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Well, well,’s class is about pancakes and pancake topping espionage in the Quebec-lands! 🥞🍁😋 Once you know about the maple syrup heist of 2012, pancakes will never be the same again.
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  • Dear Pluto-Stoner Age ? Hmm..well whatever the current age is..I love pancakes..butter and maple 🍁 syrup -delicious ! Those trickster dare they steal syrup..Heads High..hearts open..whooshing you and moms peace and 💘

    Susan BielSusan Biel8 күн мурун
  • This was sent to me in a beatles groupchat...

    tacobell sagatacobell saga9 күн мурун
  • Pluto, just love the facts your “Mom” tells you,so you, in turn fill us in. Just 👍😊😊❤️

    Jessica GraceJessica GraceАй мурун
  • Yay for Pancake Day any day and everyday. 💙💙💙💙💙

    Shir SmiShir SmiАй мурун
  • Pluto you make my day

    Elizabeth ElserElizabeth ElserАй мурун
  • Vanity Fair did an expose? Ha ha

    Leila GosselinLeila GosselinАй мурун
  • I like your theories Pluto. I wish my university professors were half as interesting to listen to as you are.

    Leila GosselinLeila GosselinАй мурун
  • Maple juice!!! it!!! A sticky situation!!! I love you Pluto!!!

    Julie H.Julie H.Ай мурун
  • Pancakes are my favorite breakfast!

    Melodie KateMelodie KateАй мурун
  • I love pancakes and real maple syrup.

    Rebecca AndersonRebecca AndersonАй мурун
  • Pluto, no one needs to verify your opinions because you are wise and perfect. And so darn cute!!! XOXO

    Lisa CherneyLisa CherneyАй мурун
  • Pancakes! Maple syrup! French toast! OMG.... now I know what’s for breakfast👍🏼

    Carol MartinsCarol MartinsАй мурун
  • Great history lesson, Pluto! I do love real maple syrup, so thank goodness it's also a big thing here in upstate New Yorklands. We have lots and lots (and lots) of sugar maple trees here with miles of loooong tubes running between them. I didn't know it was so expensive! You're talking reeeeally fast today 🤣

    Robynne CatheronRobynne CatheronАй мурун
  • Pluto you make me smile. Love you to death. Think I’m going to have some pancakes today. 😘

    j greerj greerАй мурун
  • Maple tree juice! I am sure that is your fav! 💕

    EMA Design TreasuresEMA Design TreasuresАй мурун
  • Princess Pluto is now 14. A smarter pluto each year.

    Max Kim LoweMax Kim LoweАй мурун
  • Now I want to make pancakes!! Glad I didn’t watch this last night in the stoner age!! My kitchen would be a mess this morning!! 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    Jaye BurgessJaye BurgessАй мурун
  • Hi Pluto and Mom, I enjoyed my pancakes on Tuesday thinking of you! What a delightful segment , yet another of-so many that have amused, entertained, and uplifted us over these past months. Thank you both! I still want a Plutoverse t-shirt with Heads High, Hearts Open on it. We need to celebrate this community and all the fun we’ve shared with Pluto. Can we design something? Whooshing you much love! Happy Birthday, sweet Pluto!

    Patryce KiddPatryce KiddАй мурун
  • Awwwww... thank you Pluto.

    Regina WhitcombRegina WhitcombАй мурун
  • enjoy your message about pancakes I enjoy pancakes my granddaughter love pancakes

    Evelyn McQuistonEvelyn McQuistonАй мурун
  • I love you Pluto! ❤️💙🎄

    Pam TheadoPam TheadoАй мурун
  • Pluto, you've got to stop giving us snack classes. You're making me so hungry. Love ya!!

    Renee GanleyRenee GanleyАй мурун
  • We had latkes tonight, as a matter of fact, Pluto. My husband makes them from scratch. One day if you visit Memphis, TN, we'll make some just for you - Pancake Day or not. :D

    Irene BeckerIrene BeckerАй мурун
  • Maple tree juice! I'm stealing it 😂 Loves me some Pluto! ❤️

    Vee MercerVee MercerАй мурун
  • "maple tree juice", Ha!!!

    Maureen DoyleMaureen DoyleАй мурун
  • Stoner age....Love it. And I love you, too, Pluto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Cookie SmithCookie SmithАй мурун
  • Thank you.

    joyce delmorejoyce delmoreАй мурун
  • This was one of my favorite classes Pluto! You are so smart and I love the subjects you explore. I want some pancakes you..

    f curinga-harrisf curinga-harrisАй мурун
  • Stay safe Pluto and Mum! Going out for pancakes and maple syrup!!

