Tenet: What Went Wrong?

2021-ж., 19-мар.
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We love Christopher Nolan. So why did we all hate Tenet? We think it has a lot to do with some basic lessons you'd learn in any decent Screenwriting 101 class, or by watching one of his other movies like Inception or The Prestige. We'll explain in this Wisecrack Edition on Tenet: What Went Wrong?
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00:00 - Intro
02:29 - Movie Recap
04:12 - Three Act Structure
06:34 - How to Introduce a Character
12:49 - How to Introduce a World
Written by Thomas Ambrosini
Hosted by Michael Burns
Editing by Brian M. Kim
Video Title Card by Amanda Murphy
Additional Production Assistance: Matias Rubio
Directed and Produced by Evan Yee
Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound
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    WisecrackWisecrackАй мурун
    • @Lochlan Noe Definitely, been using flixzone for months myself :D

      Conor ArmaniConor Armani10 күн мурун
    • a trick : watch movies at flixzone. Me and my gf have been using them for watching all kinds of movies these days.

      Lochlan NoeLochlan Noe10 күн мурун
    • The Prestige, Interstellar, Dunkirk, Memento, Tenet, Batman, the rest. The first three I really like. The others are meh.

      Jason SJason S26 күн мурун
    • @Ash Roskell I agree with absolutely everything you said here, including my stupidity at spoiling without a warning.

      Supernova KasprzakSupernova KasprzakАй мурун
    • ​@Ash Roskell can a movie be faster paced but still make sense ? i kind of did Believe in them... Nothing is Perfect i think run time of the movie does not allow For deep characterization

      fanatic audiencfanatic audiencАй мурун
  • Complexity is relative. If you find Tenet unappreciable due to complexity, you have your stupidity to blame.

    IIСаат мурун
  • A film that does not fall within your extremely limited description of what a film and its elements should be does not fail. You simply don't quite grasp it, and not in the sense that it's complicated. It's just not a typical three acter. Tenet properly experiments with the rules of writing for film and most of the odd choices make sense in a way we haven't seen in a long time. Think Lynch, von Trier, or Tarkovsky. Your searching, grasping experience of watching the film makes you part of it. If you fail to notice/grasp these subtleties, you critisism falls dead. If you disengage and get yourself worked up about how the first act does not give what you think you're entitled to and completely miss how much respect you are being given as an audience member... well maybe just rewatch what you know you like? Tenet is radically different from Nolan's previous films and it will go down in history as pivotal in his career. He has put the people who want more of the same on notice. Stay awake or find a new favorite. I haven't had an engaging film experience like this in a long time. What happened? You guys are usually very much on point.

    François ParieFrançois Parie2 саат мурун
  • This is the first video from wisecrack which ain't wise , it's just inherently opinionated at so many points , the guy doing the review looks so smug and full of himself , taking pot shots , cheap ones , Edward Cullen what the fuck wisecrack , I can go point by point why this what went wrong is wrong , worst handshake in history ,common , this is just that he thinks the movie is bad and he is going to tell why the movie is bad , he comes up as plain stupid.

    Attinder SinghAttinder Singh2 саат мурун
  • "To having the end burried in beginning is the utmost level of drama" Just genius

    h kh k5 саат мурун
  • My problem with this video is that it compares tenet with other movies

    KristovskyKristovsky10 саат мурун
  • It's funny how you casually introduced Robert Pattinson's character as 'Edward Cullen'. 😅😅😅

    Mark Joseph MañiboMark Joseph Mañibo10 саат мурун
  • While I agree with most of your points about Tenet, I'd have to say that repeatedly calling Robert Pattinson "Edward Cullen" is reductive and lazy... ...Especially when we all actually know him as Cedric Diggory. 😘

    Dirk DigglerDirk Diggler13 саат мурун
  • It’s annoying and baffling because actors are inaudible. Background sound is much louder than the actor

    xXSpamMeNotXxxXSpamMeNotXx17 саат мурун
  • They hired the 2 most unathletic lead actors to ever Star in a major Action Movie. Both are tiny weak men. The beard is an attempted to give Washington some weight. But he Flutters like a Moth to a Flame.

