Pluto’s Birthday!

2020-ж., 4-дек.
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Well, what a fabulous 14th birthday I am having! Here are some of my getting- old-day highlights! Thanks for coming to my party. 🎈🎂🥳
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  • Pluto: you have made my days brighter this past year. Hope you have another 14 years. Love from the woods in upstate New York. 😍☃️

    Karen RoseKaren RoseСаат мурун
  • Happy birthday amazing doggy. Thanks for keeping things light during lockdown ♥️

    Linda TrammellLinda Trammell10 күн мурун
  • Congrats on your 14th lap around the sun! Please stay with us through these hard times, Pluto...we need you something fierce! Big whoosh of love to you and your mum.

    Kathy RiceKathy Rice11 күн мурун
  • Happy Amazeball birthday Pluto. I am so happy you are here to cheer me up during this terrible time. How wise you are and how utterly adorable. Your Mum is amazing too.

    Midge BreslinMidge Breslin12 күн мурун
  • Pluto I just LOVE YOU. Can you come on vacation to north east Connecticut?

    Maryanne NolinMaryanne Nolin12 күн мурун
  • Happy Belated Birthday, Sweet Pluto!!!! You are SOOOOO Loved!

    Leah AnselLeah Ansel16 күн мурун
  • Happy birthday Pluto! So glad you've joined so many of our lives this last year - God bless you!

    Emily HellerEmily Heller21 күн мурун
  • I'm sorry I missed your birthday bit I sure hope it was as a wonderful as you. ❤

    Eileen SimpsonEileen Simpson25 күн мурун
  • 😂😂😂 Happy Birthday Pluto! 💝🎂🎉🎊🎁

    Kristey HKristey H26 күн мурун
  • Happy Birthday!!! Hope your day was filled with treats.

    Elizabeth StraderElizabeth Strader27 күн мурун
  • Kaowie von schnauzer 14 b-day is on Jan. 28

    Max Kim LoweMax Kim Lowe28 күн мурун
  • Dear Pluto, I’m sorry I missed your birthday. I got locked out of FB and miss all your post. I now have a new account. So, I want to wish you a very belated happy 14th birthday!!!!! You look quite spry, young and marvelous for your age

    Arlene SeifertArlene SeifertАй мурун
  • I'm sorry I'm so late in my greetings, but Happy Birthday, Pluto! Hooray! I'm glad you had such a good day. xoxo

    Karen PoremskiKaren PoremskiАй мурун
  • What is the recipe?

    Tamera TrexlerTamera TrexlerАй мурун
  • Happy belated birthday from your lil look-alike Lily who made it to 18!!

    Vera van DiepenVera van DiepenАй мурун
  • Pluto, you have been the best part of 2020. Thanks for all the joy you’ve spread.

    Lesley ChapinLesley ChapinАй мурун
  • Dear Pluto, you are the brightest spot this year

    Elaine HansenElaine HansenАй мурун
  • HAPPY HAPPY Birthday PLUTO from OREO in SC

    Jennifer KellyJennifer KellyАй мурун
  • Happy belated birthday, Pluto! 🥰

    Deborah OlliffDeborah OlliffАй мурун
  • What kind of cake was it Pluto? It looks kind of like pate and olives, but I'm not sure. It looks like something my Furs would like for their birthdays. Would you share the recipe?

    Fuzzy DemonFuzzy DemonАй мурун
  • Happy Belated Birthday 🥳

    Marianne WilliamsMarianne WilliamsАй мурун
  • The happiest of birthday wishes from Zoe & Phoebe and their mom. ❤️🎂🎁❤️

    Linda FeldmanLinda FeldmanАй мурун
  • Pluto so sorry I missed your birthday haven't been getting many notices lately I love you happy birthday hun love you you put a smile on my face every time I see you you make my life easier Love Diana and Hennessy Hennessy is my service dog

    Diana EmburyDiana EmburyАй мурун
  • Happy Birthday Pluto !!! 💙💙💙💙

    Shir SmiShir SmiАй мурун
  • Happy Belated Birthday Pluto. 🎂🎁🎉. Looks like you had a pawsome day!🙂

    susan sproullsusan sproullАй мурун
  • Happy Birthday Pluto!. Your videos bring me joy in this tough time.

