sense....where as the embassy mission your forced to hold up in a safehouse and so on.....anyone thats played the campagin knows what im talking about.......but thats enough of my conclusion i disagree with him saying "its a step back and its not the best campaign and story and too many bad guys..." and yes im aware of freedom of opinions but someones got to play the devil's advocate for the attention to detail in this game.

    Peter Anthony I. HayPeter Anthony I. HayАй мурун
  • I feel like once they started ramping up black ops (which looks shit) MW started spiralling down

    Maximumgaming14Maximumgaming14Ай мурун
  • I also really appreciate that they brought back game chat lobbies like they did. The toxicity of MW kept me coming back because I loved hearing and dishing out creative insults to random people in SnD or Gunfight lobbies.

    Eli YumnikEli YumnikАй мурун
  • This COD saved the franchise. Awesome campaign, insane graphics, great gameplay and mechanics, had alot of replayability to it. Cold war is a massive disappointment IMO. This game takes the throne as the best call of duty game of all time in every aspect.

    Eli YumnikEli YumnikАй мурун
  • i majorly disagree with a lot of the points in this video, which is cool - everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But a lot of your points regarding multiplayer make no sense to me. You seem to counter your own points in a way. You say you dislike camping - every clip in the video is you camping You say no killstreaks feel rewarding - your harrier on shoot house got like 15 kills You say you want a faster paced game - but want more time to kill SBMM is weird to me. People really REALLY blame that for some reason in this game. It's ridiculous to me that people want easy games every game. Whats the point of going 30/0 every game when every game you were playing with way worse people? Even with SBMM, i had games where i would pop off and some games i wouldn't. People think that SBMM makes it mandatory that you go sweaty every game when thats not even close to how it works. The reason why SBMM felt like dog ass in this game was because their algorithm or whatever the hell was just bad. The reason why you would have 3 easy games, then 3 bad ones, then 3 easy ones again on a cycle was because their system worked in a way where if you did well it spiked way too hard, and when you did bad, it spiked back down way too hard. Good SBMM is a good thing for most games imo. It shouldn't be a negative thing to play with people at your approximate skill level every game. People shouldn't be punished by tryhards when they first start a game, or when they're bad at the game but still want to enjoy it. SBMM only reaaaaaaaaaally affects the top % of players, when for the other like 90% it doesn't do anything to us lol.

    Ethan BurtonEthan BurtonАй мурун
  • MW 2019 made me go back to CoD after like 7 years of Battlefield, didn't cared about CoD since black ops 2, and being quite disappointed with WW2. I really love the game, and while I don't care too much about Warzone, this game gave us that too.

    Miguel GutierrezMiguel GutierrezАй мурун
  • Tbh I agree with this review because I hated playin warzone. Good game but so many campers and cheaters. Also sbmm

    Grayson CarlileGrayson CarlileАй мурун
  • I never played the Multiplayer, or Warzone. Just the campaign and Splitscreen mode with my buddies. I also did this with MW1 Remastered and BO3, but MW19 topped it all. Love this game!

    I‘m not realI‘m not realАй мурун
  • It's the end of modern warfare 2019 video in the Chanel

    Criminal 125Criminal 125Ай мурун
  • inkslasher: complains about campers and camping also inkslasher: sits in the same corner on rust for an entire game

    Jens Van Den TopJens Van Den TopАй мурун
  • something that actually make me upset with this game is how awefull the villain is, i mean ... barkov feels so lame, and the al qatala guys just meh. i dont know why Infinity ward didnt learn from COD IW, barkov basicly as lame as the evil space guys on Infinite Warfare. its feels like insult when the hero must fight with lame villain because i dont really feel the reason why i should simpatize or hate them.

    ilham shobriilham shobriАй мурун
  • Insightful again, thanks inkslasher. Prolific too. Keep up the good work.

    01 sevensix01 sevensixАй мурун
  • Really barkov should’ve been the main antagonist

    Kaito ReynoldsKaito ReynoldsАй мурун
  • Weapon balance was an issue

    Hunter Wallitsch-WalkerHunter Wallitsch-WalkerАй мурун
  • Cold War (imo) was the best cod campaign since bo2, it had so much replayabilty because the story was so good and it wasn't trying to be super realistic so it was fun, at first MW was cool I like the super realistic aspect of it but it didn't have any replayability for me, it was just so boring

    Step BroStep BroАй мурун
  • U

    KrizkruzKrizkruzАй мурун
  • Ttk, squad: hold my beer

    Frank JinFrank JinАй мурун
  • All issues aside, imagine Modern Warfare on the series x and PS5

    YeeterDeleterYeeterDeleterАй мурун
  • A lot of stupid complaints on this honestly. First he wants the challenge then complains when something is too hard. Fck campers all day no argument there.

