Sotheby's Asia Week New York Auction Results March 2021

2021-ж., 29-мар.
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This month in New York Sotheby's had a series of fine auctions of Asian art, including objects from the Brooklyn Museum of Art of jades and rare cloisonne, with a brush pot bringing over 1 million dollars.
Their Fine Chinese Art auction has some stellar pieces including some very fine porcelains, bronzes from the Shang dynasty, fine pair of Kangxi yellow jars and much more.
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  • Thankyou Peter love listening and watching

    Kristan TianriKristan TianriАй мурун
  • Extraordinary 😊🌸

    Erika G. JohannssonErika G. JohannssonАй мурун
  • The Korean lots at Christie's also bombed. It must be that Korean art is weak at the moment since Chinese collectors have very little interest in it.

    Jeffrey YingJeffrey YingАй мурун
  • Such joy watching your videos! 😁 it would be so cool to see a bronse video, how to recognise good and bad bronse statues! 😊 fakes and real, greetings from Sweden

    Anna JohansenAnna JohansenАй мурун
  • Thanks Peter! You said "Growing out of the bowl" when you talked about that beautiful bowl with it's lovely patina, would have they used something to stop this? Could this not be detrimental to the bowl in another few hundred years if left untreated? Just curious. ?

    RosemaryRosemaryАй мурун
  • hello peter do you ever see English BBC1 antiques roadshow it always on Sunday there was a vase from China it was in blue white it not had colour it was price at £30,000 £50,000 if it had the colour it would of been £5.000 000 000 or more you see if you can bring the show up,, when the chinese made it at first with colour but they miss it out

    jordanb beyoncejordanb beyonceАй мурун
  • The Immortals always enjoy a dream-state existence...I can only aspire.

    Thomas HellbergThomas HellbergАй мурун
  • The carp are in the ying-yang formation.

    Thomas HellbergThomas HellbergАй мурун
  • I get the sense you should be wearing a cravat.

    Thomas HellbergThomas HellbergАй мурун
    • @Peter Combs Keep up the fine work - I'm getting educated!

      Thomas HellbergThomas HellbergАй мурун
    • How about a Monty Pithon set up, Cravat and a Burl Pipe with a fire in the background and a glass of sinlge malt. ...LOL, Peter

      Peter CombsPeter CombsАй мурун
  • Beautiful presentation, very extravagant. I wish you all lasting happiness, success and progress in your work. Health and Safety with sincere thanks and respect.

    رضا مهديرضا مهديАй мурун
  • The matter of museum deaccessioning is questionable and often unethical. The fundamental reason why donors sacrificed their ownership is because they wanted to let the general public have an opportunity to appreciate and enjoy the beauty of the arts. After a museum sells its collections, the arts become private properties again, which is against the will of the original donors, and at the same time, the original donors also lose their credit of making contributions to the society. The collections, altogether with the tags that recognized the donors’ contributions, now completely vanish from the eyes of the general public forever. It’s a pure loss for the public as well as the donors, while the museum and the auction house get the money and the buyers get the arts with great provenance. I don’t think that the items for sale are “duplicates”, and I am not sure how the curators justified the deaccessioning. Nevertheless, thank you, museums and auction houses, for teaching us a good lesson.

    J WJ WАй мурун
    • @Ernie the NYC Tabby That’s a good point. Thank you!

      J WJ WАй мурун
    • @Thomas Hellberg Exactly. Although they claimed that they would use the fund to acquire new materials, I don’t believe that.

      J WJ WАй мурун
    • if you think donors all donate to "display their item in the public eye", I suggest you watch some videos on how tax deduction works in the art world.

      Ernie the NYC TabbyErnie the NYC TabbyАй мурун
    • They need to finance their salaries.

      Thomas HellbergThomas HellbergАй мурун
  • Bonus, thank you.

    SuS PrimeSuS PrimeАй мурун
  • Hmmm, Brooklyn Museum, do they do Ebay?

    Tony STony SАй мурун
    • No strictly craigslist

      Chadd SteinbergChadd SteinbergАй мурун
    • It's a gem of a Museum. Best Peter

      Peter CombsPeter CombsАй мурун