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Stan gets a stepsister ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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  • Did this ever get made?

    logical fruitlogical fruit10 ай мурун
  • Nothing like some hot step sister action

    Nolan 61Nolan 61Жыл мурун
  • stan needs some chest hair

    ivanmtaboada1ivanmtaboada1Жыл мурун
  • The first man doesn't have a belly button nor any nipples Because he wasn't born from a woman.

    21st Century Stops21st Century StopsЖыл мурун
  • Lol! What if you had a couch 😂👌🏼👈🏼💦

    Tom SchumacherTom SchumacherЖыл мурун
  • you have 23 sets, and one set is the sex chromosome

    Ben ZBen ZЖыл мурун
  • The belt shading is better

    William KenistonWilliam Keniston2 жыл мурун
  • on THIS episode of sisterwives...

    neferiusnexusneferiusnexus2 жыл мурун
  • Why do you guys just randomly laugh at simply nothing? or just a s***y joke?!

    OneSixSix IDKTMOneSixSix IDKTM2 жыл мурун
  • She looks absolutely amazing. Oh, and Wendy's not looking too bad either.

    AlopexAlopex2 жыл мурун
  • Fuck Sam Green, Im getting myself a shirt !

    spektakelkdspektakelkd2 жыл мурун
  • Tom you get your visa don’t worry

    Chris 1Chris 12 жыл мурун
  • Everyone has 46, out of which 2 are sex chromosomes. This means 23 pairs, one from each parent, making you diploid, rather than haploid. A supermale is xyy, not just y

    assass2 жыл мурун
  • Wendy or Deberra works

    TheRadComradeTheRadComrade2 жыл мурун
  • 13:06 wasted life

    Adam Swiggity Swooty _MAGA!Adam Swiggity Swooty _MAGA!2 жыл мурун
  • I liked the orange shading.

    DeniDeni2 жыл мурун
  • Completely revamp her, she's terrible. Isn't she supposed to be the "hot" step sister? Cause you completely missed the hot mark

    Justin WJustin W2 жыл мурун
  • When is the show coming out

    Izz Hariz NorazmiIzz Hariz Norazmi2 жыл мурун
  • I really enjoy your work and concepts though I think that Stan needs a new name because it reminds me too much of south park. It's an original concept but seems too assimilated in my opinion.

    ZlayerZlayer2 жыл мурун
  • Could there be a scene where Stan uses his belt as a weapon? Like grandad from the boondocks?

    Justin RobisonJustin Robison2 жыл мурун
  • I think that Changing wendy’s hair would be a good idea.

    Mat S.G.Mat S.G.2 жыл мурун
  • shes ugly af

    Paw eye reekPaw eye reek2 жыл мурун
  • Funniest episode ever. Editing is brilliant.

    TechytechTechytech2 жыл мурун
  • im a man with 2 y chromosomes, its worth mentioning that you should draw in characteristics typical of 'super male' counterparts imo

    Mr jimjimjimmyjimMr jimjimjimmyjim2 жыл мурун
  • If ken ... means "FIST" ..... THEN does RYU .... mean "Foot"

    The crown2758The crown27582 жыл мурун
  • His dad .... EJACULATED him .... WHOLE, like, not as a sperm .... just NUTTED him strait out h8s System

    The crown2758The crown27582 жыл мурун
  • There should be an episode about how stan has no nipples cuz he has two y cromozomes

    ox obox ob2 жыл мурун
  • Im late on this whole showquest and this vid was uploaded on my birthday. Conveniently, they're drawing the step sister in this episode ...

    Jeph WilliJeph Willi2 жыл мурун
  • keep it up, you gents are legends!!!

    Searge12Searge122 жыл мурун
  • I lost it when they mentioned porn videos. 😆

    Asura God of WrathAsura God of Wrath2 жыл мурун
  • You guys are pretty great

    187GAMER559 ._.187GAMER559 ._.2 жыл мурун
  • His father only has one Y chromosome so where did the second one come from??

    PugironPugiron2 жыл мурун
  • Make Wendy bald.

    Michael BMichael B2 жыл мурун
  • Jeff sent the best fan art ever!

    Michael BMichael B2 жыл мурун
  • Make it so Stan has to shave daily, and it’s the curse of being so manly. His ultimate power can only be unleashed when he doesn’t shave and he turns into a feral beast.

