Quando Rondo - End Of Story (Official Audio)

2020-ж., 20-ноя.
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Quando Rondo -

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A natural talent, Quando Rondo was once a small child, secretly singing in the bathroom as a 9-year-old boy in Savannah, GA. His natural gravitation towards music lead to him to hip-hop; he began recording his fledgling verses on his cell phone. He quickly gained traction online, racking up millions of views on KGworld.

Fittingly, he titled his 2018 mixtape 'Life B4 Fame' with the hopes that things would change for the better once his career really took off. He was right-within two days, his mixtape had amassed more than one million streams on MyMixtapez. Things will only go up from there, and if the snippets from his forthcoming Rich Homie Quando project are any sign, he’s only only getting better with time.

  • Sum times the best response is nun at all 100 s/o rondo from selby side nhc crip shit st.paul mn shit

    bigg swivelbigg swivelСаат мурун
  • You know what they said kill to survive

    scyfinescyfine2 саат мурун
  • This a slapper ngl

    Jose GarciaJose Garcia3 саат мурун
  • I hate him now .. just ew ! he got a legend killed von was whooping Rando yo mans couldn’t fight it out so he took von life VON DIDNT NEED A GUN ! Deleted any music I had of yours was never. A fan anyway 😂😂

    Pretty LehyaTVPretty LehyaTV5 саат мурун
    • if u was never a fan why u listen to his music ..

      YoJahiemYoJahiem19 мүнөт мурун
    • why u mad it aint yo beef

      YoJahiemYoJahiemСаат мурун
  • von be on go so he got what he got rip von but thats a lesson to yall so just stop whit the guns and throw the gloves on

    Caleb CalhounCaleb Calhoun6 саат мурун
  • Shit Slappp !!

    Alexander CamachoAlexander Camacho6 саат мурун
  • The last boy look buff built

    Bigtj JenkinsBigtj Jenkins6 саат мурун
  • New nba young boy

    kermit the kingkermit the king7 саат мурун
  • you scared as hell that's why you got all your boys dressed up the same

    Xavier GamesXavier Games7 саат мурун
    • its called being smart , if niggas want yo head u aint finna do dumb shxt

      YoJahiemYoJahiem59 мүнөт мурун
  • He thinks he hot shit but nobody had to die that night over some petty beef like grow tf up

    AMARI BTWAMARI BTW7 саат мурун
    • Why you telling quando to grow up? Von was the one who ran up on him...

      ————————————————————————7 саат мурун
  • trash

    DanielDaniel7 саат мурун
  • He touched on a lil bit of everything didn't he? But if he don't get smashed literally get his brains splattered all over his socks in 2021 Lil Durk ain't who he say he is man this dude talkin greasy about his mans Von

    Dick BigDick Big8 саат мурун
  • Rip lil tim

    nba ghetto babynba ghetto baby9 саат мурун
  • M8

    L_k_s _L_k_s _12 саат мурун
  • I really liked vons music

    Naseer AhmedNaseer Ahmed12 саат мурун
  • why is acting like he the tough one king von beat you up frfr

    daevon smithdaevon smith12 саат мурун
  • We hate you

    funny b3 youtube bentleyfunny b3 youtube bentley14 саат мурун
    • Speak 4 urself sum of is like both SiDe & ain't takin side STOP DA FUCKERY & KILLIN

      hassan luv Bambatta campbellhassan luv Bambatta campbell10 саат мурун
  • This shit go hard

    jakylah cornicejakylah cornice16 саат мурун
  • f**k you R.I.P von

    Florine SaboriFlorine Sabori17 саат мурун
  • Dis shii garbage 🤢🤮🤡

    Khalil BurtonKhalil Burton17 саат мурун
    • @atf reacts 😂

      ————————————————————————7 саат мурун
    • thats why u here a month and a half later

      atf reactsatf reacts10 саат мурун
  • Blood on your brother on the ground go pick your mans up. Well damn