    Ed LopezEd Lopez18 саат мурун
  • Finally someone had the balls to say it! Nolan fan boys MAD

    Jul MarJul Mar20 саат мурун
  • I think if the ponderosa hadn't happened, and I went to see this movie in theaters with all the hype surrounding it, I would've been upset. Instead, I saw it, at home, months later, pretty much expecting the worst. I was expecting bad, disappointing, unintelligible. What I ended up feeling about it was a movie with intentionally vague characterizations pulling off a half-cooked concept stylishly well. The Protagonist is literally called The Protagonist (I also watched this with subtitles, so I erroneously assumed that was that title for the character was understood). I was surprised by the comparisons to The Prestige in this video, because I feel Tenet is an obvious spiritual successor to Memento. I don't know, this movie exceeded my adjusted expectations.

    William WalkerWilliam Walker23 саат мурун
  • The movie isn't perfect ..but what actually is perfect? Some critics are saying you couldn't connect with Characters..that movie was plot heavy...who makes this rule.... movie are supposed to be enjoyed and Nolan is not sticking to old movie rules....I loved all the characters except Sator ( thought they should have got someone who actually is from eastern Europe or Russia).... Protagonist actually sounds and feels like a super agent with all his swag .... He's not here for small talks... Pattison is great as well....I watched this movie and now finding it difficult to watch other movies....the pacing in Tenet was so perfect, now finding other movies way tooo slow

    Sau PiSau PiКүн мурун
  • I really liked tenet. It was a cool take on a bond movie while discussing fate. It had female empowerment in a way that felt real, while in no way taking away from anything else in the story, it had cool sci-fi effects, good acting, a villain worth hating who wasn't unrealistic for the record I took away from the movie that depending on who is using new technology, it can empower us to either control our own fate, or possibly restrict other's ability to control theirs.

    allibababooallibababooКүн мурун
  • I agree completely, and I still think is a great movie

    prodbyluisprodbyluisКүн мурун
  • Does anyone else feel like the ending was hinting at a sequel?

    Swaraj KanrSwaraj KanrКүн мурун
  • I lost interest in the film. By min 47 I was incredibly bored and turned the film off. I'm a guy who will watch multiple episodes of a TV series to give it a chance. I found the inverted action scenes awkward (that special ops guy squirming on his back by himself on the floor), dull, slow and uninteresting (bullets going back into the gun), the dialogue to establish toughness in a variety of characters formulaic and predictable (the man in the penthouse and the fellow talking about directing the plane bomb), a confusing opening, an attempt to be clever and mysterious with the story in the beginning without enough further explanation to remain mysterious and not confusing, and the character development (e.g. the blonde woman and how she is at the mercy of her husband) slow and dragging. The inverted action scenes came across as gimmicky and are not enough to hold my interest in a film. All this is too bad, as I thought the trailer was very interesting and I was really interested in seeing a Black actor head up a film.

    GerwalkGerwalkКүн мурун
  • Hot take: Tenet is better than The Prestige. And Interstellar. And Dark Knight Rises. And Batman Begins. Although Nolan’s fad of “can’t hear the dialogue clearly at some crucial parts of the film” that started in Dark Knight Rises clearly needs to end…

  • I liked it cause going in I quickly started treating it as less of a character story and more of a concept story. Like the protagonist had this momentum to everything he did that contrasted with the time fuck. And the reveal was fulfilling to me because I felt in a world as twisty as this with time, the protagonist had to be a force that could not be stopped nor could be diverted from his course. Like whenever you see him running through gunfire, the man doesn’t even flinch.

