Timcast IRL - Judge BLOCKS PA Certification, HUGE Win For Trump, w/ Jack Murphy

2020-ж., 25-ноя.
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Guest: Jack Murphy (@JackMurphyLive everywhere)
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  • Tim, I listen a lot. You had a dude on today that as of today had not heard the famous video of Biden making his 6 hour deal with Ukraine. Set me up with a remote, and I'll be able to keep up. Sheesh.

  • Trump. 2020 !!!!!!!!

    Angela ReadAngela ReadАй мурун
  • Jack, your beard is fan. friggin. tastic. And Tim, I'm a libertarian/conservative, but my favorite political news sources are ones like yours, where you keep your personal politics (which ARE more left than most of your fanbase) out of your NEWS politics. Except when you specifically discuss your opinions, which you specify as your opinions. That is really refreshing. I feel like I can genuinely absorb the news you're telling us about, with the least amount of bias I can find anywhere else.

    Mel VMel VАй мурун
  • Lydia, innocent until proven guilty?

    Mark DavidMark DavidАй мурун
  • You don't need to prove who did it to prove fraud. You just need to show evidence of a irregularity that can't reasonably be explained by any other reason than purposeful deceit. As far as the PO box thing... here's the thing every single one they found like that in GA were from mail in/early ballots and nearly all in PA. They didn't want to pardon Flynn because a pardon is NOT an exoneration. It will 100% be seen as him abusing his power to free a criminal

    Sean NissenSean NissenАй мурун
  • Phil Defranco would be a good template for your thoughts on adding people and "channel"

    John HegnerJohn HegnerАй мурун
  • Lol. Some of Tim's right wing edgelord videos dont quite age well...

    Jessica WankaJessica WankaАй мурун
  • About saying Trump would have easily won (with rigged election) if he said he’d decriminalize pot...the Biden campaign would have said same thing and added more.

    titanjedititanjediАй мурун
  • In 2020, there was 20-30 people that died from ant attacks. There's 13 people that died from falling vending machines. I've only heard of Biden rallies in Arizona having 4 participants, 8, and that's about it. The last time I saw a Biden sticker was September 2019 and then two in November 2020. You can't tell me that a candidate won when it's more likely to die from a freaking falling vending machine...because those are bottom heavy...than be found at one of his rallies vs a guy who's supporters have spontaneous rallies for him just because they see enough of their other supporters with flags on their cars in places like traffic for 97 miles long caravan or downtown or at the gas station...and then suddenly you see 100 cars parked with Trump flags waving and "Born in the USA" playing in the background. I ain't buying it, MSM!

    A MA MАй мурун
  • Wait, so Tims answer to the board game is ‘walk away’? Except this ‘game’ is Americas future. Not all of us can buy a bunker in the forest & hide. I guess that explains why he can say if Biden wins he will sit back and laugh. And why if YT bans him he will just ‘go down by the river’. Pretty frustrating considering how much he lectures us to so something! Of course when we do he lectures about how it wasn’t a good way.

    Liberty BellaLiberty BellaАй мурун
  • The CIA and other DEEP STATE SCUM, like he FBI, are Operating at the pleasure of Joe Biden's Chinese Masters. WHO do YOU side with? I am an AMERICAN, I side with MY PEOPLE!! Biden and Company WILL hang for TREASON. Hear that CIA?

    Sniperbait66 RVNSniperbait66 RVNАй мурун
  • That moment Tim learns ‘operation dark winter’ is a real thing & Biden’s Dark Winter is was a warning.

    Liberty BellaLiberty BellaАй мурун
  • IS the Left trying to start a REBELLION? Their conduct is rapidly approaching Tyrannical Levels. If We The People react violently to the Marxist's actions, WHO do the Marxists assume they will call in to further their Marxist DREAM? It isn't going to be the Department of Defense, Nor will it be The Treasonous Three letter Agencies being used currently to STEAL this Election. READY TO FIGHT for your Constitutional God Given RIGHTS?

    Sniperbait66 RVNSniperbait66 RVNАй мурун
    • The scum in the CIA have made their choice...TREASON!

      Sniperbait66 RVNSniperbait66 RVNАй мурун
  • I thought Murphy would be cool but the dude is a hard brown nosed. It’s not the viewers fault that Tim makes so much content. That’s Tim’s fault. Blame viewers to score brownie points to possibly ensure promoting himself? Maybe he’ll be back to promote his show. I don’t know. I can just lay it out and let you decide for yourself. I’ll leave it there.