    Brian RosaBrian RosaАй мурун
  • Doors and mounting are fcking awesome honestly.

    Brian RosaBrian RosaАй мурун
  • Campaign was good multiplayer was ight and warzone is just straight up shit

    Marcus RodriguezMarcus RodriguezАй мурун
  • currently guns that are meta in COD Mobile: 1. HVK with Large Caliber Ammo 2. Akimbo Fennec/Vector 3. 3 shots weapons: Man O War, Scar H with OTM, ASM10 4. concussions and flasbangs 5. RPGs 6. Why are you running around with a knife? 7. NA-45 explosive sniper 8. the upcoming Deagle akimbo and thermite reload for Kar98k

    iLovePancakesiLovePancakesАй мурун
    • ok not just guns

      iLovePancakesiLovePancakesАй мурун
  • Wtf haha ... 5/10 review

    Arthur HoffmannArthur HoffmannАй мурун
  • MW 2019 was the first Cod game I had played since bo3 as I was getting pretty angry with where COD was at the time and when I had seen BF1, I left COD. When I had seen some gameplay of mw 2019 and the shorter ttk I knew I would love it, and I did. MW 2019 is one of my favorite cod games and I love around the same as BO2 and WaW

    TophatcatTophatcatАй мурун
  • MW2 reimagined like a sequel to MW19. Hear me out. Most peoples fav cod, if theyre going to recreate the most popular cod game why not do mw19 first. Get it down, then do MW2. They got warzone success money. New consoles. I can only hope

    EzraEzraАй мурун
  • You’re probably my favourite cod KGworldr because you are honest

    Muhammad Danish AshrafMuhammad Danish AshrafАй мурун
  • What is wrong with SBMM?

    The_Real_ZilloThe_Real_ZilloАй мурун
  • 6/10 is way too generous. For me it's no more than 4/10.

    Troels_RLTroels_RLАй мурун
  • The people who play mw are the worst they all camp or use mp5

    Sok LoukaSok LoukaАй мурун
  • yo dude u dont need dead silence u just need to be good and u dont need killstreaks just play for fun

    Madlad _123Madlad _123Ай мурун
  • I felt like barkov was an afterthought. His audio sounded like it was rushed

    Yusof GibranYusof GibranАй мурун
  • Inkslasher: “I hate how they’ve made MW fun for new COD players. Also: welcome all my new 4000,000 subscribers.” Just takin a piss. Great channel!

    VonFelsVonFelsАй мурун
  • 24:18 god the spawns were broken in this game

    ZayDaNoob PlayzZayDaNoob PlayzАй мурун
  • This could have been the best cod ever made (played every one since finest hour on GameCube) but the way the game was designed to be played squashed that lol.

    Stefan IversonStefan IversonАй мурун
  • Just be thankful ffs

    david _david _Ай мурун
  • Looking at it as a standalone game I think Modern Warfare did pretty well, I have played a few call of duty games before but this one was the first one I've ever bought to play on my own, as someone that enjoys a realistic and tactical experience this game really did the trick for me, real firefights are not as action pumped as previous cod titles put it up to be, they're much slower and risky, the fast time to kill and the advantage given to players that move slow and carefully to catch the enemy off guard does well with this kind of mindset, even Close Quarters combat doesn't get as fast paced as arcade shooters. This doesn't mean arcade shooters aren't good cause they aren't realistic, they can be fun as hell, titanfall 2 being one of my favourite examples, but I really am being honest when I say that Modern Warfare really did well in terms of changing things up and giving a fresh new way to play the game, this will be furstrating for die hard, hardcore players which is understandable, but credit should be given where its due. Also love the fact that they finally decided to get rid of the ridiculous damage reduction debuff on supressors xD

    Miguel BatistaMiguel BatistaАй мурун
  • Modern Warfare 2019=most prep time ever for a call of duty game Black Ops:Cold War = most rushed to produce call of duty in history...thanks 2020

    MrPoojyMrPoojyАй мурун
  • Pretty much sums up my opinion on this game

    SpoodzSpoodzАй мурун
  • Even though I'm a fan of Cold War, I still keep coming back to MW. Idk what it is, but something about this game just feels so good, it doesn't even feel like cod.