    Josiah JamesJosiah James2 жыл мурун
  • Would Stan have no nipps because no x

    Leaf PrattLeaf Pratt2 жыл мурун
  • I see people walking by their female relatives on the street and screaming "Fuck you Wendy!". Lmao.

    Connie MassacreConnie Massacre2 жыл мурун
  • The voice of Stan should be the guy that voiced bob from bob burgers

    JJisKINGJJisKING2 жыл мурун
  • The sister and mom wants Fist to train well, so they send a ninja to make sure he's fighting and spy on him.... and because you made the characters to street fightery looking, make the ninja a mortal kombat style ninja

    MichaelLoopholeMichaelLoophole2 жыл мурун
  • We have 23 pairs of chromosomes. Totaling to 46. And i believe all of them have to do with sex.

    SkeezingtonSkeezington2 жыл мурун
  • Is your show going to be "Southparked"? I hope it will.

    Odysseus SavvakisOdysseus Savvakis2 жыл мурун
  • yey warhammer reference haha

    josephjoseph2 жыл мурун
  • they censored god dammit?

    Mr. McAwesomeMr. McAwesome2 жыл мурун
  • That intro

    I Hate 2D animation profilesI Hate 2D animation profiles2 жыл мурун
  • if Stan doesn't have a Y chromeasome then does that mean he doesn't have nipples

    Kenneth CatalanKenneth Catalan3 жыл мурун
  • I'm offended

    BelieveMontanaBelieveMontana3 жыл мурун
  • i got a purple mattress ad

    Dylan PorrasDylan Porras3 жыл мурун
  • I think Wendy's forehead is a little too... Bare. Not that I usually mind bare women (wink wink) but your eyes are drawn there and I feel like she should have something there. So I was thinking, give her some glowing fancy rune that gives her magic powers. That oughta be pretty cool. Or you could make it a lame magic power. That would be cool too.

    Hermon the greatHermon the great3 жыл мурун
  • you could make something about her hair, because having that type of hairstyle can lead to baldness (Traction alopecia). :)

    Nieznajomy43Nieznajomy433 жыл мурун
  • When shit gets crazy have it stop because a kid on trycicle rides between them

    YeetYeet3 жыл мурун
  • What programme he use to animate?

    Matias Garzia - MusicMatias Garzia - Music3 жыл мурун
  • I dont like that hair get rid of it >:(

    UnmaskingUnmasking3 жыл мурун
  • Could she have a hair line the baldness looks weird

    Thomas LaleThomas Lale3 жыл мурун
  • Could you guys spend a bit of a video explaining the history of Flashgitz and how you guys met?

    Kitty McCatFaceKitty McCatFace3 жыл мурун
  • Please fix her hair.

    Kitty McCatFaceKitty McCatFace3 жыл мурун
  • She looks good but could you take another look

    James McGuinness the great gamerJames McGuinness the great gamer3 жыл мурун
  • My mom's name is Wendy...

    DuperDuper3 жыл мурун

    Andrej NikolovAndrej Nikolov3 жыл мурун
  • Still waiting for a REAL ANIMATION AND NOT A VLOG..Just saying.

    Royed KingRoyed King3 жыл мурун
  • If your protagonist is the ultimate man, then you should draw him nippleless.

    Dr SalhaDr Salha3 жыл мурун
  • Her design is too much like C. Viper

    BowserReplaysBowserReplays3 жыл мурун
  • I clicked on the little bell to get notifications for every FlashGitz video and I only just found this :( Pretty much censorship

    RubikPandaRubikPanda3 жыл мурун
  • I love to see how much fun they're having producing the show

    Jhuan V. SalesJhuan V. Sales3 жыл мурун
  • Maybe the main character guy should have a pocket protector with pens in it. Idk, might make him more distinct from ryu.

    Jimmy GimmyJimmy Gimmy3 жыл мурун
  • what if the guy whom uses animals to fight uses scratch's dog to fight in a episode where scratch has a flashback before homelessness kills the dog

    SouI SeekerSouI Seeker3 жыл мурун
  • I'd give her a fringe and change the colour of her clothes so they're not so pure white. How about leather/fur from baby pandas for her handbag and belt?

    EndoScorpionEndoScorpion3 жыл мурун
  • It’s a STALLION!