    Stephen C JonesStephen C JonesАй мурун
  • You keep saying Joe Rogan will be on KGworld...the clips...but from what I’ve heard from Joe Rogan is that after December, ALL his videos will only be on Spotify. Is this true?

    TJ FicarrottaTJ FicarrottaАй мурун
  • I find it interesting that Google advertises it's official that Babble Biden won, and the election was the most secure election ever during your show....hmmmmm

    Matthew CastilloMatthew CastilloАй мурун
  • Conservative artists are out there. I am an artist, author, creator of fantasy fiction. I might not be well known but I'm here and consider myself a conservative.

    Chris Hoke_ArtChris Hoke_ArtАй мурун
  • The Bible says God Hates unlawful gain ... so ...Biden has to answer to God and if he feels no remorse over his greed , he’s got a place reserved just for him. He better dress light 🔥

    Honey DrakeHoney DrakeАй мурун
  • There are two videos of biden talking about creating the most intensive voter fraud organization and how he doesn't need people to help him get elected. Things that make. You go wtf?

    Richard EvansRichard EvansАй мурун
  • i don't have the money or connections tim does but if anyone wants to see videos of someone who isn't so wishy washy about the destruction of america check out some of my videos. This is the MOST serious time in our history in hundreds of years this could be the end of democracy & our human rights and we shouldn't be so passive about the end of the America we know and hopefully love, it's not perfect, but it is what we have.

    My Best LifeMy Best LifeАй мурун
  • Openly admitting that these influencers and youtubers want your support, but when an American who does the right thing is now being prosecuted for murder and they refuse to take a stand, that is the definition of a fucking coward.

    JonJonАй мурун
  • cool point......but, did you know about the dude who did a switch-hardflip over the Carlsbad gap???

    Dr. GreenThumbsDr. GreenThumbsАй мурун
  • Biden will only be a fool until he gets his “crown.” If you have eyes that can “see” then go find FDR. This comparison they’re pushing on us is not an idle one. FDR was supposedly a useless politician too. Then he became President, gained his “crown,” and transformed into a different person.

    Liberal RepublicanLiberal RepublicanАй мурун
    • The Democrats are now “The Demoncrats.” The world must know them for what they are; and know that they are NOT limited to our country, they run this world.

      Liberal RepublicanLiberal RepublicanАй мурун
    • You’re a good man, Jack. The Lord is watching over you; keep up the good fight, and may the lord protect you and your family through the coming storm. Amen.

      Liberal RepublicanLiberal RepublicanАй мурун
  • I'm actually impressed at Tim's ability to talk about himself as much as he does holy shit

    dbznzdbznzАй мурун
    • Fair enough point

      nixdatcherrynixdatcherryАй мурун
  • "...lead a movement to stop giving money to companies that are crooked..." and Tim says yep right after talking about getting a PS5. lul

    ZaelleZaelleАй мурун
  • Some real salty tears here. Still no evidence of fraud.

    Gary GoodGary GoodАй мурун
  • President Trump has Won on November 3 America Know It,biggies fraud in American history stealing the American elections all fake media including Fox News big tech billionaires in favor of democrats😭

    Sunny CrockerSunny CrockerАй мурун
  • Oh yeah .. I completely forgot Utopia ( UK ) ... I saw it a few years ago ... thought it was great! I’m going to watch it again. .. it should be interesting seeing it again in light of today’s situation.

    Adriane LittleAdriane LittleАй мурун
  • I will soooo big spin out for you Tim. Got the best setup I've ever seen (not to flatter myself). I'll big spin out on a half pipe boi let's go

    dack janielsdack janielsАй мурун
  • Timcast I love all of your material on all of your channels I appreciate it all

    Christopher HambyChristopher HambyАй мурун
  • invite nick fuentes to timcast irl

    kingkaga898kingkaga898Ай мурун
  • Google / KGworld are the Tools of the DNC and Deep State

    SN SSN SАй мурун
  • This was a great interview. FYI you can walk away only until they come to your home. FDR did the same until Pearl Harbor. Agreed it's a tough call. Just keep your eyes wide open. Thanks for your videos

    Ann CereghinoAnn CereghinoАй мурун
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    Mike GyverMike GyverАй мурун
  • Yeah. I have pretty much stopped listening to the JRE. And if I am honest... I was turned off by the Spotify deal. But....maybe I am a bit burned out on it currently.