    Samuel HallSamuel HallКүн мурун
  • dumb

    Jones PJones P2 күн мурун
  • Wisecrack has to take this L, this movie ages beautifully. I should know Im from the future

    Mvkratos 31Mvkratos 312 күн мурун
  • I've watched every Chris flick and this is the only one that made me laugh it was so bad. Like, I felt like he was making a SNL skit about his own filming style, so fucking weird

    Truth PurposeTruth Purpose2 күн мурун
    • Don't watch this film. Watch literally any of his other movies, they're a million times more watchable, thought-provoking and exciting.

      Truth PurposeTruth Purpose2 күн мурун
    • I steered away from spoilers and went in blind because I was so excited to watch my boy's new movie. I walked away completely disappointed and was like "there's a reason I haven't heard or felt Tenet have any impact on the world like Inception, Batman, Interstellar"

      Truth PurposeTruth Purpose2 күн мурун
    • Tenet (even the name makes me laugh) is lazy and out-of-touch. If you aren't familiar with cinema at all and are easily wow'd than you ate this movie up. If you were like all of us, familiar with Christopher Nolan's works and a fan of cinema, then you were not able to take this film seriously (certain parts of this film where so low level, bottom of the barrel, student-project quality - really out of place and self-deluded for a project of this scope)

      Truth PurposeTruth Purpose2 күн мурун
  • You didn't get it. Tenet is not a character driven movie, it is a premise. You judge a movie based on a screen writing book and the expectation that Tenet is not Nolan enough. I've seen this movie a good number of times. It just get better with time. The only thing I agree with it they did raise the stakes high enough.

    Music LoverMusic Lover3 күн мурун
  • Still better than inception. Inception, while having better character development and a more coherent premise, REALLY did not deliver on its premise. In the world of dreams, anything is possible. And in the first act (and maybe second, i don't wanna watch it again to check) it sets up for a world where anything is possible. One of my favourite moments in the film is when he Di Caprio invades a dream in Paris. People don't want him there so they are really rude to him - then outright hostile, then someone stabs him. This is very dream like, very trippy and very imaginative. All setting up a sense of "This is gonna be awesome" when they finally get to the moment where they invade Cillian Murphy's Brian However, when we get inside his brain (you know: the moment the entire movie was leading up to) all we get is a lot of guns. One of the few non-gun ways Cillian Murphy's brain uses to get rid of the protagonists is the train when they first get into his brain (further setting up a sense of "this is gonna be awesome"). Other than that? Guns, guns, guns. They kept going into further into dreams within dreams, and i kept thinking, "OK maybe THIS part is gonna be awesome, no THIS part is gonna be awesome." Nope- Guns. guns. guns. guns... and a couple big guns. Remember that woman who was working so hard designing maps for the dreams within dreams? Of course you did, coz they made such a big deal out of it? Didn't matter, they took a shortcut coz going through a maze would detract from time spent on... GUNS. This is a CLEAR violation of the "If you show a gun in act one, you should use it in act three" cliche. Pardon the messy metaphor. The absolute worst part of the movie is when the protagonists are having a gunfight (big surprise) and one of Di Caprio's brothers in arms uses his dream powers to get a rocket launcher, and says, "Dream Big" - a rocket launcher is not dreaming big, a grenade launcher is not dreaming big, dudes with machine guns around every corner is not dreaming big. Calling this a "dream big" is a insult to every member of the audience, especially you. There are countless creative "dream big" ways to kill people, and none of them involve a bigger gun. He could snap his fingers and send them flying into the sun, he could turn their guns into rubber chickens, he could use a dream cliche and make them naked and too embrassed to fight. In a dream he could make trippy bullets that travel back in time. All these are more creative than, "Oh, look at me! I've got a rocket launcher now!" In the end, the world of dreams is limitless, but Nolan chose to limit himself by invading the dreamworld of Michael Bay.