    Melissa BMelissa BАй мурун
  • Happy Birthday you cutie pie!

    6942deanna6942deannaАй мурун
  • Happy Belated Birthday Pluto. Glad you had a wonderful day.

    Lesley OslanskiLesley OslanskiАй мурун
  • Oh Happy Happy Birthday Dear Pluto!!!!

    Elizabeth ElserElizabeth ElserАй мурун
  • Belated birthday greetings to a very special little dog. xxxx

    Halina EynonHalina EynonАй мурун
  • I didn’t know!!! I would have sent a card!! Or something.

    Catherine McCabeCatherine McCabeАй мурун
  • Oh Happy Birthday! How I miss my Rutger, schnauzer 😪 Hope you live much, much longer 💜

    Cynthia IsenbergCynthia IsenbergАй мурун
  • Dearest Pluto and Mom-I want to wish you Pluto the happiest of birthdays! My dearest little dog -Katie -pased away earlier this year..You have made my life and the lives of thousands of others a little brighter and have brought much happiness during this Covid lockdown.Best wishes to you..🐾🤗❤🎁

    Susan BielSusan BielАй мурун
  • Happy birthday Pluto!

    Holly BlaneyHolly BlaneyАй мурун
  • Happy Birthday from St. Catharines Ontario Pluto. Thank you for making me laugh. You and your mom are the best. Xoxo

    Carmen LavigneCarmen LavigneАй мурун
  • Its looked amazeballs, Pluto. And why my keyboard just recognized the word amazeballs is amazeballs.

    Sheila MacPhersonSheila MacPhersonАй мурун
  • Looks like you had a pretty amazing birthday! Thanks for the joy you bring to everyone!

    Ellen ValentiEllen ValentiАй мурун
  • Happy Belated Birthday!

    Wes BenterWes BenterАй мурун
  • HAPPY Birthday I love you You make me smile all the time and we all need more of that every day

    Barbara ReedBarbara ReedАй мурун
  • Can't believe I missed the actual Bday, but it's NEVER too late to keep celebrating such a special occasion! HAPPY BIRTHDAY PLUTO!! Love you lots, whooshing you tons of good wishes, and I hope your entire 14th year is one big party! XOXO

    Lisa CherneyLisa CherneyАй мурун
  • Happy birthday!

    deborah deckerdeborah deckerАй мурун
  • Happy Belated Birthday, Pluto. Hope you had a fantastic day! ❤️🥰

    Meryl MillerMeryl MillerАй мурун
  • I missed your birthday (computer problems) I am soooo glad you had an amazeball deserved!💝

    EMA Design TreasuresEMA Design TreasuresАй мурун
  • WHappy Birthday Pluto. Love you! Little special one!

    sharon talagasharon talagaАй мурун
  • HAPPY 14TH BIRTHDAY PLUTO. How fun. I wished I had been able to be there to give U a hug. Happy to hear that U had time for some snores.

    sandra stittsandra stittАй мурун
  • Happy 14 the b-day to you Pluto. Kaowie von Schnauzer will be 14 on Jan. 28.

    Max Kim LoweMax Kim LoweАй мурун
  • Pluto you have brought so much joy to our lives, allowing us to laugh at ourselves and forgive ourselves too, we are after all just two leggeds. Your wisdom, brevity and humour for our situation is refreshing. Wishing you the absolute best wishes, even if a little late BUT being a little late just makes your birthday last a little longer. Love to your and your mom for all you do.

    Linda J HowesLinda J HowesАй мурун
  • Happy Birthday Pluto! My little dog Chloe and I love to watch you and your mom's videos. It makes us feel happy even during these, not too awesome days of 2020! I hope you will keep sharing with us after the vaccine and the election and into 2021!