    Mac WoodMac WoodАй мурун
  • Cass Sunstein proposed in a Presidential White Paper that vaccines be used for just that purpose.

    Dr. Geoffrey ReedDr. Geoffrey ReedАй мурун
  • It was a fact finding. People in government do stuff in ballrooms quite often. It doesnt have to be on government property to be official

    Quit callin me BillQuit callin me BillАй мурун
  • Loved "Will of the People"

    Alex McMeekenAlex McMeekenАй мурун
  • Cry babies. Wow. What a huge sore loser. Lol

    MichaelMichaelАй мурун
  • He hast been officially declared president yet. The electoral college delegations meet to customer about in each state on December 14th. Anyway....The media expects us to believe that this senīłe, corrupt career politician, who couldn't fill a high school gym, got millions more votes than Obama?! lol, ok. At the risk of sounding like a kook, I am more and more convinced that this virus was purposely released to cause havoc and to bring down the US and Trump, to make the globalist takeover easier. Look at what's happening to our country and the world. Something really sinister is going on here. The great reset, forced vaccinations, health passports and tightening controls are fast approaching. Stay vigilant!

    darkprince56darkprince56Ай мурун
  • I stopped listening to Tim for a while. I recently started listening again. And I have to say he is much improved. He used to be scared to take a stand and would try to ride the fence on issues. I don't see that anymore in him. It's refreshing.

    PoorMan94PoorMan94Ай мурун
  • FLYNN PERSECUTION Is a Modern Day DREYFUSS AFFAIR. Ja Accuse Obama administration et al of perfidy to such a degree that some Might? CALL IT TREASON . WATERGATE PALES IN COMPARISON to the man behind the curtain

    kmeinschkmeinschАй мурун
  • That’s a heck of a topic to end on! BTW, Biden mentioned we’re heading for a government program where they take over everything due to a pandemic!

    Steve HagenSteve HagenАй мурун
  • We need to put the teeth back in libel. Its the only thing that fixes where we are now.

    Benjamin BoyleBenjamin BoyleАй мурун
  • Jack's right you completely exceeded my expectations with the music video and song give us a album

    Brand ScottBrand ScottАй мурун
  • Conservatives are cowards. It really is pathetic. Give them all the power, they still do nothing.

    T RT RАй мурун
  • I had five family stay with me over the Thanksgiving Holiday and two more that visited two days in a row and nobody gave a bleep. Three of us were 70 and above. The idiots can kiss my grits. The old folks wanted to visit because we may never get another chance. Anyone that objects is welcome to drop dead.

    Dwight E HowellDwight E HowellАй мурун
  • General Flynn is Qanon... He isn't just any associate of Trump. Why did they go after him so hard? Think about it...

    Kon KimKon KimАй мурун
  • I've been doing podcasts by recording locally since 2005. It's the best method in a non-live situation. I wish Megyn Kelly would pick up on it.

    Nathan Allen PinardNathan Allen PinardАй мурун
  • I think KGworld has jacked your notification bell dude!! Fu k them

    Darin CarnerDarin CarnerАй мурун
  • Why is the notification bell lined out? WTF

    Darin CarnerDarin CarnerАй мурун
  • During the Revolutionary War, the Continental Congress moved the central government between New York City and Philadelphia... and sometimes met in Baltimore... there were other times when they met in taverns, homes and barns.

    Blue DragonBlue DragonАй мурун

    GSX-R & Video GamesGSX-R & Video GamesАй мурун
  • I love Giants

    Darin MillerDarin MillerАй мурун
  • Had no idea you could sing! Just searched .and watched some, but why aren't the on your channels?

    Bird ManBird ManАй мурун
  • Your work does not go unnoticed, um you kick ass

    Darin MillerDarin MillerАй мурун
  • TIM I Have a song idea for you! Do a spoof song( We Don't Need No Politicians) off of Pink Floyd's (We Don't Need No Education)!!!

    Hunter of TruthHunter of TruthАй мурун
  • I thought this is interesting to Tim and whoever might be interested. I watch this podcast almost daily, I don't agree with everything Tim says I think it's important tobget different views to make sure I'm well-rounded. For the Last week I've had to physically search for these podcast since I haven't recieved any notifications from youtube during that time. I have checked it still says I'm subscribed, and it says I'm suppose to recieve all notifications. Might want to look into this?