    Billy RoneBilly Rone17 саат мурун
  • this nigga doing to much honestly

    Tyler the creatorTyler the creator18 саат мурун
  • Bye

    Alassane MboupAlassane Mboup18 саат мурун
  • Ok you hear me

    Alassane MboupAlassane Mboup18 саат мурун
  • You killed von

    Alassane MboupAlassane Mboup18 саат мурун
    • Quando didnt

      ————————————————————————7 саат мурун
  • You was born broke

    Alassane MboupAlassane Mboup18 саат мурун
  • Quando u dissing ur ex bro like dis

    rayon burkerayon burke19 саат мурун
  • his music better then kingvons anyways. But i dont wish death on nobody. especially not a father. Rip. But quando better

    HeyWeirdo jHeyWeirdo j19 саат мурун
  • “Lul timmy riding wrong or right”. I pray ALLAH sends me a friend like him 🙏. TOO MANY SNAKES 🐍

    HeyWeirdo jHeyWeirdo j19 саат мурун
  • I love king von. But quando has good point if he died we would be saying "king von is the real nigga" and celebrating

    Bashar KoraBashar Kora19 саат мурун
  • it wasn't self-defense, the dude who shot von wasn't even apart of that brawl. he was just there. to be fair tho, I would save my homie too, but he was no where that, von had no gun, rondo prob did, but he didn't pull it out. von should fr be alive rn

    ItsyeboizacharyItsyeboizachary19 саат мурун
    • @atf reacts facts, I’m not a quando fan, but lil Tim did his job. Von’s homies would’ve done the same thing. That’s just how it works

      ————————————————————————7 саат мурун
    • 3rd party self defense in georgia if it seems like the other group are trying to inflict serious harm and if u look von was 20 deep they was all gon jump quando for sure

      atf reactsatf reacts10 саат мурун
  • Go check out shake sum leesa @leesashakesum

    Leesa ShakesumLeesa Shakesum20 саат мурун
  • If it wasn’t for von this would half the views of not less

    LL21 саат мурун
    • @HeyWeirdo j 🤦🏾‍♂️people already knew quando

      ————————————————————————7 саат мурун
    • if von didnt die. people wouldnt even knew who he was. so stfu

      HeyWeirdo jHeyWeirdo j19 саат мурун
  • Does this a diss track on king von but I like king von

    Young CarltonYoung Carlton21 саат мурун
  • Snitching 2.0

    Juliano SnijdersJuliano Snijders21 саат мурун
  • mad disrespect to von or mad respect to von?

    Jayden HaleJayden Hale22 саат мурун
    • Disrespect. i saw no evolving on him. thought he could grow after he hot rich but not. still that gangsta kid.

      HeyWeirdo jHeyWeirdo j19 саат мурун
  • What if von killed youngboy some of y’all be switching

    ThaKiddMar100k -ThaKiddMar100k -22 саат мурун
  • They on u

    Ktay GamingKtay GamingКүн мурун

    Tristian SpicerTristian SpicerКүн мурун

    Tristian SpicerTristian SpicerКүн мурун
  • Lil Tim shoulda jumped in the fight with the gun still tucked. But von was a taller nigga. And probably looked a lil bigger. So Tim shot instead. Some dudes only on go wit a hammer💯

    800Ricky Alien800Ricky AlienКүн мурун
  • you lucky muwop anit have no gun

    B AB AКүн мурун
  • Cinp

    Ahlizay BradleyAhlizay BradleyКүн мурун
  • Was von gonna kill him ? NO he was using his fist tf

    DMAXDMAXКүн мурун
    • Von’s homies would do the Same thing. Lil Tim did what he was there for , he’s a shooter, he did his job

      ————————————————————————7 саат мурун
    • they were like 40 people. what u think they was finna do. dance? or twerk?