    SAVUSAVU3 жыл мурун
  • Name his hot sister wet panda XD

    red skull firered skull fire3 жыл мурун
  • The name is perfect for shitting on as a rival, but there is something that doesnt fit about her clothing rather than redesigning the rest of her. I will say a bit more of intense detail for her expression might remove the need for changing her outfit. (intense detail:serious)

    Aka PookaAka Pooka3 жыл мурун
  • The argument adapted into an arcade fight was gold.

    Aaron BerryAaron Berry3 жыл мурун
  • I would change Wendy's name. South Park has a Stan and Wendy, just like to hear something unique

    rambo162rambo1623 жыл мурун
  • wait. wo wo wo, like the Boondocks Uncle Ruckus

    Jackson CloughJackson Clough3 жыл мурун
  • i love the hair of wendy but the clothes needs to be scampier

    BlockhajBlockhaj3 жыл мурун
  • 2:34 you mean fake taxi

    Paulo_BonzPaulo_Bonz3 жыл мурун
  • Belt

    Zachary MatthewsZachary Matthews3 жыл мурун
  • True listen to what the perverts wants

    killercrab555 jameskie555killercrab555 jameskie5553 жыл мурун

    Phoner SempaiPhoner Sempai3 жыл мурун
  • I'd say to keep the top knot but fashion the base to be like Laura from street fighter.

    The Milhouse ExperienceThe Milhouse Experience3 жыл мурун

    MoisesChannelMoisesChannel3 жыл мурун
  • so stan dose not have nipples

    hairmannhairmann3 жыл мурун
  • You should take a another look at Stanley really

    AndrewAndrew3 жыл мурун
  • Chitsume (daughter vagina). Portmanteaus ftw!

    Ninjhetto NLK3Ninjhetto NLK33 жыл мурун
  • I mean if Mr pickles can get a show this definitely will, not saying its bad or anything XD I'm saying adult swim is desperate for new

    Max AldermanMax Alderman3 жыл мурун
  • Shouldnt be Wendy and Stan that's south park characters.

    gstarpbpgstarpbp3 жыл мурун
  • The hair looks shite.

    zebry13zebry133 жыл мурун
  • Maybe you should add a furry character and every time it appears put an angry fat guy in a 9gag tshirt shouting fucking furries. Just sayin xD

    Ocelot z lasuOcelot z lasu3 жыл мурун
  • I can see your warhammer 40k in the back ground mate. Tell ya boi what army u collect and ill decide maybe not to steal your cheetos

    Dylan HartDylan Hart3 жыл мурун
  • Her name should be the Japanese version of Manganese Chloride. MANGANESEIRITURU *CHLOREIDIRITIRU*

    ShadowthaneShadowthane3 жыл мурун
  • I only just realised how much you like warhammer now. flashgitz yellow, cutting mats, a 200 pts army in boxes. wow. Who do you guys play as?

    Arthur IdrisArthur Idris3 жыл мурун
  • Also you need to have a joke where your a fight in the show and you take out a drawing tablet and whatever you draw comes in existance and fights for you

    unknown EAunknown EA3 жыл мурун
  • So like, are you going to develop them more than their motivations? While that’s essential obviously they need personal traits and flaws to overcome

    Major MilesMajor Miles3 жыл мурун
  • Great

    Mr. GmezMr. Gmez3 жыл мурун
  • I have a character idea.. Gym-Lee. A cross between Gimli from LOTR and Chun li, a cross dressing dwarf who does spin kicks.

    TETHYSTETHYS3 жыл мурун
  • You should base her design off bayoneta

    Time LordTime Lord3 жыл мурун
  • I think her 4 head is to big

    Evan DomingoEvan Domingo3 жыл мурун
  • Her name should be Chitsume

    bluen1nj4bluen1nj43 жыл мурун
  • Personally I feel like Wendy could be hotter like for example the hair is ok I just feel like she'd look more attractive with like more hair probably towards the front

    Lloyd G.Lloyd G.3 жыл мурун
  • I would've done the villain Instead of the stepsister

    black rain fireblack rain fire3 жыл мурун
  • If stan is the "ultimate man". You should work in that he has no nipples as the result. His fighting gi gets torn and its like "Wtf, he has no nips!".

    Z-Day ProductionZ-Day Production3 жыл мурун
  • I spy, with my little eye - a hobby station with some Warhammer miniatures.

    Alpharius OmegonAlpharius Omegon3 жыл мурун