Odell Beckham Jr KNEE INJURY - Doctor Explains NFL Injury

2020-ж., 25-окт.
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Odell Beckham Jr of the NFL Cleveland Browns went down with a left knee injury during week 7 of the NFL season against the Cincinnati Bengals. We don't know for sure what his injury is but we can learn some key information about Beckham's movements from the footage and a review of the injury mechanisms. In this video we'll take a look at the play and discuss how his different knee, foot, and hip movements could be related to possible injuries!
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  • UPDATE: Reports out that he did actually tear his ACL. Really thought he might have escaped without it based on that atypical foot position, but nonetheless the knee position and rotation were still enough to do it. Go watch my video on Saquon Barkley to see what I mean by the more classic foot position with a non contact acl tear.

    Brian Sutterer MDBrian Sutterer MDАй мурун
    • Hey Dr. if you see this... can go over some injuries like the one of Tyrone Prothro Marcus lattimore?

      Harry JonesHarry JonesАй мурун
    • @YourBoyChaze Or the ref calls false start on OBJ and the play never happens.

      Kinnis The MenaceKinnis The MenaceАй мурун
    • @YourBoyChaze no cap

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    • From what I saw I didn’t think he tore the acl. But I guess it was too much .

      Peter F.Peter F.Ай мурун
    • @Charles Tomack same with my acl whole repair

      Da WestDa WestАй мурун
  • I was in the navy playing football when I was horse collar tackled.... I requested a MRI because my leg kept feeling like it was going to buckle and I couldn’t extend my leg past the bent knee position for almost a year. Walking with a limp for 9 months. I was told after having an X-ray that I had a grade two MCL sprain, to which I’m educated enough to know it doesn’t take 9 months for a sprain to heal and would still allow full movement... Correct me if I’m wrong. Crazy thing was I tried to go back out on the field but I knew something didn’t feel right. I’ve had many sprains and never took that long to heal

    Maurice BrownMaurice Brown4 күн мурун
  • Get Better Odell Beckham Jr .

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  • A lot of injuries from him lately. I really hope it doesn’t effect his career to badly. Prayers 🙏🏽

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  • A few interesting injuries to analyse: •Djibril Cissé injury. •Krohn-Dehli injury (Sevilla vs Shakhtar Donetsk Europa League 2016) •David Busst story • Luc Nilis career ending injury • Petr Cech head injury

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  • OBJ is insane. He’s my role model. He’s the guy that I look up to, even if I’m not a Browns fan. Hope he gets well soon.

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  • I want him back he is are only way to the bowl

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  • They need to improve the surfaces. That's crazy. Those pellets make u slip.

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  • All these players are getting hurt because they didn’t have time to train as much as they usually do

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  • I hope you read this! I just wanted to stop by to let you know 2 things! 1. I wanna tell you how dope all your content is. Really top notch quality, depth, and analysis. Always a must watch video when your video drops. Just unbelievable how much there is to an injury. I always learn something I never knew before watching! 2. I think a super cool idea for a series would be injury analysis targeted for fantasy football players to give better timetables for return than nfl teams. I guarantee you’d help a lot of fantasy owners get an edge over their league and you’d get a ton of viewers! I know they’d be must watches for me. I’ve seen some of this on KGworld but I know your content would be the best. Appreciate all you do 👍🏻

    Clayton FriedmanClayton FriedmanАй мурун
  • Hey there Brian, i think a great video you could do would be on the subject of Cauliflower ear. Being involved in MMA I’m just curious on your overall explanation of it and like long term implications. Also im guessing that it can be considered an injury so it should right up your alley.

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    • That would only be like a 2 minute video. The Ear fills up with blood

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  • Odell needs to Leave Cleveland

  • My medical diagnosis is that his head got so big his knee couldn't take it anymore.

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  • That's not grass. That's turf. I'd love to see a report of how many lower leg (foot/ankle/knee) injuries there have been this year on turf vs grass.

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  • Being a browns fan when your 5-2 this hurts

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  • Can’t get traded? Fake an injury. Smart man 😂

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  • So sad for Odell, get well soon. Dudes fun to watch, one of my favorite players.

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  • He’s my favorite player in the league, really inspirational ❤️💯 sad that he tore his acl but he’s finna bounce back! I just tore my acl and meniscus for the second time back in August. First time I tore it was summer 2018 when I tore my acl, meniscus, and sprained my mcl 👎🏾 these injuries ain’t no joke but minor setback for a major comeback 🙏🏾

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    • Huh? It's not his fault he tore his ACL... Can happen to anyone...

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    • Biodigital

      Brian Sutterer MDBrian Sutterer MDАй мурун
  • It was just reported that it was an ACL tear

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  • this is giving me horrible flashbacks as both OBJ and Drose fan :(((

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