      HeyWeirdo jHeyWeirdo j19 саат мурун
    • yes they would kill him after that they will make a music dissing quando and saying smoke quando pack

  • This One Of Them Diss Songs That’ll Always Be Hard Asf 🔥💯

    LLN TraeeLLN TraeeКүн мурун
    • It’s gonna be a classic honestly

      60 Keptback60 KeptbackКүн мурун
  • This suck

    シStxrzシStxrzКүн мурун
  • von got mad disses quando was wearing the clothes lil timmy was wearing when he killed von

    lvx fujilvx fujiКүн мурун
  • It’s a lil bit true

    Kaiify Is fiyKaiify Is fiyКүн мурун
  • No disrespect to von but he got what he deserved for going up to rondo and beating his shit up but besides that if rondo died y’all would’ve been pissed off at von🤦🏽‍♂️

    Young boy Never broke againYoung boy Never broke againКүн мурун
    • Ikr people just like switching up. Lil Tim did what he was there for. He’s a shooter and he did his job(btw I’m a fan of von’s music. Von’s homies would’ve done the same thing.

      ————————————————————————7 саат мурун
  • funny as soon as he kill he start writing i kinda understand i just dont think u had to kill him

    BloamzonKBMBloamzonKBMКүн мурун
  • "You prolly would of left yo mans that aint 100 dog " when von got shot quando stayed wit em even tho vons mans came and hit quando quando got back up ran to his car pulled back and drove von to the hospital quando aint even want tht to happen like he said if the shoe was on the other foot they wouldn't say he was wrong nobody would b saying shiii if quando got hit by von mans and quando also said his man aint do nun wrong and yo mans aint gone do the same 4 you you need to stop fucking wit em pls just stop what you doing and replay this video and really listen then watch kgworld.info/wiki/video/vJajq6aXi4hu1G4 in slow mo he stayed wit von the whole time even tho he got shot

    SnakesbtwSnakesbtwКүн мурун
  • You should never did that

    Zion BucknerZion BucknerКүн мурун
  • Qando rondo friand kill kingvon

    youngnbaboymoney999kyoungnbaboymoney999kКүн мурун
  • I fell like quando the 2nd most hated rapper no cap

    Lil Diamond Official 4FNLil Diamond Official 4FN2 күн мурун
    • @60 Keptback true but that’s my felling

      Lil Diamond Official 4FNLil Diamond Official 4FNКүн мурун
    • Not really he getting hate from the people who ain’t like him regardless or knew about him the real still fuck with him

      60 Keptback60 KeptbackКүн мурун
  • Tbh this song sucks 😂😂😂😂

    LuunarSZNLuunarSZN2 күн мурун
    • @LuunarSZN no because nobody knows you lol

      Mail Man tvMail Man tv21 саат мурун
    • @Xaomi Phone friend sent me it

      LuunarSZNLuunarSZN21 саат мурун
    • @Mail Man tv lol because I’m a “fortnite kid”?

      LuunarSZNLuunarSZN21 саат мурун
    • Tbh your opinion don’t mean anything

      Mail Man tvMail Man tv22 саат мурун
    • @Xaomi Phone fax he a von meat rider

      EBG JayEBG JayКүн мурун
  • 2021 u not living and young boy was part of dis smh so sad

    24kjayjay 24klife24kjayjay 24klife2 күн мурун
  • Sad I wish we can just rewine time Always remember yo friends becomes yo enimes

    24kjayjay 24klife24kjayjay 24klife2 күн мурун
  • Arm was getting bet up by von lil Tim

  • We need pop some back. No cap

  • Bro It's Not The End That's Heart Broken Don't Do That PEROIDT

    Erianna LaneErianna Lane2 күн мурун
  • All thanks to @darkframe021 on telegram he help with bit coin flips and fresh cc and it work I don't no what I will do without you ....you are the real deal he deal with all kind of credit card if you need your cc top is legit and 💯real he has been helpings with card few months ago I ican’t stop thanking you @darkframe021

    Mary SandraMary Sandra2 күн мурун
  • Shoulda Neva put his hands up🤷🏾‍♂️

    Ja'kari YoungJa'kari Young2 күн мурун
    • Facts, lil Tim did what he was meant to do

      ————————————————————————7 саат мурун
    • @Jay FN Quando can fight. kgworld.info/wiki/video/mrGxqteZnWehuqk Von suprised Quando with a sucker punch, you ain’t have a brain if you think it was an ass beating.

      sbosboКүн мурун
    • @Jay FN Nigga aint no one use hands in the streets i fw von but dude shouldnt of got his hands out.