    Michael MartinMichael MartinАй мурун

    Debbie SDebbie SАй мурун
  • CHINA offers BIDEN too empty americas over crowded jails,floating barges ready to begin transport to china.

    Debbie SDebbie SАй мурун
  • the opposite of strike " Italian strike "

    Pivko TomaszpewnePivko TomaszpewneАй мурун
  • If CNN is worried about Trump forming a shadow government that means the Democrats are doing that very thing.

    One for allOne for allАй мурун
  • is this the show where Lydia jumped the shark?

    Bernd BerndBernd BerndАй мурун
  • Hey Tim I don’t know if you check your comments on here. But if you do I would like to let you know they unsubscribe me on this channel. I didn’t subscribe to this channel I listen to you every day. Just letting you know

    Jason RamirezJason RamirezАй мурун
  • Antifa gets away with what they do because the people in power allow it. Guaranteed if Trump supporters came out in mass they would stop it. We are not treated the same even though Republicans peacefully protest.

    Debbie EsparzaDebbie EsparzaАй мурун
  • What has really surprised me about Tim is he doesn't have a lot of knowledge about our Constitution works. I think he's a very smart person but he really needs to read our constitution. The Pennsylvania state House and Senate is going to give themselves back the power to pick the electors. Which will be pro Trump

    Sherry KourySherry KouryАй мурун
  • Hey Tim idk if ever check this but could you go to Kosovo to show what's going on today. Or ajerbejan. Obviously idk how to spell it but I think you get it.

    Ace18 musicAce18 musicАй мурун
  • 50 state landslide, that would be amazing!

    Joffrey BieberJoffrey BieberАй мурун
  • An optimist is a person who can't handle reality. A pessimist is a person who's gotten tired of being surprised.

    Ex-Navy SpookEx-Navy SpookАй мурун
  • Tim: "the best protest is to just go out there and live your life?" Me: "Weren't you the one bitching that the right won't get anything done because they are to busy living their lives and won't protest?!?!?"

    JonJonАй мурун
  • Unless people do the anti-strike without masks what's the difference between that and what they're doing now? - I also don't think people think your money is new, I think they're accurately gauging that you're getting softer as a result of it. - Edit: Yup, the right should defend ourselves but we should be disavowed when we do so by companies who promote themselves as being pro American principles. You guys should all run for political office, you've got double-speak perfected. 2:23:20

    SpecTRe XSpecTRe XАй мурун
  • Jack is not kidding. He unfortunately was being truthful about how Ian drags the show. He just can’t hold his own with Tim and his guests. It doesn’t seem it is because he is new to the format. He just doesn’t seem to be getting better at it. Sorry Ian, this is just not your thing.

    MOEMOEАй мурун
  • Soon Tim Pool will be more watched than Woke Fox.

    The GlanconerThe GlanconerАй мурун
    • He already is. Fox only puts out more daily videos because they're over 20 anchors rotating, Tim's team is only 3 and what he puts out still gets more views than Fox's total daily views outside of Carlson, Ingraham and Hannity.

      A SparrowA SparrowАй мурун
  • Jack is completely right about having Tim on when Joe Rogan's audience increased. I found out abt Tim through Joe and Jack through Tim

    Alex RAlex RАй мурун

  • I plan to call Biden *"Commander in Theif"* for the rest of his short life (He's got dementia; it's only a few years left for him and if he's given the full stress of president, it'll shorten that by 1/2 or even more than that).

    Kay PerryKay PerryАй мурун
  • This is a joke. Nothing good for Trump in PA.

    J WallaceJ WallaceАй мурун
  • Biden America sucks already!!

    OldRick OldrickOldRick OldrickАй мурун
  • 1:43:02 story of how Joe Rogan stood up Tim Pool after he arrived by airplane. Twice

    CyberfoxxyCyberfoxxyАй мурун
  • "The Campaign cannot win this lawsuit," the 3rd Circuit panel found Friday. "It conceded that it is not alleging election fraud. It has already raised and lost most of these state-law issues, and it cannot relitigate them here". another win for Trump

    MarcoMarcoАй мурун
  • How do we get to the beany compound if shtf?

    Joshua VeilletteJoshua VeilletteАй мурун
  • This is what Jordan Peterson was talking about when he said weakness. It is mental and moral weakness that is dangerous. Republicans/conservatives need to be both mentally and morally strong. Also, I live in a sanctuary city and we didn't vote for it.

