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2020-ж., 26-ноя.
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No mistakes were made, we regret nothing. 100k likes for more lol?
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Krew plays Gacha Online in Roblox. We read your comments and wow, we were inspired to recreate your stories with a twist. Our first story is about a hated savage child who can read minds but is highly allergic to the sun. Little do they know she is secretly disguised as a celebrity. Little do the other knows that she also is a hybrid pastel galaxy rainbow cotton candy princess. This concludes our first story of the hated savage child. The next story is about a poor kid who turns into a rich kid back into a poor kid. The story is truly sad, watch the entire video to find out what happens to the poor kid. Lastly our Gacha tale is ended with a magnificent confusing master piece of art. It is about a hated child secret phoenix princess who is daughter of a phoenix king. But she is in love with her bully friends that are alpha wolves with magic powers to shoot lasers. If you read this entire paragraph of nonsense, please leave a comment that says awooo.
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  • *Leave your best dramatic story thanks~!* 100K likes for more epic gacha stories lol

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  • The hated Savage child who loved to dance and sing he was secretly a princess but doesn't know it and was born without a crown how Nana and was stealing from a dramatic mother who hated her the hated Savage child of the other child which which love which hates her mom and dad

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  • A angel that falls in love with a demon that keeps it a secret from her parents

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  • the first story hurt my brain wit all the ands

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  • The hated child that kills her parents and eats them like a cannibal then goes to jail and eats the police officers then becomes a alpha hybrid demon princess

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  • (I am a kid on my mom's computer) Next story: A poor girl in love with the prince and the prince doesnt like her so she become a hyibrid krew-loveing princess then the prince likes her but only for fame and she became the demon angel godness and sends him to heck them she marrys Draco xD

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