    Willie MulkaWillie MulkaАй мурун
  • Happy birthday and many more

    Rosemarie NikkelsRosemarie NikkelsАй мурун
  • 😘🐕 U 💖 add lots happyness

    Nancy RodeNancy RodeАй мурун
  • Happy belated birthday,

    Russell BourneRussell BourneАй мурун
  • Happy birthday Pluto. 14 years of wisdom.

    Frances DuffFrances DuffАй мурун
  • happy birthday pluto

    Joseph BericalJoseph BericalАй мурун
  • just a joy! Thank you for bringing Pluto into our world too!

    22mrsh22mrshАй мурун
  • Happy birthday and many many more you sweet little one!♥️ Sending you lots of love from the Hawaii lands...🏄🌈

    deborah kaneshirodeborah kaneshiroАй мурун
  • Happy late birthday. You remind me of our Azryella who has been gone for 11 months. It makes me smile to see you and think of her. From Oregon.

    Melissa PfleigerMelissa PfleigerАй мурун
  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY Pluto!! Love ya♥️

    Mary LeeMary LeeАй мурун
  • Very Happy Belated Birthday!!! Thanks for the laughs and smiles during quarantine and lockdown and paper toilet shortages!! Love your sweet little fuzzy face!!

    Veronica ZamarronVeronica ZamarronАй мурун
  • Happy 14th birthday Pluto from sunny Arizona!

    Kate MillsKate MillsАй мурун
  • The same day as my grandson! Best wishes!

    Jane DaleyJane DaleyАй мурун
  • I am so happy you had an amazeball day for your 14th Birthday. I swear you don't look a day over 13 n 3/4's!!!! 🥰

    TrueNorthStrong&FreeTrueNorthStrong&FreeАй мурун
  • Happy birthday Pluto from the Minnesotalands!

    Susan McCartySusan McCartyАй мурун
  • Happy birthday baby

    Daniel DayDaniel DayАй мурун
  • Happy 14th Birthday, love you lots

    Leila GosselinLeila GosselinАй мурун
  • Your laugh is a present 🎁

    Patricia ArabiaPatricia ArabiaАй мурун
  • Happy Belated Birthday. Running a bit behind in Arizona. 😘😍

    Linda GovoniLinda GovoniАй мурун
  • Happy Belated Birthday Pluto. I hope your birthday brought you as much joy as you bring into my life 🥰

    Doreen SchefflerDoreen SchefflerАй мурун
  • I'm so sorry I missed your birthday. I hope you had a great birthday. You're the best

    Lori UuroLori UuroАй мурун
  • Happy Belated Birthday! Thanks for all the smiles!

    Tammy KozelekTammy KozelekАй мурун
  • Happy Birthday Pluto from Kathi and Emma (12 1/2 year old four-legged) in Californialand. You are a very lucky Pluto and your mums are so lucky to have such a wonderful little girl in their lives. You have brought joy to so many people. Thank you for letting us celebrate with you!

    Kathi OsterKathi OsterАй мурун
  • Would you please share Pluto's birthday cake recipe with us?

    Coven LifeCoven LifeАй мурун
  • A whoosh of love from me, Dave (my fiance Dave and our dogs Cleopatra, Dreamer, Starbabie, and Merlin. You should come visit us Merlin and Dave are out numbered. We are so happy to be able to share your birthday with you. We hope you had a magickally awesome 14th birthday.

    Coven LifeCoven LifeАй мурун
  • Pluto reminds me so much of my old girl. Hoping Pluto has a little more time than she did. Happy Birthday, Pluto!

    Rae ZRae ZАй мурун
  • A belated very Happy Birthday to my favorite pup from the Canadalands! Thanks for making the difficult COVID days so much more bearable! Love you, Pluto!!!

    Jan BarkerJan BarkerАй мурун
  • Happy birthday Pluto! You bring smiles to everyone. We love you and your mom!!