    Whitney Smith de VargasWhitney Smith de VargasАй мурун
  • I went to the Trump rally in D.C. on November 14th, and the energy was incredible. That rally was thrown together in FIVE DAYS, and at least 100,000 people dropped everything to come to the Capitol from all over America to support Trump. There's absolutely no way Biden won and that's painfully obvious to everyone other than the Kool-Aid guzzlers on the Left.

    Dichroic SoundsDichroic SoundsАй мурун
  • Dude, where did you find this effeminate dwarf?! He's a riot!

    Not ImportantNot ImportantАй мурун
  • Oh my God it's getting harder and harder to keep watching once I hear Tim mentioned either occupy Wall Street or civil war. I'm pretty sure it's made it into every single podcast

    ProudPatriot17ProudPatriot17Ай мурун
  • You guys voted for obama???????????????????? You fell for all the media BS 12 years ago? All the facts about obama being a race pimping fraud was out there and the media had you brainwashed.

    Darrin RentrucDarrin RentrucАй мурун
  • The only reason why I don't want school back open is because my grades have never been better.

    Dan LavineDan LavineАй мурун
  • Jack Murphy has such a calming voice. :)

    Emperor CaligulaEmperor CaligulaАй мурун
  • Around Minute 1:05:00 is the best part of this show

    Zach RainesZach RainesАй мурун
  • Seriously Tim! Stop living in fear of KGworld start your own goddamn website and live stream so you can actually report on what's actually happening instead of tiptoeing and avoiding literally as much literal evidence of voter fraud as the mainstream media is denying is available. I love you brother but come on man grow a f****** spine!

    ProudPatriot17ProudPatriot17Ай мурун
  • The enactment of "SANCTUARY CITIES" is done by a minority who are NOT OPPOSED by people who oppose them. People don't want to be called racists. IMHO

    Joe MortonJoe MortonАй мурун
  • Tim is sort of misguided to say cartels have turned to avocados. Sure, some of them may be but in actuality they are just focusing more on meth, heroin, and cocaine

    DamagedOrangeDamagedOrangeАй мурун
  • People should be more worried about a shadow government from Biden or Harris. You're already censored if you don't agree on social media, called racist, told by People like Harris that Trump supporters/enablers should be punished....these people aren't even in office yet and its like they have a shadow government already. Never mind the Democratic Governors that outlaw Thanksgiving in your own house, and let Antifa riot without condemning them.

    Anon 357Anon 357Ай мурун
  • Save your money on election fraud and pass the tin foil hat around for the Trumps legal defense fund

    Jim ArthurJim ArthurАй мурун
  • Where would Tim have liked the hearing be? How does he equate this issue is not taken seriously because it was at a hotel? Maybe the accommodations and security for the witnesses was taken into consideration. Sworn affidavits were submitted. Yes, this was legal testimony and proceeding done in the public square. How can Tim say there isn't enough voter fraud to change the results? To say the election is over when it isn't, is throwing in the towel in the last round and you're favorite to win is still standing. Be Patient Grasshopper. We The People...

    Angela GonzalezAngela GonzalezАй мурун
  • Some land lords who are slum lording will make you list your PO Box as your primary address. The post office is aware of that and will tell you to list their street address and put your po box as an apartment number. Or at least that's how I got scammed by Grand Junction and some of their people using moneygram.

    David BryantDavid BryantАй мурун
    • And my Twitter posts were reflected into parallel investigations and crime committed by the liberal party and the local law enforcement agencies. So who am I supposed to deal with? 😂

      David BryantDavid BryantАй мурун
  • Fucking Tim. You bourgeois skunk. A $40k bonus from Disney? The only bonus I’ve ever received in my life was a frozen turkey for Thanksgiving. Just my luck to be born a prole who served his country in the military.

    Mental Jiu-jitsuMental Jiu-jitsuАй мурун
  • Somebody is listening to Dave cullen!

    Qrazy QuarianQrazy QuarianАй мурун
  • Bloomberg is a hypocrite. He wanted to tax the cheap sugary high-calorie drinks that poor people drink, but he didn't want to tax the expensive alcoholic high-calorie cocktails that his own class drinks. These people are blind to their own failings.

    Jim LuebkeJim LuebkeАй мурун
  • the governor illegally passed the absentee ballot changes in penn. not the republicans

    anthony latinoanthony latinoАй мурун