    RundurRundurАй мурун
  • i cant even play spec ops

    turtlerr rturtlerr rАй мурун
  • man I really liked this game. it fast paced and I've liked those types of games. being someone who basiclly grew up on the titanfall series this game was amazing and ill never understand why people hate it so much

    EggmasWasTakenEggmasWasTakenАй мурун
  • What if sledgehammer was made a secondary developer and helped Infinity Ward work on the next Modern Wardare game for COD 2021

    Evan AtwoodEvan AtwoodАй мурун
  • MW 2019 is a mix between rainbow six Siege and old days COD4

    CornpopCornpopАй мурун
  • you complained about campers, and half of your gameplay was camping...

    NateNateАй мурун
  • Ah yes because the world only has one enemy

    Brady SteeleyBrady SteeleyАй мурун
  • Most overrated cod of all time

    Mike WazowskiMike WazowskiАй мурун
  • Cod modern warefare is still good

    gautam balmuraligautam balmuraliАй мурун
  • Why does this guy complain so much about something that was so perfect to people & was loved so much ?

    Jonathan SandovalJonathan SandovalАй мурун
  • Complains about campers while camping COD fans everyone, COD fans

    Cat in the dinning tableCat in the dinning tableАй мурун
  • think the older modern warfares are better because modern warfare 2019 was a lot more intense. but there was intense moments in the older ones too. in the new one i don't think its detailed enough.

    Plaid MrpPlaid MrpАй мурун
  • I loved MW. I was always more of a fan of the MW series, and less of a fan of BO... i like the more "realistic" vibes and themes. Not big on RC cars with C4 on them, or whacky crap in the games. Everything people complained about in MW, i liked... i like the faster time to kill, i like the maps having power positions, i like the doors, and slower gameplay, i rarely saw people mounting so i didnt mind it... I like how they added tactical sprint, and punished aim down sight times of people who sprint into rooms without checking the room first... more recent CoDs just got faster and faster, where people would run into rooms full speed, and be able to instantly pull the gun up and win... no... punish those people... slow it down, make it more "realistic"... i feel CoDs have just catered more and more to the ADHD kids who need to spawn and instantly run into battle full speed, and play shipment and shoot house 24/7 (to me those are the most BS maps) With all that said, i haaaaate the new BO, it feels like a downgrade in every single sense of the word, from sounds, to feel, to maps, to graphics, to guns and gunplay, even down to small stuff like the hitmarker sounds... MW was what CoD should do more of. Fix the spawns and MW2 will be amazing. Also, i never felt i dealt with too many campers. 9/10 of the games i played, everyone was running around like chickens with their heads cut off, with the occasional dude that stayed in a corner of the map (which you just grenade or get an angle on)... i always felt it was easy to avoid, or kill a camper, you know where they are... get a different angle, dont run face first into him over and over, which i saw people do a lot then complain about him. Im not a bad player, i usually end a CoD cycle with a 2.0-2.5 KD... i dont camp, i tactically move, i dont sprint around with my head cut off (unless it calls for it), but i dont stay in one spot either (unless it calls for it)... any pro will tell you, theres camping, theres sprinting, and theres tactically moving around the map... but i cant tell you how much MW got a bad wrap for being the "camping" cod, so in every chat at the end of a round, everyone just screams at eachother saying the other teams camping, when NEITHER team camped, and spawns were flipping constantly... its fucking annoying to hear that excuse everytime you lose. I feel its just that ... "i lost because you were camping"... even if they werent... I didnt witness anymore or less camping than any other CoD. Im glad it just punished those chickens with their heads cut off players a little more. Maybe thats why people complained, they slowed it down a bit and made the maps more interesting instead of boring 3 lane maps that all feel the same. ok now im just ranting. byyyyye

    Trace FethermanTrace FethermanАй мурун
  • Sounds to me like someone is more of a fan BO then MW

    Eric TurvinEric Turvin2 ай мурун
  • This is exactly how I think

    ScienczSciencz2 ай мурун
  • Come on it was an amazing game. I've been playing for forever and this game was AMAZING.

    BLACKOPP89BLACKOPP892 ай мурун
  • lol if u think this is the worst multiplayer game for cod on pc then I'll have to say cod mobile (yes ,on mobile device )this game sucks 90 % more than mw 2019 . Essentially it's mp is like that but worse than that .

    Fardin HasanFardin Hasan2 ай мурун
  • I remember Uninstalling the game because everyone was camping back in season 2-3 but now 3 seasons later i reinstalled it and i love it now

    TFK_mosieTFK_mosie2 ай мурун
  • Imagine if they kept paid DLC’s and then Rea leased the AS-Val and SPR.

    CantKnockUsCantKnockUs2 ай мурун
  • It’s the game play of this game that turns me off -inkslasher 2020

    ZayTha DrxllaZayTha Drxlla2 ай мурун