    Sharon VogelSharon VogelАй мурун
  • Maple syrup intrigue! No wonder Maple Syrup is so expensive down here below the Canada lands. Happy day Pluto and mom.

    Annilise Flanagan-FranklAnnilise Flanagan-FranklАй мурун
  • Thank you for the pancake history.Thank you for the maple syrup.😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    Pamela ChoatePamela ChoateАй мурун
  • Oh I need a pancake right now here in the England lands. You've made me feel hungry Pluto 😂

    SusanSusanАй мурун
  • Those darn maple juice tricksters 🤣

    Gav IngramGav IngramАй мурун
  • "...the pancake history people"...Hahaha!

    Kim StephenKim StephenАй мурун
  • Pan cakes ..the International comfort food..mmmmmmm goooooooood.

    Barbara JonesBarbara JonesАй мурун
  • Oh Pluto....your lil chicken bone legs are as sweet as maple syrup! Thanks for brightening my day💚

    D. BurggD. BurggАй мурун
  • I agree with Debbie Dillon....pancakes for final exam... maybe a pancake eating

    Linda m L e w I c k ILinda m L e w I c k IАй мурун
  • Omg so Cuteeee!

    KaseyPlaysKaseyPlaysАй мурун
  • That sounds great! I’m thinking pancakes for dinner tonight! Maybe with some local blue berries yummm Thanks for the idea. Much love to you and your family 🙌🏳️‍🌈🫐🥞

    Kim BratcherKim BratcherАй мурун
  • Thank you for the teaching🇨🇦🙏

    kathy rhodekathy rhodeАй мурун
  • Only you can take a subject such as pancakes and make it super interesting. You are always broadening my horizons. Love you 😘

    Jackie BraunJackie BraunАй мурун
  • Pancakes with maple syrup sounds like a very good idea 😍 Love all the info! Thanks Pluto

    Cathy AtkinsonCathy AtkinsonАй мурун
  • Pancakes sound yummy. 😋 Once I put black currant jelly on them and rolled them up to take on a road trip. Since then my hubby will only eat them with jelly.

    Indy SchlumpfIndy SchlumpfАй мурун
  • Love those maple candies shaped like a leaf, can’t remember what they are called

    Celeste TrepinskiCeleste TrepinskiАй мурун
  • Ty Pluto for that pic me up at the end - that you've got our backs and we're going to get thru this!

    Cathy FeeCathy FeeАй мурун
  • Love Pancake Tuesdays! I'm in! Down here in Ol Nuevo Mexico we're fond of Taco Tuesdays. Wonder what Canadian Maple Juice would taste like on tacos...just say'n...🌮

    charlie payntercharlie paynterАй мурун
  • Love, love Canadian real maple syrup!

    Lauren RittenhouseLauren RittenhouseАй мурун
  • Here in the Western Australian lands we love our pancakes , especially with Maple Syrup. Thankyou for teaching us about pancake history. Stay safe. Whoosing love

    Margaret GowersMargaret GowersАй мурун
  • Pluto, “sticky stuff going on.” You really keep up with the old and current news. Your a dog of my heart. 💕

    Mary NolanMary NolanАй мурун
  • 💜Pluto + Pluto’s Mum.

    Roseanne SRoseanne SАй мурун
  • Happy Chanukah to all in the tribe, and thank you, dear Pluto for the engaging lesson on pancakes. ,

    Donna PeckettDonna PeckettАй мурун
  • Hi Pluto, Gracie here again from the Australialands. You would have to be the Sovereign of Snacks, you even know how to make them ! I’m good at hunting them as my 2 legged hides lots around the cave for fun....not too sure whose, hers or mine, but she cares. Your mention of Maple Syrup caused lots of mmmmm noises and joy. Please help your 2 legged with the mask stuff as it has caused lots of smiles here with 40 days of no one calling in sick. Be true to your open heart and look after your cave and 2 legged.

    Gracie GGracie GАй мурун
  • Thank you Pluto great history lesson. I love pancakes and lots of that tasty golden juice 😂 stay safe. In Alberta lands we are now on tighter restrictions until end of December hugs and love and pray for our seniors during this time

    Joanne NelnerJoanne NelnerАй мурун
  • Pluto, did you get a pedi? Looking quite smart there

    Mcfancy14Mcfancy14Ай мурун
  • Is it becoming more desirable for a lady fourlegged to display less leg fur? Or could it be the said lady with slimmer legs needs more pancake and maple tree juice to restore her public image.