    T.C. CostelloT.C. Costello3 күн мурун
  • I just watched it and I think it was pretty good (stop calling Robert Pattinson ‘Edward Cullen’ what are you, 5? 😜) BUT the last 45 minutes were painfully long, pretty nonsensical, and kind of abusive of a world that wasn’t fully built before Nolan said SET PIECE TIME!!! I would not be surprised if this was the first scene he envisioned because he was way too attached to showing every bit he could instead of shifting more time to world-building plot and showing more of The Protagonist learn to navigate being inverted. Instead he just kinda gits gud after a pep talk about how to navigate a different reality then we’re headed backward to the beginning to get the thing. I appreciate the rewatch references but I already got them (who else figured out he was fighting himself the first time around?) so I won’t be rewatching this unlike almost all of Nolan’s other films. Btw The Prestige is the only choice. I named two of my cats who are close to identical twins Albert and Fredrick Borden. That gets me a few fan points I hope 😁

    Gateaux QGateaux Q3 күн мурун
  • That world of tanks promo was way more confusing than tenet.

    BlankTomBlankTom3 күн мурун
  • The characters are weak in the film. But man the concept is intriguing and was enjoyable to think through.

    David ChidesterDavid Chidester4 күн мурун
  • I enjoyed this movie. But it does have an exposition problem. Wisecrack won't like me for this ... but I can roll with the fact that this is a spy movie and characters are intentionally not explaining stuff because no one can risk their enemies in the future finding out. But there are key instances where the movie glosses over important information than should have been explained more clearly. There is a logical reason why Priya doesn't tell the protagonist what 241 really is. But what is lazy about that moment is that she simply describes a turnstile as "a machine for inverting" putting a little more meat on that scene to explain the purpose and logic behind inverting people and not just objects would have helped future scenes. All she had to do was explain that the Protagonist be wary that Sator could potentially use inversion to use future knowledge against him like he'll eventually do on the freeway. The other big issue is that the relationship between the Protagonist and Kat is just too functional even though it is the crux of the Protagonist's motivations. We keep seeing him take risks for her, but the relationship is underdeveloped. The movie didn't need to change a thing about its overall structure to fix this. We just needed a better sense of the relationship between the two in the scenes we got to justify is protectiveness over her. The actors are pulling a lot of weight for a script that was really thin in that regard.

    TheJadedJamesTheJadedJames4 күн мурун
  • Lol, If Nolan explains too much,.people complain. Then he doesn't....and people complain. There should be a Deep or Dumb review of this critique.

    NacurNacur4 күн мурун
  • Tenet is prob the most pretentious stupid movie

    no regretsno regrets4 күн мурун
  • yes, it is infuriatingly stupid

    Grim StevensGrim Stevens5 күн мурун
  • oownt they are really sad that someone didn't follow the rulebook for filmaking because... they cant" its not in the rulebook!

    Lucas AliançaLucas Aliança6 күн мурун
  • nothing went wrong

    DieDummenAssiesDieDummenAssies6 күн мурун
  • Tbf, I didn't think that deeply into it when I watched it. Just let the experience wash over me

    Milan SmithMilan Smith6 күн мурун
  • First time I watched this movie I was left feeling thoroughly confused. I hadn't watched any trailer nor did I associated the director with other movies like ❤️ inception. Only after I read some articles did things clear up. I watched it a second time and was thoroughly captivated by the movie. The little details that even I miss until watching it a third time around made it a rewarding experience. The biggest problem is to convince other people to watch it since it does take effort to stay tuned. I agree part of the problem is not feeling vested with the main characters. I even was slightly out off with the twilight actor which has changed with this movie. What I mean to say is that an excellent movie should be both superficially appealing and deeper meaning. Part of the appeal of Doctor Who at least with David “Tenent” is on the surface a superficial fun but underneath racial tensions and living with consequences. This contrast with the newest Doctor who where it straight up about racism and disabilities even the hostilities between Indian and Pakistani and nothing below. Back to the main movie I’m almost afraid that this movie is more pseudo deep of trying to be deep than actually being deep.

    luckviiiluckviii7 күн мурун
  • I actually really liked Tenet. I thought its premise was interesting, the characters were interesting and the action was fun to watch. The film was by no means my favourite Nolan movie, but it was more than enjoyable in my opinion

    Quint MarcelisQuint Marcelis7 күн мурун
  • "This movie makes no sense" *proceeds to explain the movie and it makes perfect sense*. This video really feels like they were trying desperately to find a problem. I would like Jared's take of this movie. This host feels like an edgy-boi.