    Leslie ReaLeslie ReaАй мурун
  • Happy belated 14th birthday sweet Pluto! Looks like you had a great day! 🎂🎁🎉

    Cindy FullerCindy FullerАй мурун
  • Oh my gosh! You are so adorable 😘 Pluto. Happy 14th birthday and I hope you have many more. ❤️

    Karen Blackwell BartlettKaren Blackwell BartlettАй мурун
  • Happy Birthday Pluto from the Minnesota lands. That's was so sweet that you shared with Neville. Memories light the corner of my mind, memories of Bumpy, Bouncy, Tucker and Mikey. All schnauzers extraordinaire. From the 1960's 1970's and 2000 or so. You so much remind me of them and your schnauzer mannerisms and antics are so sweet. And again, sharing with Neville was so awesome of you!

    Kris CampbellKris CampbellАй мурун
  • Happy, happy belated birthday, Pluto. You are wonderful!

    Doug ThomsonDoug ThomsonАй мурун
  • Best wishes from Ottawa Pluto!

    scrappinrabbitscrappinrabbitАй мурун
  • I figured she was getting old. I noticed her eyes were foggy. My 14 yr old schnauzer is the same way. The Vet said he’s losing his sight. 😢 Pluto is just so cute.

    M MomM MomАй мурун
  • Happy, happy birthday, Pluto. Love u to pieces,!!!!!!!!

    Beverly SegalBeverly SegalАй мурун
  • Happy Birthday, Pluto! May it be one of the best!

    Mary NoelMary NoelАй мурун
  • Happy Birthday cutie!

    Cynthia Del ValleCynthia Del ValleАй мурун
  • Love you love you love you love you and Mom! Happy Birthday precious Angel.

    f curinga-harrisf curinga-harrisАй мурун
  • Happy Birthday, Pluto! WHAT AN AMAZEBALL DAY!!!

    Debra SheltonDebra SheltonАй мурун
  • Happy Birthday! Should have known you were a sister Sagg.

    Carol DonnellyCarol DonnellyАй мурун
  • Happy Belated Birthday Pluto!! We almost share the same BD. Mine is the 3rd. I hope yours was really happy. Pluto, I love you. You have brought so much love and joy into my life. I'm whooshing right back atcha! 😘❤🎊🎈🎉🎂

    Lucinda Rae CindyELucinda Rae CindyEАй мурун
  • Happy birthday my dear movie star friend. Woo hoo!

    Karen BowmanKaren BowmanАй мурун
  • happy birthday Pluto, Your mom is the best.😘🎂🎁🎈🎈💌💞

    colleen murphycolleen murphyАй мурун
  • Happy birthday Pluto. Looks like you had a terrific day. Thanks for sharing your birthday with us.

    Pamela RainwaterPamela RainwaterАй мурун
  • I have a schnoodle and he looks ust like Pluto, his name is Sherlock

    Ron RuckaberRon RuckaberАй мурун
  • Happy 14 th Birthday, Pluto! You look amazing for your age! What a super day you had celebrating amidst your snores! Good for you! I like that delicious looking Birthday cake! What appropriate and well appreciated gifts you got! You are a very loved dog! May you be blessed with many more years of good health! Watching you and listening to your stories, I realize how much I miss the companionship of a wee dog I once had. You four leggeds really know how to win someone’s heart!

    Lynda BrowningLynda BrowningАй мурун
  • Happy Birthday Pluto! Your still a gorgeous Schnau!

    Allen CumminsAllen CumminsАй мурун
  • Happiest birthday clever girl. And big hugs to your Ma for facilitating your amazing stardom which has shone through the covid days and made our days so bright. Woofs. Snacks. Snores. We love you xxx

    Fran ChambersFran ChambersАй мурун
  • Happy birthday Pluto!!

    Dee KorbelDee KorbelАй мурун
  • Wow Pluto buddy! Thats a fine looking birthday cake ya got there!

    Lori MillerLori MillerАй мурун
  • You sweet Pluto and mom.... make us so comforted and happy. Who were you unhappy gifting cake too?

    Gav IngramGav IngramАй мурун
  • Pluto, you look so young for your age! You spread so much joy and are loved by so many. Happy birthday! You are amazeballs!

    MichelleMichelleАй мурун
  • Pluto you make me happy! And no one has a better laugh than you

    Laura DuncanLaura DuncanАй мурун