    David WrightDavid WrightАй мурун
    • @Pluto Living Dear Pluto, Please be consoled by the fact that Lizzie and Tilly in the Tasmanialand a bit south of the Australialand have a Mum (southern spelling) with similar attraction to scissors on a daily basis. At least they are consoled by it being summer in the southern regions.

      David WrightDavid WrightАй мурун
    • 😂😂 Mom had the scissors out again.

      Pluto LivingPluto LivingАй мурун
  • I live in the Quebec lands too and I get Maple tree water in the backyard forest and it gets turned into pancake topping! I love pancakes!

    Valerie LaplanteValerie LaplanteАй мурун
  • Thank you for the love Pluto! You are the sweetest little girl ever. Even sweeter than our syrup! 🇨🇦

    Linda W.Linda W.Ай мурун
  • Yeah the stoner age! Too much mead? 😂

    Kate MillsKate MillsАй мурун
  • "disks of delight" ROFLMAO That's what I'm calling them from now on!!

    Jane DaleyJane DaleyАй мурун
  • We are all still enjoying pancake Tuesday til this day! Hope everyone has an awesome day! You are our another sweet PLUTO! ❤️u❤️🐾🐾

    Lisa ShierLisa ShierАй мурун
  • Pancakes 🥞. Yummm 😋. You’re the best Pluto. And sweeter than any maple 🍁 syrup. ❌⭕️❌⭕️❤️❤️

    Kim/Mike MoissinacKim/Mike MoissinacАй мурун
  • "Maple Tree Juice" 😅🤣😂 We have delicious stuff in Upstate NY. 💜

    Eileen LesterEileen LesterАй мурун
  • Maple tree juice! The real deal!

    Jill RJill RАй мурун
  • What a wonderful subject at Pluto U. Sticky and tasty. Hugs.

    Laurel ElliottLaurel ElliottАй мурун
  • Nothing like Real maple syrup!!

    Jann CoonsJann CoonsАй мурун
  • I have some of your Canadaland Maple Syrup and it is the best. I first had maple syrup about 41 years ago when my husband to be made me buckwheat pancakes with maple syrup and I have loved it and used it ever since. It has to be Canadaland Maple syrup, none of those pretend ones. Thank you Pluto once again I have learnt something new today from you. Take care be safe and a whooshful of love coming your way from the Australialand. xxxxx

  • LOL :)

    twgardeniatwgardeniaАй мурун
  • Love you Pluto!! Looks like someone got a haircut.

    Joyce DeFeliceJoyce DeFeliceАй мурун
    • I think I like Pluto's fluffy-haired look a little better, but I know it's hard to execute an exacting haircut with the leg mowers ♥️

      AnnelisejjAnnelisejjАй мурун

    Sharon kadrmasSharon kadrmasАй мурун
  • ...Before Cookies...After Dinosaurs...Love it!! Yay Pluto!!!

    colin gricecolin griceАй мурун
  • Next time I eat pancakes I will think of you Pluto....lots of swooshing to

    Eileen KarouazEileen KarouazАй мурун
  • I loooovvveeee pancakes! Lots of butter and maple syrup 🥞🍁🧈

    PJungPJungАй мурун
  • Stoner age can be taken several ways. Not that I would know.

    Catherine McCabeCatherine McCabeАй мурун
  • PBS did a documentary about maple juice!

    Mary StottsMary StottsАй мурун
  • 💖💖💖

    BlingBeaBlingBeaАй мурун
    • Its nice to see your university crest is displayed.pluto I'm concerned about you stuttering,your working to hard on resourcing.i think you should pop a lorazapam and have a few snores! not snorts!

      Kathi HollandKathi HollandАй мурун
  • Pluto, when the Covidaggedon is over, we would like to invite you and yours to come visit us and ours in the Vermontlands for pancakes or whatever your 💖💖💖 desires. You have made our ❤️ smile a gazillion times! Whooshing you oodles of love!

    Deb MatthewsDeb MatthewsАй мурун
  • Haha "Sticky Things" Capitibus Excelsis. Aperi Cordem (Heads High And Hearts Open Everyone)

    Racer1062000Racer1062000Ай мурун
  • I once heard a nutritionist say about pancakes for breakfast “ you might as well be eating a piece of cake”... alright then, pass the pancakes 😂!!