      GloBoyひGloBoyひКүн мурун
    • 😂 yo fav rapper cant hit he couldnt throw no hands so his bf shot him sad af

      Jay FNJay FNКүн мурун
  • yall know this go hard

    Jedidiah LockhartJedidiah Lockhart2 күн мурун
  • This shit fire🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    JayEliJayEli2 күн мурун
  • You killed a real nigga💯 don’t act like nobody looking for you

    mo_TVmo_TV2 күн мурун
    • Smoking that vob pack 😱🤣🤣

    • You suppose to walk how you talk

      Joshua FernadoJoshua Fernado2 күн мурун
    • 2 months still ain't got touched foh

      TrustTrust2 күн мурун
  • Fuck you got king von

    • Smoking vob

  • Basura

    Jeremías salasJeremías salas2 күн мурун
  • No end of story

    Jeremy DifoJeremy Difo2 күн мурун
  • ye fuck von

    astro allenastro allen2 күн мурун
  • Just bc his mans kill someone that don’t mean he wrong he will step on all y’all dis niggas out hear watch out 😈

    Zurxy Luv qurxyZurxy Luv qurxy2 күн мурун
  • Ima play this when he a pack

    Nolo YouNolo You2 күн мурун
  • King Von♥️Quando 🤡

    BbBb2 күн мурун
    • Lmao Von meat rider

      EBG JayEBG JayКүн мурун
    • Lmao

      Xaomi PhoneXaomi Phone2 күн мурун
  • The story continues

    david bahatidavid bahati2 күн мурун
  • They gon catch you watch 💯

    Carlos EnriquezCarlos Enriquez2 күн мурун
    • @Carlos Enriquez Quando Rondo> The Cartels

      Xaomi PhoneXaomi PhoneКүн мурун
    • @Xaomi Phone cartels don't play they think outside the box and go for the fam

      Carlos EnriquezCarlos EnriquezКүн мурун
    • Worry about the Cartels foo

      Xaomi PhoneXaomi Phone2 күн мурун
  • Fucc quando rondo

    Troy WilsonTroy Wilson2 күн мурун

      EBG JayEBG JayКүн мурун
    • @EBG Jay you’d think he cool wid everybody on o block 😂😂

    • @EBG Jay facts niggas don’t even know the beef

    • @Troy Wilson Why you said fucc Quando when he didn’t tell Tim to kill him

      EBG JayEBG JayКүн мурун
    • @EBG Jay 😂🤣🤣🤣

      Troy WilsonTroy WilsonКүн мурун
  • Is it really that gangsta to talk shit after shooting and killing a man that was using his fists and had no gun ?

    Scuba BroScuba Bro2 күн мурун
    • His homies was gonna jump him so whateva

      EBG JayEBG JayКүн мурун
  • How are you gonna make a diss song and you got yo ass got beat 😂😂😂

    Dis Ain’t itDis Ain’t it2 күн мурун
    • Maybe cause tha nigga died behind it lol

      gangshi grahgangshi grah2 күн мурун
    • He's alive

      George Lincoln RockwellGeorge Lincoln Rockwell2 күн мурун
  • Sorry to tell you but this is the most attention that you had in your career stupid

    Caleb maciasCaleb macias2 күн мурун
    • It’s not

      ————————————————————————7 саат мурун
    • LMFAO no

      Xaomi PhoneXaomi Phone2 күн мурун
  • Fu you quando how you going to do that to von was your friend