    DeboDebo7 күн мурун
  • I thought the movie worked wonderfully and enjoyed every moment of it. But the definite experience is watching it with subs.

    neubtuberneubtuber7 күн мурун
  • What went wrong? Nothing! The movie was great.

    Dwight DunkerDwight Dunker8 күн мурун
  • This was the first Nolan Film I watched in the theater. 0 regrets, but the movie was disappointing but awesome action!

    noahisherenoahishere8 күн мурун
  • I think it's an absolute mindfuck that is absolutely new and that's what makes it great...

    Entropic PedroEntropic Pedro9 күн мурун
  • Movie wasn't that confusing yall just dumb

    MJTTMJTT9 күн мурун
  • aka: don't make complicated films because people are stupid.

    cgarzscgarzs9 күн мурун
  • Making something with a complex concept does not make it "genius". The movie was fairly easy to understand but I agree with all the points of this video, it was a clichéd doomsday story, but the movie didn't even have an interesting story building or a single interesting character. Still there were some cool bits and concepts that are interesting to watch, but the movie doesn't work as a whole. It's not that bad but it's not "genius".

    WallflowerWallflower9 күн мурун
  • I mean it's not good, but it's not a failure. This kind of content frames everything as either a 0 or a 10 and TENET is somewhere in between

    I ReyesI Reyes10 күн мурун
  • Tenet is a masterpiece.

    Dr StrangeDr Strange10 күн мурун
  • What went wrong? Idiots can't appreciate true genius.

    Dr StrangeDr Strange10 күн мурун
  • Yes , I think we are way smarter than you are. It’s not a hard movie to follow.

    J FJ F10 күн мурун
  • Nothing went wrong.I think it’s a masterpiece. But that’s just my subjective opinion.

    J FJ F10 күн мурун
  • the music made it cool tho

    Emil SinclairEmil Sinclair10 күн мурун
  • Bruh calling Robert Pattinson Edward Cullen is a super dick move. He's an amazing actor and deserves to be recognized for far more than twilight.

    Pat TheticPat Thetic10 күн мурун
  • This film is Memento's weird cousin.

    Pat TheticPat Thetic10 күн мурун
  • so far everyone, who said there's a problem with this movie has been pointing at the Protagonist.. personally i liked what Nolan did, why do we have to connect to one specific character & know his back story? I care about the story & what happens in a movie as whole, not one specific character & this movie did exactly that. Also most people mention Kat as character they felt connected to because of back story, i thought it was rather Neil

    bimblaqbimblaq11 күн мурун
  • pretty sure the movie failed because Nolan insisted on a theatrical release during a global pandemic

    DrableDrable11 күн мурун
    • Yeah...

      Entropic PedroEntropic Pedro9 күн мурун
  • Thoroughly convinced that people who don't like Tenet are either not intelligent enough to follow the plot, and/or not creative enough to fill in their own blanks.

    the1andonlySherlockthe1andonlySherlock11 күн мурун
  • One thing I hate is when someone claims something is “bad” when they should be claiming “I think it’s bad”

    Trevor RobertsTrevor Roberts13 күн мурун
  • If you watch the movie backwards, it tells you youre going to watch it forwards.

