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Today Team RAR goes back to first grade!!! Comment #SCHOOL IF YOU LOVED THIS VIDEO!
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  • Idk why they broke up

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  • Like I'm in 4th class now and I thought that alot is one word so if you think I'm wrong like this comment

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  • When you guys were doing the PopQuiz Bailey was cheating off of stove

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  • The math test that was actully the topic in the class of our

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  • i think this is the most advanced 1st grader's cause they had multiplication already

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  • ik how to spell maneuver and im just is1st grade coming back from school

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  • Liz you should say to Carter stop or else I’m gonna meet you after school and am going to call your mum😎😎😎 for that medicine for that neck and you should get him a Chancla and Salp him

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