The Infinite Pattern That Never Repeats

2020-ж., 30-сен.
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Simple rules of geometry meant that 5-fold symmetry was impossible as were crystals without a periodic structure. This turns out to be wrong. Thanks to LastPass for sponsoring a portion of this video. Click here to start using LastPass:
Huge thanks to Prof. Paul Steinhardt for the interview on this topic. Check out his book ‘The Second Kind of Impossible’
If you'd like to learn more about Penrose tilings, go check out "Penrose Tiles to Trapdoor Ciphers" by Martin Gardener, which helped my research for this video.
Filmed by Gene Nagata (Potato Jet on KGworld)
Animations by Iván Tello and Jonny Hyman
Editing, Coloring, Music & Audio mastering by Jonny Hyman
Prague scenes filmed in 2012.
Special thanks to Raquel Nuno for helping with the tilings!
Additional Music from Epidemic Sound

  • Roger Penrose was just awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics! Not for this pattern but “for the discovery that black hole formation is a robust prediction of the general theory of relativity”

    VeritasiumVeritasium6 ай мурун
    • That’s nice

      Itz_ClixzyItz_Clixzy3 күн мурун
    • Wait, the astronasts select by Skill where also 1.6! It all has a pattern, but has actually Not🥴

      Big SmokeBig Smoke5 күн мурун
    • DUDE! I saw this pattern in a movie (can't remember the name of the movie, scene was near the end, two characters standing on a plaza with the Penrose pattern in the tile beneath them), and I searched for it for an embarrassing amount of time with no luck. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! for scratching this mental itch that has been in the back of my mind for months. Ahhhhhhhhhhh.........

      Shawn HartmannShawn Hartmann6 күн мурун
    • to solve the problem @16:36 the dart simply has to be flipped.. considering of course that the dart is reversible and translucent.

      make ithapnmake ithapn6 күн мурун
    • U

      Lord Pitto GlandorfLord Pitto Glandorf7 күн мурун
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  • How is it a pattern then?

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  • Only people who know what Kepler - 22B is could like

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  • Hexagons are bestagons

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  • this is so facinating

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  • This is why I am smart

  • Veritasium: brings out the golden ratio Me: WOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Veritasium: brings out the Fibonacci Sequence Me: ...OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  • 10,101,001 views from when I’m watching lol

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  • that pattern is exactly what its like to have both ADHD and OCD

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  • Aye Jesus loves you guys so much that he died on the cross for you. Regret your sins and accept him as your lord and savior. Love yall Also this messed with my head so much😂

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  • Seeing that clock after watching kutis Conner

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  • The pattern version of pi.

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  • 1:50 ........ Umm that looks just like what some military personnel have reported seeing as a UFO...... Fact check me

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  • @Eddie Woo

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  • We have the Penrose tiling pattern from 8:52 in the chemistry/biochemistry building floor at the University of Western Australia. It has a huge open atrium so you can get a great view from the top floor. There's a plaque on one of the walls explaining the significance.

    Dylan MossDylan Moss17 саат мурун
  • I've made up my mind: I want my kitchen floor to be Penrose Tiling!

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  • I just, am not smart enough for this

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  • feels so good to find out that my country is actually cool

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  • Bro wait a minute is this why we used those in in elementary

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  • 1:10 that's some pretty good magic

    Lazer MonkeyLazer MonkeyКүн мурун

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  • is this not how the universe works with diffrent dimensions and stuff ??

    Cuan AustinCuan AustinКүн мурун
  • Is there some equivalent in three dimensions?

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  • The golden ratio... Johnny... This is my 5th lesson...

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  • He injured my brain

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  • man this blows my mind at 1:35 in the morning.

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  • This is a metaphor of life. Think about it, life is an endless cycle of pain and misery, and once it's over, it doesn't repeat. Anyway have a good day :)!

    Imreadytofight8Imreadytofight8Күн мурун
  • So this is the tiles we see in the loki trailer

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  • My second trip through this vid---enjoyable both times. My only beef is--if it doesn't repeat, then it's NOT a pattern, by definition.

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  • 9:15 it looks farmilliar as if i have already dreamt about this in my lifetime

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  • Although Pauling was wrong. His response was a micDrop.

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  • Alternate tile: the most unsatisfactory floor tiling

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  • Is this why nature loves hexagons???

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  • 9:49 where can you find this cool thing

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  • How can it be a pattern if it doesn't repeat...?

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  • 11:49 its fuTILE

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  • Goat story town

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  • Infinite-none-repeating patterns must exist on a molecular level, because change exists. Wouldn't a world with only repetitive symmetric patters be stuck? The golden ratio is so common in nature and in life. It seems to be a constant of change and growth patterns. Pure repetition is an equivalent of death.

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  • I found grown-up beauty in this golden ratio pattern, the beauty of asymmetry

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  • platonic solids are basically dnd dice ,,,,

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  • My mind is blown .. i feel like i know nothing and aced geometry in high school... super video ..makes me want to go back to learn what i obviously missed.

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  • 1:20 - Don't forget the Sphere!

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  • So, theoretically, because there are an infinite number of combinations, theoretically, somewhere in the infinite pattern, BIG CHUNGUS COULD EXIST?!

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  • Could this be relatable to alternate dimensions, we are not quite lined up right ? Then sometimes unexplainable things happen coincidences even when parts line up for small time periods. Got me thinking when the different variations of you and the pattern were lined up. Great video always blows my mind.....maybe too much as you can see.

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  • I feel like i learnt alot while learning nothing at the same time

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  • If it doesn’t repeat is it even a pattern? pat·tern /ˈpadərn/ noun 1. a repeated decorative design

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  • Hexagons are the bestagons

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  • You make my head spin from Kepler to Penrose. I'm just humbled by it all. The only thing I can say for sure is that I know nothing!

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  • pat•tern păt′ərn► n. A usually repeating artistic or decorative design: synonym: figure. n. A natural or accidental arrangement or sequence. You might want to rethink your title...

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  • 9:15 what i see when i close my eyes at night

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  • this thought is like the snowflake. if we truly understand the thought i wonder if we would understand why nothing can not be exactly alike in this plain.

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  • makes sense that D&D dice are shaped that way (or close)

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  • Wow, this was more interesting than I thought, and I thought it would be interesting. Roger Penrose has one of the greatest imaginations we have seen in physicist for a while, and not a sign of rust at the age of almost 90. So happy he got the Nobelprize.

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  • Love this channel

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  • Hexagons are the bestagons

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  • “Platonic solids” my friend those are TTRPG dice

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