    Iguess I'mWesIguess I'mWes14 күн мурун
  • Yo if Neil (Rob Patterson's character) is from the future as what he claims could he actually be Cate's son 😳 or am I reaching on this one because that's kinda trippy and deep bro

    Ethan PillayEthan Pillay14 күн мурун
  • Also what doesn’t help is John David Washington is a terrible actor. That apple fell FAR from the tree

    Sirr SmittySirr Smitty15 күн мурун
  • "cool conversation over bong-rips and hot pockets" 😂😂😂

    Taylor HeidrichTaylor Heidrich15 күн мурун
  • I agree there's some supremely dumb stuff in Tenet, but I hadn't been to theater in MONTHS and the action sequences in this movie were awesome on IMAX.

    Tim PageTim Page16 күн мурун
  • Disagree with this video, thought the movie was good.

    Jesse LealJesse Leal16 күн мурун
  • Take a look at Nolan's first feature film..., the antagonist of that film is a confession. It's a description of who Nolan is!! He's a clever con artist making films and spending huge amounts of other people's money on them is his con.

    DrknsssDrknsss16 күн мурун
  • This movie cannot entertain you in present, but my God it leaves you thinking about it in the future, it's a goddamn true master planned piece

    GentlemanGentleman16 күн мурун
  • For some reason I like the film more after watching this.

    Reanetse MolelekiReanetse Moleleki16 күн мурун
  • I thought I was the only one that didn't like it. Good to know I am not alone.

    Porcupine BumPorcupine Bum17 күн мурун
  • tenet sucks its so bewildering to me how far people will go to defend it

    Gino CerdaGino Cerda17 күн мурун
  • nolan is terrible with female characters

    Gino CerdaGino Cerda17 күн мурун
  • I think the defence for the movies shortcomings lies in your own admission. For the film to work we need to have things be purposely vague in the first act. Putting in a lot of backstory and character motivations in the beginning does invalidate the ending. If Tenet were to have a sequel I guess that's where we will get the character depths. And seeing how the sequel should lead us back to the beginning of the first film we would then have context to the events of this film. I donno. Seeing how complicated this was I really don't know if a sequel will work or make the already confusing film more difficult to understand. I think because of the inherent problems you point out I too had a difficult time completely enjoying this. I want to like it a lot but my emotional response to the film was pretty lukewarm. Still will be a movie I return to at some point though.

    Swaathi VenkatesanSwaathi Venkatesan17 күн мурун
  • Nothing went wrong, it was a masterpiece.

    Joe FinbergJoe Finberg17 күн мурун
    • I agree, the whole thing is a temporal pincer to save niel

      GentlemanGentleman16 күн мурун
  • I feel like it's unfair to say that tenet doesn't make for an enjoyable viewing experience, as that's a purely subjective opinion. me and many of my friends really enjoyed this movie, whilst others disliked it.

    ecrendysecrendys18 күн мурун
  • you suck

    AkashAkash18 күн мурун
  • The protagonist is the antagonist. He’s both he is the main reason why everything is taking place on both sides. If you pay attention that is why he is kept in the dark. It’s like when we when those books we make your own adventure

    Manuel BluntManuel Blunt18 күн мурун
  • The problem with Tenet is it was one last attempt to save the theory of relativity from the paradox trap of time travel, and it failed horribly that is why the plot structure is hard to follow as it was a more than a just movie. Basically Eisenstein doomed his theory when he would not admit time is the constant, instead of light something he was called out on by his peers by the way. Tenet once, and for all time puts time travel to bed, and there by destroys time travel as a working theory and there is no way to over come paradoxes. By the way that also destroys the theory of relativity in the process. Basically from this point on another theory of how the universe works needs to be developed. This means as explained in another wisecracked video modern wise-man are on the cusp of becoming science bitches.

    Grey FoxGrey Fox18 күн мурун
  • Nah, down vote. It isn't inception. But it is its own thing.

    Scott SellersScott Sellers19 күн мурун
  • Ur take on tenet suck so bad i had to write a comment

    Abanoub IbrahimAbanoub Ibrahim19 күн мурун
  • Timecrimes did a casual loop better

    Diego CardosoDiego Cardoso20 күн мурун
  • On first watch in the theatre I loved it, but I had some questions like: wasn't there a thing with a painting? But on second viewing it became my favourite film.