    SanerSanerАй мурун
  • Before Cookies and After Dinosaurs! Add this to the Stoner Age and you have the trifecta of fun!

    Caroline GrubbsCaroline GrubbsАй мурун
  • I like the way you think!🥞

    Zero ConnieZero ConnieАй мурун
  • Your making me hungry for pancakes 🥞 Thanks for today’s video

    Cel StalkCel StalkАй мурун
  • “It’s a sticky situation” for sure. I love you and pancakes and maple syrup and so needed your energy.

    Patricia ArabiaPatricia ArabiaАй мурун
  • I had no idea it was pancake day but I actually had pancake deliciousness for supper. I had fake maple goodness on top!

    Jean BueltermanJean BueltermanАй мурун
  • This is one test I think I can ace!!!

    Lynne GirardLynne GirardАй мурун
  • Thanks for the great information on pancakes Pluto! You have amazing information and trivia to share, and you make me smile 🥰🥰

    Cindie HolderCindie HolderАй мурун
  • Heads high and hearts open ... thank you Prof. Pluto! We could listen all day to your knowledge sharing ... enjoy a pancake or two, smothered in CanadaLands Maple Syrup, for us!! Love and hugs from here! xo xo

    Bonnie WoodardBonnie WoodardАй мурун
  • Yummy! I love you Pluto!

    Nancy LaukaNancy LaukaАй мурун
  • The "stoner age". lol You are helping us all get through this pandemic and I love you for it.

    Diane DembowskiDiane DembowskiАй мурун
  • Back in the STONER age????? WHOA MAMA!!!!!!!!

    Lori MillerLori MillerАй мурун
  • Too funny, we had pancakes this morning!

    sscandqsscandqАй мурун
  • I love pancakes. My husband not so much. I eat them when I go out for breakfast

    Charlotte OnderickCharlotte OnderickАй мурун
  • “Tasty disks of delight”. I love this image. Sweet!! Thanks for everything , Pluto. Was a bit anxious today but you made me laugh so hard I lost my anxiety. Keep ‘em coming, my friend. Love, Judy

    Judy PicciniJudy PicciniАй мурун
  • I am dying here. "The stoner age". 🤣🤣

    Snookie's MomSnookie's MomАй мурун
  • Hi Pluto and Mom! A belated Happy Birthday to you, both. Why both? Because Mom must be taking really really good care of you to reach 14 in dog years. I’m wondering how old Mom might be in dog years. If it turns out that you are older, she darned well ought to be making you pancakes! Or anything else your fuzzy, funny heart desires! Here in the Ontariolands, everywhere that we have deciduous forests, our farmers gather the Maple Tree juice to make Maple Syrup. Did you know that it takes 40 gallons of the tree juice to make I gallon of Maple Syrup, and further that Maple Syrup comes in four different colours from pale golden through amber, dark, and very dark. The most popular is Amber. At our house we use about 8 litres of Amber Maple Syrup every year. And not just on pancakes. Yuuuummmmm!

    Chris MacNaughtonChris MacNaughtonАй мурун
  • Got all confused as to what time of year it is! Can’t be Pancake Tuesday! Oh yeah we haven’t had Christmas yet! Not going to miss PT next year like I always do! Thanks Pluto? 🤣🙏🏻❤️🇦🇺

    Jeannie HelliwellJeannie HelliwellАй мурун
  • What a great idea about the pancakes this week. I really liked learning the story of the syrup in the Canadalands and the big espionage.. My Mom makes the best pancakes. She puts blueberries in the batter and then cooks them. Dad makes the bacon, my favorite, and then when the pancakes are ready, mom crumbles the bacon on top of the pancakes. She also melts butter and warms the real Canadaland syrup for the final step. I have to remind mom to do this this week.

    nancy coltnancy coltАй мурун
  • How did you know it is our pancake night

    Judy CohenJudy CohenАй мурун
  • Wonderful Thank you love your educational videos love your play on words too so ooooo funny you have made 2020 that bit better .Thank you whooshing love over to you all 😘😊💕💕💕🐶

    AAАй мурун
  • I’ll just put some maple syrup on my Eggos tomorrow morning...

    CJ SeckingerCJ SeckingerАй мурун
  • I think I lived through the “Stoner Age” aka uni! Whooshing you and your Mum happy Pancake Tuesday, hope you have lots of 🍁 maple syrup!

    Tia GormanTia GormanАй мурун