    Caleb maciasCaleb macias2 күн мурун
  • quando had no control over what happened that night look at it like this trump could have told his supporters to stop and they didnt didn't which led to deaths but quando didn't know lil tim would shoot von

    Darrell JamesDarrell James2 күн мурун
  • out of all the rappers i never expected quando to kill von

    yourmoms Favoriteyourmoms Favorite2 күн мурун
    • Von moved to Georgia thinking it was going to be sweet down here

      Xaomi PhoneXaomi Phone2 күн мурун
    • Savannah isn't sweet lmao

      George Lincoln RockwellGeorge Lincoln Rockwell2 күн мурун
    • nigga he didnt kill nobody, people basically mad at him for getting beat up

      Darrell JamesDarrell James2 күн мурун
  • A lot of niggas coming on here disliking taking about QUANDO PACK😡 u wouldn’t have shot to?

    GR33N CLAN XGR33N CLAN X2 күн мурун
  • King von

    Zion PierceZion Pierce2 күн мурун
  • Do a official music vid of this song quando

    Lil Top 4ktLil Top 4kt2 күн мурун
  • he drawn😂😂😂

    itachi uchihaitachi uchiha3 күн мурун
  • This goofy y’all had beef and von threw hands on sight ya mans a sucka On God

    tyja germaintyja germain3 күн мурун
  • Someone said that End Of The Story is a diss to crazy story

    JAYproductionsJAYproductions3 күн мурун
  • Llkv

    Kmac Tea PageKmac Tea Page3 күн мурун
  • Rip king Von

    Kmac Tea PageKmac Tea Page3 күн мурун
  • you needed to be save von came with alot of people but walked up on you by himself. your a sad loser lol von didn't hate you he just wanted to fight

    Nieam MylesNieam Myles3 күн мурун
  • you from 63rd

    Zak le bgZak le bg3 күн мурун
  • Quando they got a bounty on you 1 mill they gonna get you fa sho

    ClxudzClxudz3 күн мурун
    • Untouched 🤡🤡🤡

      Tekashi 6ix9ineTekashi 6ix9ine2 күн мурун
    • its been over 2 months and he still untouched foh

      Darrell JamesDarrell James2 күн мурун
  • think about the king von footage and this song

    John'Derious KingJohn'Derious King3 күн мурун

    Xav FazXav Faz3 күн мурун

      ————————————————————————7 саат мурун
    • Yo grandma pack lil white kid

    • Smoking on this vob pack and it’s loud af 🤣🤣

  • kgworld.info/wiki/video/rN1pnc1yr2aexn8

    Xav FazXav Faz3 күн мурун
  • All imma say is this man finna die too, packs for everyone if you think he safe now von dead. mans more a target now then when von was alive.

    GamingFAQ101 - Reviews and GameplaysGamingFAQ101 - Reviews and Gameplays3 күн мурун
  • quanda things the story ends here.. NAH the nigga will get is pack too thats how street works he chilling now but will get fed some time soon.

    GamingFAQ101 - Reviews and GameplaysGamingFAQ101 - Reviews and Gameplays3 күн мурун
  • You kill king von

    CHOP KINGCHOP KING3 күн мурун
    • No he didn't god. People believe anything on the internet. Lul tim shot and killed Von not Quando. Get it right. And stop acting like it was Quando who started all this. Because it really wasn't.

      TrustTrust3 күн мурун
  • Otf !!!

    Deadly PleasureDeadly Pleasure3 күн мурун
  • rip king von:{ f you quando

    Antonio CicciarellaAntonio Cicciarella3 күн мурун
    • And come to Atlanta with yo mouth

    • @Darrell James f you quando fans you guys need to smarten up or you're going to get killed. RIP KING VON:{

      Antonio CicciarellaAntonio Cicciarella2 күн мурун
    • why you here ''hating on me in my comments they got perfect attendance" but im sure he will appreciate the money u gave him by clicking on this video

      Darrell JamesDarrell James2 күн мурун