    Ruud HollenbergRuud Hollenberg20 күн мурун
  • If Nolan had climbed the mountain to seek the advice of the Oracle, she would have said, "Tenet will fall, whole of Hollywood will fall. Do not believe in the judgment of men. Respect the streaming. Respect the the pandemic!"

    SaketGSaketG20 күн мурун
  • Ok so Tenet was bad because the movie was going against a lot of concepts established in a usually good screenwriting narrative, which are present in previous Nolan's films, but the outcome didn't really work. I agree with some of what's been said, the protagonist being a blank slate was strange, unncesary and quite the wrong idea, i couldn't emphatize with him and at the end i ended up caring more about the story than him, which is not supposed to happen. What i actually disagree with is the opinion on the world building, i get that going against conventional narrative and doing it right is very hard, but you guys know that Nolan did kept us in the dark until the end deliberately and maybe previously aware of the result for the sake of the story to work. Think about it, part of the way for the protagonist to win the battle was to never be fully informed and operate in a way that fools Saito by making it feel assured that he's always two steps ahead of him, the prota didn't know what he was truly doing and why because knowin could've ruined the plan of his future self, and since we the spectators were placed to know what he knows, i think that the narrative intention was to leave us in the same dark that the protagonist was experiencing, and an unavoidable consequence of that is leaving the viewers confused if they look away from the screen for half a second, or even if they are paying attention cause yeah it's very confusing, but i believe that the intentionally vague worldbuilding was an actually good decision in this case. So anyway my point is that you may have misjudged that part, but maybe i'm wrong since i'm amateur as fuck in screenwriting. The rest makes a lot of sense in being wrong tho, peace out.

    Tomás Alarcón CorreaTomás Alarcón Correa21 күн мурун
  • Well I respect your opinion, I completely disagree. I loved this movie it was a masterpiece. I'm going see it again soo. Healthy of course

    dodgers doon1130dodgers doon113021 күн мурун
  • was gonna drop a dislike, but i think this is good criticism.... tenet will settle in as a CLASSIC...in 10 years....just wait.

    JibbyvilleJibbyville21 күн мурун
  • The Nolan magic is real! And Tenet is his biggest achievement to date: Here is a movie where you can't hear the dialogue, can't follow the plot, and ends in front of you like a plate of uneaten spaghetti -BUTTTT! I loved it!!!! TA-DAH!

    Dan CLDan CL21 күн мурун
  • It failed because you didn’t care about the characters and character motivation was questionable.

    Tin TurtleTin Turtle23 күн мурун
  • It obviously has a lot of problems, but it’s a memorable and entertaining film, and I would take any film like this over the rehashed superhero trash and worthless remakes of other films any day.

    Welch ProductionsWelch Productions23 күн мурун
  • I think in some ways it’s the perfect film for the streaming age because it’s a film that you have to see at least twice to understand

    Jessica LeeAnneJessica LeeAnne23 күн мурун
  • I loved this film. This video is in pretty bad faith. Listen, do you ever believe that Tom Cruise has sexual chemistry with any of the actresses he is paired with in any Mission: Impossible movie? Most James Bond/ Mission: Impossible movies are also about vague doomsday plans, and have nonsense plots. It isn't a coincidence that the youtube criticism industry complex is dunking on this movie; but, filmmaker Sean Baker is on Twitter raving about it; because the tools youtube criticism has established for evaluating films are ineffective. Unlike most action films like James Bond and Mission: Impossible, one thing that I found fascinating about the movie is how the locations and production design always reinforce the ideas of the movie: wind farms, freeposts, abandon cities; and not to mention the salient criticism of capitalism's control of information, wealth and even temporal experience. Unlike this video, here is some actually interesting criticism: terranullius.substack.com/p/i-figured-out-tenet

    jean-paul Csukajean-paul Csuka23 күн мурун
  • i think you're looking at it wrong :/ the protagonist is us. character wouldn't tell us spoiler right? the movie begins at a theater and end with one, when the protagonist fight himself it's the fans arguing. there were like 20 times when i was 100% sure the characters are talking to me. sometimes they look at you in a certain way, and it makes you part of the story. because you can always watch a movie in any way you like it isn't straight forward, i felt bad when the blonde guy died (im bad with names) because he was our friend. to sum it up ill say the movie could be laughing at mainstream movies, could be just a way to make us part of the journey or maybe even just a game, and obviously i could be wrong but in order to get a more firm understanding ill have to re-watch/search for a director POV and thoughts. p.s it has been a while since i saw the movie so i might have mixed some stuff up but i still think my main point makes sense.

    NaRKobBanGTeaMNaRKobBanGTeaM24 күн мурун
  • Unpopular opinion : I love the movie

    Mi KiMi Ki24 күн мурун
    • this is a very popular opinion my friend...

      Abisek AAbisek A22 күн мурун
  • I can't take any of your criticisms seriously because you spend the first 3 minutes of the video purposely misinterpreting scenes and plot that make perfect sense within the context of the film unlike many scenes in this film which are actually hard to understand. This film definitely isn't perfect and Nolan and everyone who knows anything about his career know that this film is a seasoned director's experiment, which you seem to be blissfully ignorant of. Instead, you play into the view of the confused casual movie goer and terribly explain a plot which is already hard to follow to satirise a film which actually has merits. It's literally blindingly obvious that the main character was purposefully made a blank slate called 'the Protagonist' but instead you suggest that it was a mistake. I'm only 10 minutes in. Why people liked this video instead of moving along to actual constructive commentary I will never understand.

    ultimateZAKultimateZAK24 күн мурун
  • Im starting to think Nolan made Tenet specifically for Wisecrack

    Frank BlackFrank Black24 күн мурун
  • Nothing went wrong, it’s just people hating on it because their brains aren’t developed enough to understand it.

    sappersapper25 күн мурун
  • Horrible movie, this flick only serves the pourpose of proving that you cannot have a good story with only "plot" and without characters

    Felipe CamposFelipe Campos25 күн мурун
  • This video and the Cyberpunk one almost make me want to unsubscribe. But I won’t in honor of Jared... I miss Jared.

    PyroSamuraiPyroSamurai25 күн мурун
  • Why is the movie bad? I always find that to be a stupid jump. Movies are either great or suck. Can't the movie just be good? Good enough? I noticed a lot of the mistakes, but the movie didn't suddenly drop to "bad, really bad". It's easy to mock the movie now that you didn't spend nights tearing your hairs to come up with the concept. The IMDB page of the movie has it right, the movie is a nice 7/7.5 out of 10 movie. If Tenet is "bad, really bad" where does that leave the Twilight franchise, 50 SOG and all those movies?

    Al AmirAl Amir26 күн мурун
  • I will in a birthday party 15 years later with a beer in my hand say: "Oh!! That film Tenet! What about that!!? It is a film but time reverse in it, but how? In the first act there is that explanation scene where is shown that the agent can catch bullets, by reversing time for those objects. But later on all the characters go in a machine and from then on they self are going reserve in time. The people are through a machine going the other direction in time!! So! What is it?!! object or living things are going reverse in time?!! That movie... That movie didn't choose. It was bad."

    Huub HuijbensHuub Huijbens26 күн мурун
  • Like dislike ratio lmao youre wrong and this film is amazing

    Kali YugaKali Yuga26 күн мурун
  • What went wrong? Nothing

    holy crossholy cross26 күн мурун
  • Tenet is plain stupid...

    CMZ neuCMZ neu26 күн мурун
  • For me this movie was a complete misfire involving nothing characters, incoherent plot and a poorly explained concept, just 2 and half hours of people spouting stuff I couldn’t hear and action sequences that weren’t at all interesting. Far and away nolens worst movie

    Dr UnemployedDr Unemployed26 күн мурун